What should I do?

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

My patience is running out on the open-door policy in the comments section.

After seven months of tolerating hatred and abuse, I am appreciating the argument that allowing anyone to leave any comment can be extremely disruptive.

I am this close to allowing only registered users to leave comments.

At least this way we would have a better idea who these courageous defenders of freedom and justice are :o)

But seriously, what do you think?

Give me a good reason why I should not feel guilty about closing the door on abusers? Don't they have rights too? What happened to my original position that basically all speech is ok? Help me out here... :o)


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Do it....

by 24601 on

I don't see anything wrong with making people register to leave comments. You could make it up to the individual contributors, but I think its a great idea. There are too many anonymous vandals on the site right now. Its would not be crazy at all to make people register. All they need is an e-mail address.




In conclusion, this site is

by alimostofi on

In conclusion, this site is very popular, if not the most popular Iranian opposition site.  The people who write here with their true identity believe in Free Speech and above all Free Will.  We mean well.  We want a Free Iran.  We are sincere people.  Anyone who does not represent himself is not paying us the respect we are giving to them.  That is wrong.  Repy to us with your real name and face Life with righteousness.

Iranian.com's hit count will not drop if we have registration and real people speaking to real people.  It is our only home where the world sees that real genuine Iranians are invloved. 


Ali Mostofi




you should only delete

by my 2cents&more (not verified) on

you should only delete posts that are vulgar,hateful and/or include personal attacks. There should not be any censorship of opposing views(no matter how baseless they are). This is not difficult, it just needs a more active role as a moderator.


speaking out as anonymouse

by ReZZa_BoZZorge on

Although it is easy to post your comments as anonymouse, it is just as easy to create a fake account and post it that way.  However to say anything you want with conviction, you should have the marbels to say it and attach your name to it.  If I were in your shoes, I would make it only availabe to your members and if one has the real urge to post a comment, one can get an account in 10 minutes.  I know what you are doing is a great service and if you ask me you should not stress too much over the ones that want to be anonymouse.

take it easy, Reza


Keep up the good work.

by Urban Girl (not verified) on

This is very generous of you to have such a website for everybody to put in comments and not worring about being recognized or anything!. This is the true freedom of speech. Some take too much advantage of this and write whatever their "baallakhooneh" thinks!!
Still no harm on such freedom, but the readers shouldn't blame you on this.

BTW, I loved the Dastpeech recipe and suggest you to start a recipe section.



by Q on

I apologize if I was trite with you. But I still do have a serious disagreement and the fact that you are an unregistered user yourself having this conversation is a major factor in this.

May I ask, if this is your position, why don't you share your own full name and register on this site? Maybe something about where you work or who you are.

I'm trying to make a point. Just think about why you didn't do this to begin with, Mani.

Your solution is unfortunately impractical. Even theoretically, your position is problematic. I'll show you.

First, Why stop at profanity? If you truly believe that the site is "either censored or not" why censor based on profanity and bad language? Why not allow advertising spam as well, while we are at it?

Second, assume we have a rule like you are suggesting: no profanity but everything else. This you claim is "not" censorship (but if you want to be a purist about it, it actually is). OK, now who decides what is profanity? JJ? Isn't he biased against certain words in his own vocabulary and languages he speaks? What about slang which may not be known universally, especially to a bunch of iranians? Like "lick the carpet" or "toss the salad" why would it be OK to allow that profanity which could be more vile and more hurtful? Even if you ban all possible words, phrases and idioms, new vocabulary can develop as code word standing in for filthy profanity.

There have been literally thousands of books in literature written on this issue. This is not a solution, even just for profanity.

Third. Suppose I don't use profanity but I put personal information, like, for example, where your young daughter goes to school. What her name is and what route she takes to walk home every day. It's not profanity, but would it be acceptable to you? Note that you don't even have to share your real name for me to know who you are and do this to you. I could know some other way.

Fourth. You say people "can clearly see" that this information is not valid or unsubstantiated. I seriously beg to differ. I still get hate mail about completely bogus pieces of satire I wrote online from people who think I was serious. What if I don't feel comfortable "trusting" that those who look up my name in Google and see the writing about me here will be smart and respectful enough not to use it against me. As you know, people have been locked in the "war on terror" with a lot less reason that what I typically get accused of here on daily basis. (terrorist, working for IRI, etc.) Factually, you can't support the claim that "people will just know it's not real." In addition, they may not want to do the right thing, even if they were sure it's not real.

Fifth. You say "The one thing that has differentiated this site from all others, from day one, has been it's respect for free speech." This is correct but not the way you define free speech!

For all but the last few months of it's life, I think 6-8 years, there was no "comments" on Iranian.com. There was letters to the editor. These were sent via email or paper mail, meaning that their home address or email address was known to JJ and he also put the name and email in the published letter itself. That's the same pieces of information that is required for registration.

Futhermore, as the sudden "surge" of profanity demonstrates, JJ was not publishing just anything. He was probably doing way more censorship than now. So if you like the way Iranian.com was operating for all those years, "from day one" that means you should support registration because this level of censorship was already going on.

Sixth. JJ owns this site. He may wish to use other reasons for editorial policy. For example, if there is too much profanity, people may get turned off and his site may be less popular. He is not obligated to provide any level of "free speech" to anyone, nor is he supposed to listen to you or me about what "free speech" means practically.

The true application of free speech in this case is that YOU have the right to make your OWN website and write whatever you wish. Not that you can write whatever you wish on someone else's website. But even in that situation you are answerable to your ISP and the law above that.

For these reasons, profanity-only filtering is not the solution. You are absolutely right that I am opinionated and if I ever become a moderator, I will probably erase much more than JJ does now. But some people already criticize JJ the same way you did to me. There is no pleasing everybody and there is no removing the human judgement element from this situation.

I'm affraid we have no right, and no choice but to trust JJ and trust people who JJ has entrusted.


To Mr. Q

by Mani321 (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Q,
As a reminder, none of the suggestions in my original posting where directed at you. I don't even know who you are (nor do I have any interest in finding out). My suggestions where directed at JJ simply because he asked for feedback.
You however, took it upon yourself to make a personal attack on me just because you did not "agree" with my original suggestions. You could have stated your position without attacking my character and lobbing insults my way. Instead you used statements such as "....Since you are anonymous this does not matter to you","don't think just about yourself", et al. Then you proceeded by saying that I don't understand the issue and as such do not deserve your "respect".

Mr. Q, I do respect you. You have also proven yourself to be the perfect arguement in support of my original suggestions, i.e., complete "freedom of speech" regarding comments posted on this site with the exception of profanity. You see, if someone as opinionated as yourself, or anywhere near, was to serve in the role of gate-keeper of the comments posted on Iranian.com, then most comments would be sensored off of this site and, in short order, people would give up on this site and not even bother posting their thoughts. The one thing that has differentiated this site from all others, from day one, has been it's respect for free speech.
Regarding "slander", I hate to disapoint you but, No, you are NOT the only person whose heard of that term before (as suggested in your posting). Others on this site have heard that term as well. However, I believe that most people have the capability to discern that the comments posted on this site are NOT always factual and no one has independently verified thier accuracy. If it makes people like yourself feel better, JJ may consider adding a statement to this effect on Iranian.com, just so it is chrystal clear. Point being, Yes some people will use this site to make baseless accusations and personal attacks on others based on malice and misinformation. I DO NOT support such actions IN ANY WAY. But I also believe that people have the requisite intelligence to see such baseless attacks for what they are. And giving up this site's reputation for openness and a complete lack of judgemental sensorship is a VERY HIGH price to pay in order to protect the authors' feelings from the occaisional baseless attack and accusation, as hurtfull as they may be. Again, a site is either sensored or it is not. There is no such thing as "a little sensorship".


Mani, you relax

by Q on

You dont' like my "accusatory tone", and I don't like your patronizing lack of respect. It's easy for you to say some of these things when it is not your life and reputation at stake.

A) I said it's just about you, because your "suggestion" does nothing for people who use their real name.

B) I don't care what you theorize people do. I AM using my real name and so are other people. The fact that they have the option to LIE about their identity does not solve the problem for people who WANT to be honest. Does this make any sense?

C) "But is that not what true freedom of speech is all about?" No!!!! It's not. Not at all about this. You need to read up on Libel, Slander. Every free speech system in the world also protects against abuses. Only the most elementry understanding of free speech consider's it all play and no responsibility. You can't yell fire in a crowded theater, you can't intentionally harm someone's reputation and livelihood. Free speech as long as it does not harm others.

D) I haven't seen any evidence that you actually understand the issue. I would respect you if you tried.


Like I have already.....

by Nadias on

mentioned, if you attach your  comment as a reply to another comment then when the other person's comment is erased then yours will also be deleted.

You don't even have to attach your comment to an offensive one. For instance, I attached my reply to Q's comment, someone else attaches their comments as a reply to my comment and it goes on..........then for whatever if Q's comment is deleted then all the comments get deleted along with his. It is a domino type effect.

The web-site's computer programming doesn't know the difference between good comments and bad. It is only doing the job it was programmed to do.

So, go all the way down the page and just post your comments as an individual comment.

 Q, no offense, I needed to use someone to give an example.


Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Q, Relax!!!!

by Mani321 (not verified) on

Take it EASY. I just made a suggestion.
A few points regarding your accusatory comments:
A) I have no idea why you think I want it to be "just about me". I thought the suggestion may work for every one.
B) As I stated in my original comment, simply because you, or anyone else, is registered does not mean that their "identity" is in ANY WAY known. You, Q, could have used an email address you created just for registration and provided incorrect info r.e. your name, address, etc. when you registered. Having a sign-in name and a pretty logo does not identify you or any one else for that matter
C) Yes, freedom of speech entails all of us seeing things in print that we may not like (baseless accusations, misinformation and the like). But is that not what true freedom of speech is all about? Someone can make erroneous statements purely driven by malice. They are free to do that. You are also free to respond and make your position known. As soon as a hand in the sky is given the power to determione which statement is "right" and which statement is "wrong"...then we have slipped well into the realm of "sensorship". You either support freedom of speech or you don't. There is no in between. You can't be a "little pregnant", as they say. At least that is my humble opinion.
D) Take a Prozac and relax. I respect your position on this issue. I hope that you can reciprocate.
A person with an opinion


Mani, I don't agree

by Q on

it's not just profanity. I could accuse you of being a child moslester very nicely or reveal some unwanted personal information about you.

Since you are anonymous this does not matter to you. But not everyone is anonymous. People have jobs, lives relationships that can be jeapardized by character assassins.

So don't think just about yourself.


An approach that might work

by Mani321 (not verified) on

Two issues:
A) I don't believe limiting comments to registered users will fix the problem. Registered users can be just as abusive as non-registered users (all you need is an email address and a fake name/address/etc.).
B) One of the frustrations of the readers of this site (me included) is that comments seem to be sensored even when profanity is NOT used. It seems that your editors delete some of the feedback simply because they disagree with the author's position. (there have been MANY instances of this in the past)

I believe the fix should be one simple rule that all can easily follow and that also can be easily enforced. My suggestion is "if you use profanity, your comment will be deleted. All other comments, regardless of the statements made will remain on the site".
Hope this helps.


So the fee has gone up from

by Nadias on

$5 to $10? How interesting. :o) We shall see were the commentators go with it now. Very interesting.

Amir Khosrow Sheibany how do you manage to have your name in blue letters and still have a (not verified) next to your name? I accessed your blue name and was redirected to another site.

I copied and pasted your name to my comment and your name was still blue. How interesting? It should have been in black letters.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Suggestion: Get a $10 annual subscription, and..

by Amir Khosrow Sheibany (not verified) on

JJ, I don't know if this is technically feasible, but here is a suggested solution.

Get a $10 annual subscription. Paid by credit card this would identify users who want to be identified. Place these users in a "super-user" category and allow them to delete comments to their own articles or delete reply to their own comments. (Note, this website is what it is because originally you took the time to add value and edit articles and comments. If you let the standard go down, Iranian.com is no better than several other forums). These persons would know you will never delete their post, however abusing and ugly the language.

For those who want to be anonymous, (most Iranian's), you could collect a cash fee via post, after user fills in a form. This would be a laborious process, much like getting a Rebate check in this country, and would permit individuals to mess around still, but it prevents a user easily switching identities from annonymous1 to annonymous2. These 'standard' registered users would have the knowledge that only you, as editor, are deleting their posts, that they get higher visibility than the third category. But they could not delete anyone else's posts.

Thirdly, allow unregistered users to write their rubbish, but with full knowledge that other registered users can delete their posting and hence their time in writing anything could be wasted. They are writing / commenting at their own risk.

Basically, (1.) I am sure you could do with the money, and (2.) having more readers involved in maintaining the comments section of the website will be over all a good thing. Final comment. Your photo looks like a child abuser, working late in front of a computer. I'm sure you can do better than that.


Some of the articles are so

by chocoholic-A (not verified) on

Some of the articles are so lousy, that someone needs to jump in and say something bluntly. Come on people, haven't you seen plenty of those???...It is the idea expressed that matters, hAla masalan register ham shodim bA yek esmeh alaki, khob keh chi?


sorry for the duplicate posting!

by Tonya (not verified) on

tag seer e man bod!



by Tonya (not verified) on

that with very few exceptions, this article is commented upon by "registered" members.  And those who are not registered are prarticipating in a calm and rational discussion.  No unregistered chickens here!  No abusive language.  Wouldn't it be cool if all the articles were like this!  I've been on the free speech band wagon the whole of this discussion but I think it's past "the right of privacy" stage when it affects the website and those who frequent it.  You do have a right of expectation when you log onto iranian.com.  Nothing's perfect might be a more appropriate title than "nothing's sacred"....lol.  Irregardless, this is much too valuable a site to be spoiled by a few rotten eggs. Good luck on whatever decision is made.  And remember... be careful what you ask for!



by Tonya (not verified) on

that with very few exceptions, this article is commented upon by "registered" members.  And those who are not registered are prarticipating in a calm and rational discussion.  No unregistered chickens here!  No abusive language.  Wouldn't it be cool if all the articles were like this!  I've been on the free speech band wagon the whole of this discussion but I think it's past "the right of privacy" stage when it affects the website and those who frequent it.  You do have a right of expectation when you log onto iranian.com.  Nothing's perfect might be a more appropriate title than "nothing's sacred"....lol.  Irregardless, this is much too valuable a site to be spoiled by a few rotten eggs. Good luck on whatever decision is made.  And remember... be careful what you ask for!



by Nadias on

I do believe that the suggestion of a $5 registration fee was a one time charge.

I am sure that they are aware that in some countries more than the above suggestion would be undue hardship on an individual. Normally, those with a computer at home can also afford the one time registration fee.

By the way, I do recall many saying on this web-site that Iranians in Iran have difficulty to even access this web-site.

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Best Solution!

by Pishuni Sefid (not verified) on

Warn unregistered users that their comments are subject to scrutiny and deletion if hurtful, inappropriate and profane language is used in making personal attacks against other contributors. However give them a time limit for their comments to remain posted at the site. For example for the first 4 or 6 hours, inappropriate comments remain intact. After the hour 4 or 6 (all the way up to for example hour 24), a comment is observed and deleted if it is hurtful and abusive.

Don't necessarily delete the body frame of the posting for a certain period of time (for example the first 6 to 12 hours), just the content and the remarks (and the inappropriate parts of the titles of the comments as well). Allow the commentators clean up their remarks and post them again until they get a hang of it. This way people know that there are guidlines for using appropriate language, and that they need to treat other people using the site like human beings before they are allowed to have an audience.

For abusive and foul-mouthed registered users, set up similar guidelines and warning system.


Nazanine I think I get your point.

by Anonymouse on

Are you saying some people wouldn't insult others under their registered names and it is sometimes good to insult others to "too zooghesh bezaneh" steal their thunder?  I can agree to that.  Sometimes people need some straight talk to get better.  That would have been good if there wasn't such a widespread abuse.  Not simple matalak, I'm talking about hate comments and speeches. 

Initially I wanted to keep the unregistered comments but times have changed and we've proven we can't handle this kind of freedom.  Ma freedom mamooleesho balad nisteem, mikhaym utopia freedom dashte bashim? They wouldn't let someone in the village, s/he asked for United Nation?!


I guess we have to improvise and find ways to say our matalaks (sarcasm) under our registered name!

Nothing wrong with being about Nothing.  Perhaps this should replace JJ's Nothing is sacred slogan.  I like sites that are about nothing.  I didn't say this is not a fun website. I'm just saying put it in perspective. I


Anonymouse Bache boodim

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on


Bache boodim comment nadadim intori shodim dige :) And let me remind you of Seinfeld's succecss and that show changed pop culture...remember man hands sponge worthy shrinkage , get well get well soon we want you to get well soon :)

BTW, who cares about Hafez...I want to know what happened to do kalameh az madare aroos and Idiot in the making, man of ideas and so on. Those are the people that don't have a forum. Hafez can write a book.

This editor has been very generous. Many people are not profesional writers here. Were he to be a real editor half the stuff would never make it on. Ever read Ethanol 96's poetry? Call me sick but I want something differet. I can go to freaking google any time I want. THis isn't SUPPOSED to be google.

Sure, personal attacks are wrong. But there clould be a warning on top that says if JJ is sick of something He can delete it. Or he can let his editors know what comments would be deleted. Why take "khak bar sar" away when you could leave him on and just delete his comments when he goes to far?

But you know what they say? BE MAN CHE? and so... be man che, I should get back to work anyway


Nazanine No Pay. Vote. Register.

by Anonymouse on

Or as Shahis would say, Khoda, Shah, Mihan!  IP exposure is not limited to "registered" users.  This is semi-registering, you are not registering your real name.  I don't agree with $5 fee. I also don't agree with limiting comments.  Say whatever you want. 

It is the editor's JOB to delete or keep it.  Registering will eliminate SOME of the bad comments.  It should also be Editor's job to delete blogs that are strictly derogatory or meant to degrade a group of people or followers of a religion, you get my point?  Who else is doing this that we should?

If registering makes some people not to leave comments, so what? Mege Hafiz mikhad comment bede? Most of these comments are BS anyway.  This website is bascially about "nothing" like Seinfeld's show.  Wouldn't you agree?!  Aslan nakhasteem comment bedim.  Mege ma bache boodeem comment mizashtand bedim?!


Voting is undemocratic

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

How can JJ take a vote where out of thousands of readers only a couple of hundred at most...would respond?

Then again, we do function better under KOMITEH... :) It's more fun having a party if you know you might be caught right? We have all sorts of ways of beinding the law....JJ I CHANGE MY MIND, please add as many rules as you can. I'm getting excited already :)


PAY??? are you nuts?????

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on

PAY??? are you nuts????? NUTS????NUTS?????? I smell ghormeh sabzi here. Geez

I think JJ has to decide what he wants out of the comment section. JJ, do you want lots of comments from all sorts of people with no time or interest in joining the website in any fashion? Or do you want comments only by a select few that want to take the extra step? Once you decide on the amount of comments you want and their nature, the decision should be very simple.

I even recal that at the beginning we had to register to comment, I rememeber JJ saying he removed the restriction because comments fell 90%


Aziz baradar Javid

by Morteza (not verified) on

I agree with NIMA...Please don't do it...
let's vote and consult on this matter.


to Anonymouse

by n.zanincanadai1 (not verified) on


1 - If we have to register, many people wouldn't bother...as you can see I am not registering to leave this comment. So, you will see comments going down to a mere BLAH. That would be a bore.

2 - How many times have you heard talk of IP exposure? People don't want to register because they don't want exposure. And rightly so. Anonymouse could be our Reza Pahlavi and he wouldn't want anyone to know he is working on a Haji Agha dictionary? :) manzuramo migiri dige right?

4 - What is the point of limiting comments? Respect? Well, why start with limiting comments then? JJ can post a link to a website with women who are unaware they are being filmed let alone distributed for mass enjoyment of the sex deprived iranian community. But some chicken named do kalameh az madareh aroos has to register before she tells Hoder off? What happened to PROPORTIONALTIY?

5 - The point is to know who is saying what? Ok, so say Shahla Karimi Bazaari told JJ that he is an informant to the SS. Big deal? so what? Hala chi? she should be arrested?

If the issue is haging an environment where were can have a dialogue without being raped, assaulted and maimed, then we need to create that environement among us. JJ should come up with his 10 commandments on what he doesn't like. HE should then start moderating. Otherwise, it wouldn't be fair. I can see some conservative person deleting my comments or a liberal person deleting some one else's. Either way, why should any of these groups be limited from speaking???

Personal attacks aren't nice. When I get one, I cry and take a break for a couple of weeks. This isn't my grandma's website. So I don't want a grandma attitude either. And remember my freind, sometimes we need personal attacks. Sometimes, some one has to come and say "OHOY AGHAYEH FELANI, you are an idiot for saying a 9 year old should be marriage material". Again, you get my manzur? We need to be in a place where someone comes and tells another person to stop being an arrogant witch or somehting in those lines.? Why the heck not? My mom doesn't put her reasearch here because it isn't the right setting. So be it...if you are here, in my opinion you should take it. Mind you, JJ TOLD me this himself. So I find it bizarre that is patience is running out :)

BTW you is a general term, I don't mean you Anonymouse. But if you are offended, please start insulting me here..I'm all ears?

I love to here from "man madareh ingiliso ga...m" and I don't think s/he should have to register.

ladan K

Pay your lousy $5 and then talk

by ladan K on

Iranian.com has an obligation to its public. The real public that supports it.  On the one hand it wants people to pay to come to a fundraiser, so on the other it must be accountable to those who do pay.

Who cares if poeple can't be bothered to log on. If you can't be bothered to log on and wait for the page to load then what you have to say can't matter that much to you, so why should it matter to anyone else?

And I have no problem with people being angry on here. Sometimes I notice that things are deleted not because they are rude, but because the monitors don't agree with them.  That's wrong. But most of hte monitors on here are just simple people trying to help. (I think. At least that's what it looks like).

For those of you who don't think you are already policed (n.zanine canadai) think again. What we need on here is a consistent editotrial policy and some personal accountability.

I totally disagree that this will reduce traffic. If anything it will increase it.  Most people read but don't post right now. The posts are done by a small fraction of users, and a lot of the posts by people with an unsound, unpopular political agenda who have found a safe haven here thanks to JJ's well meaning but communist approach.  

We are protecting the wrong people by keeping things 100% annonymous. You want to make a comment on here, either register and pay your $5 a year with a credit card OR if you can't afford your $5, then the penalty should have to be that you register with  averifable name and address.   Pretend like you'r at a mehmooni and then we'll see who has teh real balls to speak up. 

For me, I sound the same at a party as I do on here. Nothing to hide...

 And Bruce, get off my back! (Not cool!) 



Let's have a vote JJ.

by Anonymouse on

JJ what about having an online vote?  You've done it in the past.  I think you did it when National Guard wanted to post advertisment.  My suggestion would be to have an online vote.  Whatever the outcome.

Ben Madadi

My opinion as it was from the start... and later...

by Ben Madadi on

Dear Jahanshah,

Freedom of a person stops where the freedom of another person starts. This means freedom. Chaos does not mean freedom. Anybody should stand by their deeds and leaving a comment is also a deed no matter how small. Allowing only registered users to leave comments is much better than allowing anonymous comments. I have said from the start that in order to have some discipline and quality the website needs to respect contributors (I am not personally complaining, you know very well why) and I have been disappointed that some nice and argumentative and polite contributors have been targeted by abusive anonymous commentators. Also registered commentators must be held accountable so that in case they continously abuse their right to comment their account can be closed. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech or freedom in general. Haven't most US states and European states banned smoking in public places? Why? Because the freedom of the smoker shall not break the freedom of the non-smoker. The same is here. The freedom of the commentator shall not break the freedom of the author who is also doing much harder work to produce something :)