New Centrifuges, New Adventure


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

While the third round of the UN sanctions and the ongoing escalation of violence, led by the Iran-backed Shiite militias in Iraq, are alarming bell of war in the region, the Iranian fanatic President, Mahmoud Ahmadinijad, announced today a new phase of atomic development in Iran.

According to the BBC Persian news, quoting Iranian news, 6,000 new centrifuges are to be set up in the next year to enrich uranium in Natanz's plant.

As expected, the western key powers, London and Paris, immediately reacted to the news by criticising the installation of new centrifuges as a continued defiance of international demands that it suspend uranium enrichment, which can produce fuel for a nuclear reactor or fissile material for a weapon.

"Today's announcement reflects the Iranian leadership's continuing violation of international obligations and refusal to address international concerns," said Gregory Schulte, the US representative to the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency. "Iran's announcement today adds to the deep level of uncertainty and distrust of Iran's intentions," said a British diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to talk to the media.

The new sanctions resolution of last March was not so harsh. It called for more travel and financial curbs on Iranian individuals and companies; and made some restrictions mandatory. The resolution also expanded a previous partial ban on trade in items with both civilian and military uses to cover sales of all such technology to Iran.

Supported by the IRI's two economic partners, Russian and China, the sanctions did not really punish the IRI but rather "to encourage Iran to talks" as expressed by Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang. However, the IRI now pour oil on the flames by even ignoring its two partners who have already demanded Iran more transparency and cooperation with the international community.

All in all it seems the regime is deliberately provoking a dangerous escalation of conflicts unless does not believe in the possibility of US strikes because of the following reason:

--The US is now paralysed by being trapped in Iraq and Afghanistan.

-- The regime relies on the support of Russia and China and enjoys its status in the Muslim world by virtue of its posture as a "defender of Islam" against "Western colonial powers".

--The regime believes in a lack of steadfastness of US foreign policy because of the US presidential campaigns and Bush's unpopularity.

Under such calculations, the regime use the circumstances to safely drum up its conflicts without being much bothered.

Since the ultimate aim of the IRI is to survive in any price, through such an adventure, the regime benefit from the situation to further tighten its noose around the people's neck. Their, blessed, conflicts with the West are not to ensure the national interests or sovereignty of Iran but rather to prolong its own parasitic life in the detriment of a military adventure and dragging our nation to the edge of a lethal bur futile war.

In reality, the regime itself is the main aggressor and the main plague of Iranian people. In fact, the regime needs such conflicts to become a free hand to play the fear card to further repress not only its opposition, or even monopolise all power from its ,outside, factions, but also all the freedom loving people of Iran.


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US Air Force free and ready!

by Kamangir on

It's known that out of all US army's forces only the Air force is in favor of military strikes agianst the IRI.  The US may have some difficulties in Iraq, mainly due to Iran's interference, however its mighty air power remains literally 'free' and waiting for action. Within couple of days they'll be able to knock out Iran's military's infrastructure as well as the civilian one. This will obviously be followed by intensive and surgical strikes both inside and outside Iran (mainly in Iraq) cutting any possible links and hubs between the IRI and its offshoots in Iraq. In such circumstances, paralyzing the flow of gas to Iran (the large amounts that Iran imports from abroad) Iran's decapitated and demoralized sepah and army will collapse very easily. I personally think that the military action against the IRI is very likely, and in such case the US will use its maximum power and force in order to minimize Iran's retaliation.

Syria and Iran share the same Russian air defence system, quite sofisticated and yet last rear on a quite mission, Israel managed to hit a secret target in Syria.  The recent and current turmoil in Iraq is nothing but IRI's way of showing what it's capable of doing in Iraq...but, again, US strikes will be too heavy for anyone to handle. 

Bahram the Iranian

after karbala

by Bahram the Iranian on

It comes jerusalem the quds,


One more option

by Mehdi on

"All in all it seems the regime is deliberately provoking a dangerous
escalation of conflicts unless does not believe in the possibility of
US strikes because of the following reason:"

One more option to add to your list:

-- Certain factions of the CIA et all have infiltrated the IRI and are pushing for faster nuclear enrichment in order to finally justify a war which would benefit their masters greatly (selling arms, huge military contracts, destruction of Iran's infrustructure which will make Iran more dependent on foreign powers, suppression of the people of Iran who could pose a threat to any imperialistic goals of thier masters, etc, etc.).

Unlike most "oppsition" way of thinking, I consider the mullahs to be very stupid and easy to manipulate (main reason they were helped into power in the first place). So this options seems a lot more likely than any other.

Mullahs should be helped, not attacked! Just like Shah should have been helped instead of attacked! Mullahs are a liability but they are NOT the reason for a backward Iran. They are just puppets without knowing that they are. Targetting mullahs only helps the hidden manipulators. People of Iran had better unite instead of accept the separation that has been forced on them. 


They don't know what the hell they are doing.

by Anonymouse on

Here's hot off the presses.  Iran gives ex-nuclear negotiator suspended jail term

First they label him a traitor and then a spy and then they say "...Moussavian could still serve in state bodies for the next five years and was only banned from posts concerning foreign policy or diplomacy."

Only banned from "foreign policy or diplomacy"?!  It's like kids playing soccer and say you can only be the goal keeper.