Immoral Trades


Jahanshah Rashidian
by Jahanshah Rashidian

As an Iranian-born German, I would like to say that the stain of fascism during 1933-1945 in Germany reminds me of the today’s IRI in Iran. Despite this remorse stained having another version of fascism, Germany has tried to maintain its good relations with the Islamo-fascist IRI in a rather “critical dialogue” of openly limited diplomacy and commerce and has even increased them after the Iranian revolution in 1979.

Germany’s lucrative dealings reached billions of dollars during the 1980-1988 Iran-Iraq war, while at the same time German firms supplied Saddam’s industrial and military war machine, especially chemical weapons used against both Iranian troops and civilian Iraqi Kurds. Until 1988, German export of technology and military parts to Iran were over DM 45 billion (Deutsch Mark, old German currency= half euro).

After the war, Iranian infrastructures ruined partly by German weapons in the hands of Iraqis, needed German technology to rebuild. Germany reached a primary trading partner with Iran, and remains still Iran’s greatest trading partner, with total goods worth about 3.6 billion euros imported into Iran despite the increasing standoff between Iran and the West. The IRI is the one sore spot in an otherwise highly cooperative EU. Since the Iranian revolution, the EU’s share of Iran’s total imports is over 40%. EU trade with Iran has even expanded since Iran’s secret nuclear programme was exposed. Russia and China fall far behind with only 15% of Iran’s total imports. Under such economic factors, the perspective of moral factors like human rights, IRI’s sponsored terrorism, and the fate of oppressed people in Iran do not seem to play an important role for the EU.

Although, Germany is the first European partner of Iran, the German-Iranian relations were periodically affected by the following events:

–Mykonos Court in Germany– in 1992 several Iranian dissidents were assassinated by an IRI’s terrorist commando in Mykonos restaurant in Berlin. The court condemned many IRI’s seniors for plotting the act.

–In revenge, a German detainee, or hostage in Iran, Mr. Helmut Hofer, was condemned to a few years in detention for his out-of- marriage relation with a Muslim woman.

–The sensible conflict, which normally should have effectively violated the German basic law, is a vast IRI’s campaign beginning in 2005 to deny the historical facts of Holocaust.

However, despite these cool winds between the two countries, despite a withdrawal of some German banks from Iran–(Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, and Dresdner Bank) all due to US pressure. Germany dreams of further better economic relations with the IRI.

Around 12% of international joint ventures in Iran are German, with a turnover of half a billion euros ($620 million). Some German businesses have invested directly in Iran. Linde AG, for instance, has invested almost half a billion euros in the Iranian oil industry. German carmakers such as Volkswagen and Audi have made their entries onto the Iranian business market with their assembly facilities. German firms are promised to hold 100% shares from the ongoing privatised Iranian economic sectors, the rate is promised by IRI’s officials instead of 49% believed.

German opinion-makers have always indoctrinated a paradigm shift for this immoral trade with Mullahs. They pretend the trade as “good relations between two friend nations!” In fact, the relations between the two countries are uniquely based on lucrative interests for states and firms of both sides, while both sides ignore the ongoing deterioration of human rights conditions in Iran. Daily executions, amputations, stoning, attacks on women, youths, and other thinkers do not play any factor in these immoral trades. The economic exchange is not between two nations, but, in fact, between German government and an illegitimate Iranian regime exploiting Iranian wealth for their own interests or, worse, the costs of their parasitic lives.

According to some statistics of IRI’s outsiders, the line of poverty further sinks in Iran. The poor are continuously poorer than in Bangladesh or Africa, whereas the rich are richer than in Germany.

The trade takes such a determined value that no German official dares
talking on the permanent violations of human rights in
Iran; the same Mrs Merkel who criticised the human rights situation in her recent trip to China is very reluctant about the same human rights in Iran. Although she was born and educated under the German totalitarian regime and rebelled against totalitarianism in East Germany, she has probably not realised the other versions of totalitarian systems. Her conflict with the IRI is not based on IRI’s totalitarianism, but the international atomic conflict over IRI’s atomic ambitions; therefore such conflicts can be solved when the current atomic conflict is removed.

German officials, from ex-chancellor Helmut Kohl to social democrat ex-chancellor Gerhard Schroeder and the current Chancellor, Angela Merkel, have never openly condemned the IRI because of its permanent violations to Human Rights in Iran.

According to IRI’s officials, foreign investment in Iran rose to $10.5 bln in the last Iranian (March 21, 2006-March 20, 2007) compared to $4.5 bln the year before. To attract foreign capital, the IRI promises foreign investors with insurance coverage to encourage them to invest in Iran--although, the private sectors remain in the hands of closed devotees of the regime, and outsider investors, especially non-Muslims can never take the helm from business-generals of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard, or the Mullahs heading the Islamic foundations.

The United Nations has imposed two sets of sanctions against Iran with little result. In December 2006, the UN imposed trade sanctions on sensitive nuclear materials and technology. Then, in March 2007, it tightened those sanctions by imposing a ban on arms sales and freezing more assets. The fact is that Mullahs continue to ignore sanctions with little consequence for the regime even though Iran’s economy is stagnating. Consumer prices are rising rapidly, unemployment approaches 30 percent and Ahmadinejad has not redistributed oil profits to the poor as promised, but the regime continues to invest in terrorism, nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

It is worth mentioning that although Germany has been Iran’s number one economic partner, it does not rank higher than thirty-fifth on the list of Germany’s economic partners abroad. Germany does not really need Iranian goods and can import its oil from many other oil rich countries.In this perspective, Germany must supply nothing but medical goods to Iran. This is the only moral trade; the other domains of trade between the two countries must be suspended in the name of Hundreds of thousands of IRI’s victims and millions of oppressed Iranians.

To fulfil this vacuum, Germany is expected to extend its economic relations with relatively democratic countries of the third world. If Germany has learnt from the past and is to remove the fascist stain of the past by integrating a moral factor in its foreign trades, then it can as a key economic world power take a moral initiative by calling for a new Security Council to tackle the following issues towards Islamo-fascism of the IRI:

–To ensure the end of unacceptable apathy for the crimes committed by the IRI, those UN resolutions should be issued that clearly highlight IRI’s human right violations in the last 28 years.

–The UN’s highest court, which has once cleared a number of Serbian authorities of direct responsibility for genocide in the 1990s Bosnian war, is now expected to clear many IRI’s crimes, especially the genocide of political prisoners in the summer of 1988 with the same principles that the Nuremburg Court applied to Nazi genocide criminals.

Germany should convince the UN members to freeze all assets of IRI’s corrupt seniors and their related institutions in the world.

Germany can bring under new scrutiny all Islamist centres, foundations, institutions, media, and economic activities in Germany having ties with the IRI or its international political Islam.

Germany should refuse any military or economic sanctions on Iran. Blind economic sanctions or an eventual military attack on Iran serve mainly the agenda of IRI’s hardliners.

Sanctions must be politically and judicially so worked out that they only target the crimes and corruption of IRI’s officials, not people. Westren blind sanctions are not the real solutions; in fact, the regime sanctions should only target the repressive organs and judicial backgrounds of IRI’s officials.

Blind sanctions targeting a whole nation will bring people under a doubled-edged sword: One edge is the increasing poverty due to the sanctions; another sharper edge is the IRI’s increasing repression. Furthermore, whatever the characters of sanctions are, such suctions will not lead to forcibly topple the regime, as we know the case with Saddam.

On the other hand, IRI’s tactical manoeuvres, especially when the international community is not in harmony, will find ways to sneak out of the labyrinth. Finally, the international atomic conflict with Iran must not become a scapegoat for the IRI. The conflict can be abused by the IRI to drum popular support. Although Mullahs ignore values and identity of Iranian people, they demagogically project the nuclear programme as a national pride– in Mullahs’ trap, Iranian grass roots can still fall prey. What remains to be tackled with more support from the Iranian people is democracy, secularism, and the human rights record of the regime.

A conditional trade due to IRI’s nuclear ambitions can always be a shady bargaining chip in the detriment of all these above issues. The IRI knows how to manoeuvre to ultimately enrich uranium for its atomic ambitions. The moral trade, indeed, means that with its over 70 million inhabitants, Iran should not be considered as the only largest market in the region, but as the largest oppressed nation looking for freedom.

Germany should provide its commitment to support Iranians’ struggles against the IRI. This is rather a solidarity with the Iranian people than western banal concerns about IRI’s atomic ambitions for the sake of Israel.

A new round of UN sanctions on Iran is underwa and this time Germany is expected to show solidarity with the oppressed poeple of Iran instead of continuing its immoral trades with the oppressive IRI. The values of liberty, democracy, Human Rights, and support of Iranians' struggles against the plague of the IRI must be more important in order to punish the regime, not the Iranian people.



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Jahanshah Rashidian


by Jahanshah Rashidian on

Thanks for your efforts to make delete the offenses. Actually, I did my efforts too of course, as you see, without positive results!

I am disoppointed with the site, it favours , now excecively, a bunch of IRI lovers to multiply posting their pro-IRI materials. This policy more exacerbates my disappointment.

This is of course a liable and popular site. It must be able to politically adapt itself with an increasing majority of Iranians who are the victims of any Islamism from any IRI's factions--otherwise why he regrets his own past.  The editor did not post this and my other "profane" articles on the main page. Why? really "nothing is sacred"?

Mit vielen lieben Grüßen


Rosie T.


by Rosie T. on

Falls Du meine Nachricht unter meine Artikel gelesen hast bevor Ich meine PD geschrieben habe, Ich will Dir hier erklaeren dass es hat mit eine lange langweilige frustriende und auch sehr stoerende Geschichte zwischen dem Website Besitzer und Ich zu tun..   Ich weiss auch dass wenige Leute wirden duese Nachricht sehen und lesen, aber dass war nicht mein Ziel.  Es war ueberhaupt fuer ihm und fuer einige Zeuge, zum beispiel Du.  Ich habe JJ schon geschrieben dass er sie lesen sollte. Auf jedem Fall, die allgemeine Idee is wichtig fur Uns alle, diese Wbsite sollte viel besser organisiert sein.

Dass meint auch nicht dass Ich wollte nicht, deine ursprungliche schoene Nachricht spezificsch zu beantworten; Ich hatte es immer vor. Endlich, Entschuldigen, mein Deutsch ist nicht was es einmal war..hoffentlich...vielleicht ist es gut genug.

Danke schoen und Tchuss,



Rosie T.

JR Bashing

by Rosie T. on

My suggestions:  I've started taking two approaches:

1) I flag these posts and explain to JJ that the MKO thing is character assassination, and as far as I know, it started (or CERTAINLY became more prevalent) when he was courageous enough to write about the massacres of the children of the MKO by the IRI, while simultaneously distancing himself from any and all MKP ideology. I don't know yet if he'll delete them. He frequently deletes the posts I flag but these are of a different type.

2) I occasionally request documentation of these allegations if the accusation is on a particularly "hot" thread where it gets a lot of exposure quickly.  If JJ doesn't decide to delete these posts, I'm going to ask them every time I see them for documentation, as well as trace the history from the MKO massacre blog.

I'm a fast writer.  It only takes a couple of minutes.  So....

That's what I do.


JR's ideas

by Thaeri (not verified) on

The writer is an absolute secular and objective thinker. His intellectual ideas and his courageous style of writing are clear for us.
The Islamist thugs on this site attack him oersonally because cannot intellectually argue.
Readers love reading JR' s well documented articles.


JR bashers: You God is savage

by * (not verified) on

Jahanshah Rashidian is not CIA and he is not CIA. You dirty bastards Islamic thugs piss off. You savage Islam is bankrupt. Islamists love to kill a female teacher in Sudan for naming a teddy bear Muhammad.

Islam has offered to mankind nothing but misery and destruction and killing.

Lashing and public hanging or women being half of man or 54 years prophet having a 9 years child for his wife worth defending? You God is savage.

See yourself Islamist here:


Rosie T.

PS Dr. Maleknasri:

by Rosie T. on

I've read many of your posts with great interest and your diligence and dedication to dialogue have always impressed me.  I've also seen you struggle valiently with the English language, and as a college teacher of English to foreigners, I want to tell you do very well.

But just in case there's any confusion, due to both the language issue and how very, very far you and I stand from each other on this planet in upbringing and beliefs, and yet suddenly so intimately connected by this new technology, I want to clarify what I only implied at the end of my last post: 

EVERY country, every culture has both evil and good in it.  The ideals of my country as it was founded are great and noble, but consistently, throughout its history, my country has betrayed these ideals.  Most recently, with Bush, the betrayal has been painfully complete.

Nevertheless, these ideals remain living enough that the US educational system could shape me so that I can see myself in you and I want very much for you to see yourself in me.  I want you to be able to scrutinize and articulate what is good about America, at least the IDEA of America, and also what is wrong with your regime as I am willing to do in the case of both my country and yours.  I want us to stop being afraid of each other.  I want us to find common cause. 

I know that's why you're here and why you tirelessly attempt to establish dialogues.  But for dialogue to bear fruit, we must be fearlessly willing to accept truth, independent of ideology. 

For example, a stoning is a stoning.   Contrary to opinions often voiced, a stoning in the 21st century is NOT a regression to age-old barbarism, it is the conscious implementation of a form of torture on a parallel with those used by the Nazis because it is designed to prolong the agony of the victim for as long as possible by the choice of the size of stones provided.  And this is not first and foremost a political issue.  It is a simple humanitarian one. So I beg of you, please, when your compatriots criticize humanitarian crimes of the IRI, of which stoning can be seen as a symbol, please do not ideologize them  by speaking of lynchings and so on in the US, as I recently saw you do.  A crime against humanity is a crime against humanity.  A stoning is a stoning.  That's all it is.

And your current rulers implement stonings.  It doesn't matter if it's one a year or one million.  They do not do it for Islam. They do it as form of state terror  to keep the general population in check.  Islam is a great religion, and in my opinion, Shia Islam the greater of the two.  But your current government is using Islam as a tool of totalitariansm, which perverts the true meaning of Islam. As BUsh's administration uses the inoble deas of freedom of the secular Enlightenment for its own totalitarian agenda.  Exactly the same.

And there are many, many actions, large and small, physical and psychological, in the IRI every day, for which stoning can be seen as a symbol. As indeed there are in my own country, as you tirelessly point out. 

Dr. Maleknasri, I ask you, please, can this please be faced?.


Robin  PS A shower of afarines upon you for translating "Ki khodeho raahat kard, maaro rahat nakard" in the quiz as "Who farted?" Who knew?  I laughed my head off. I am sure we have much common ground.


R:Rosie / Danke

by J.Rashidian (not verified) on

Nach einer Woche, kann ich endlich jede Sprache und Idee von Zuhause freiwillig ausdrucken und Ich weiß dass in es eine nette Frau gibt die mit jede Sprache klar kommt!. So, danke für deine netten Wörter.
Ich muss im kauf nehmen, dass solche Artikel wütende Proteste von Gläubigen in den islamischen Personen ausgelöst. Deshalb solche Dinge nicht ohne Risiko sind. Aber Ich, wie viele andere Iraner, muss mich genau und brave äußern, dass unser gemeinsames Problem, IRI, eher früher als später gelöst wird. Ich werde deinen Artikel gerne lesen und ihn kommentieren.
Noch mal, vielen lieben Grüßen

Rosie T.

JR /Dr. Maleknasri

by Rosie T. on

Jahanshah, thank you for your as usual very informative article.  I always read you with graat interest.  Please go to my article "Salaam Iraan" in which I posted a lengthy reply today to your original post. It is lengthy as you will see because of issues surrounding the article which concern me greatly.

Dr. Maleknasri, I just want to tell you that you and I are VERY different people with very different backgrounds and ideologies, but as far as I'm concerned your critique of my country, the United States, is unparalleled on this website for its accuracy.  I have lived here for almost half a century, the grotesqueness of the sheer decadence of this "culture" are such that any further attempts to export it, especially militarily, must be considered the gravest, danger to the future of the planet.

Please also bear in mind, however, that paradoxically, I am a product of this culture, which permitted me, albeit through a privileged education, to analyze its faults...And so the world paradox....

Robin Goldsmith


Re: JR

by Kamangir on

I agree with you. However; all these characters: Khatami, Shirin Ebadi and Akbar Ganji among others, have been well fed and well kept by the West. These characters and the forces behind them are inside Iran but they are definitely in tune with the same Western forces who wanted to keep the IRI in power, no matter under what shape or form. The fact Ebadi was given the Nobel Peace Prize, was not a coincidence. That was a very European political move, to give legitimacy to the so called 'reformists' in Iran. At this point in time it's clear that the American administration wants a regime change, it's also clear that the IRI is being really isolated and it's scared. Ahmadinejad hasn't helped the Europan cause in Iran at all and up to a point I'm very glad he got to power as he and his bunch are making life very miserable in Iran to all Iranians and this is something very needed to mobilize the masses against the regime. Whatever is going on behind the scenes, this time the IRI and their masters will have a really hard time to stay in power. Another undeniable truth is that whether we like it or not (I don't) these bunch of people like Ganji and Ebadi and others, are simply needed for a progressive regime change process (the transitional government) I don't see any other way out, chances of civil war in Iran are slim, the US airpower may hurt but not change the regime, and actually will worsen everything. This is a dead end road for the Western powers who want the IRi, their product has expired time ago and they are confused with what to do with it.



by JR (not verified) on

Ther is no doubt that the IRI is a mortal concern and must be removed. I think the main factors of its survival are not proper to foreign roles "EU support", but inner support of those who belong to a specrtum from the thuggish devotees of Ahmadinejad to the "moderate" Muslims of pro khatamie or so called Melli-Mazhabi. You can permanently see their destructive weight on the shoulder of freedom-loving Iranians. They fight or divert any array in the direction of secularism and democracy. They still dominate civil society and do all to keep the IRI--see the media in / outside the country.


check out CASMII's new German section

by Ali Baghi (not verified) on


There's no doubt that the

by Kamangir on

There's no doubt that the only reason the IRI fascist-islamist mafia has remained in power for 3 decades is because of all the support from the EU, specially Germany, although France and Italy have had their share. That's where the secret lies, the so called 'revolution' wasn't but a masterpiece operation by the West to have a stable and very profitable source of energy and income, for decades.

The IRI will dissapear only and only when their masters make them dissapear.



You are no Zandi

by hello sir (not verified) on

You are no Zandi Fereydoon.
Learn from him, idiot



by J:Rashidian (not verified) on

Thank you for your comment! The issues I developed are not up to compare the degree of national dependece or sovereiginty of our country with the past, but mainly through some capitalist "immoral" trades, I tried to show how human rights are bilaterally ignored.
I agree with you that Iran before the revolution was politically a dendent country, but it still does not justify IRI's brutalities.
I am not an anti american, but not a friend of US.



by Faribors Maleknasri M:D: (not verified) on

I think Germans make good business with Iran because otherwise they will be short of thier basic needs, you know? In thier struggle of life they can not do else. I think they are not to be blamed. On the other Hand: Germans themselves are the ones who do not pay attention to Humanrights at all and damage them permanently. one can - if one must(!) put the blame on IRI because the nation gives so much Help to Germans and of course to somany other countries in the world. If we consider the Humanity inherent in the Religion of Iranians - I mean the ones who live in IRI - we will see no reason to blame that country because helping germany, France, Great Britain and so on. I think only easybeleavers argument against Germany because of the reason is mentioned in the article. The Argument impleis: The Gernmans were of great Humanity. That is not the case. Argumenting the Germans were taking care of Humanrights impleis again all the europians and consequently American resp global Imperialism would take care of humanrights. So - in regard of my insufficent Knowledge about these complicated Problems - I think this article is again one of those which try - just discretly very discretly - to prais in a hidden way the american Imperialism. Consequently will be "IRANIAN" stil not be available in IRI. The Eurpians and thier descendants out of wild marriages - the americans - are master in savagery, Brutality, rubbery, rape, morder and all bad und unhuman psycholigical degenerations and handle so in theie daily life against most near Relatives and best freinds an dof course also in their internationa political activities and tradings. The Hate which nearly every american every europian carries in her/his Heart against IRI comes from a deep disappointment about the fact that IRI is not the country as till 1978/79 where any Wrack of car could be carried there, be sold to aprise which garanties the Flyticket back plus many monthes living there with drugs and alcohol you know? europians were the ones who went to Africa and Asia and did all things which do not need to be repeated hier. they are not and can not be changed. And the most most wild ones, well they are the these americans. But please: never mind, dont worry and be happy. Greeting.