I hear you

Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

I have read all your comments on what to do about abuses in the comments section. I really appreciate your input and ideas. You have helped a lot in trying to come to a decision.

I do believe that all forms of expression are valid. I do believe free speech is sacred. But I am having a hell of time trying to put this theory into practice on this site. Personal attacks, threats, and cursing have worn me and many others down.

What site on this planet allows EVERYTHING to be published? If Google, Yahoo, online papers and blogs all monitor and moderate comments, why should iranian.com leave the door open for abusers? Is Wikipedia imposing censorship for letting in only registered users?

If you have the urge to say something and are willing to share it with the public in an open and responsible way, you are welcome to do so as a registered user.

I will talk with my colleagues on how to implement this in the best way possible to ensure a healthier, more constructive environment for readers and writers without losing the right to honest discussion and criticism.


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I am confused Mr Jahanshah Javid!

by Tahirih (not verified) on

I did send a comment yesterday and it is not published yet ,so I guess my idea was one of the offensive ones,or am I being too straight forward about my opinion?
If this one is not published I will know that this is a gesture to say that i am not welcome here.
Nice knowing you,


Dear JJ: Why are people

by the elephant in the room!! (not verified) on

Dear JJ:

Why are people reluctant to register on your site?

Could it be that you are a former-Hizballhi who worked for the regime's newspaper for a long time????

You should disclose your former association with the regime on your bio somewhere.

Happy belate Birthday!!!


happy happy birthday

by bayramali on

Dear J.J

happy happy birthday J J jan . whish you the best . have fun buddy :D


Happy Birthday Jahanshah jan

by Omid Memarian (not verified) on

Dear JJ jan, Happy Birthday. Wish the best for you. Agha Khabahayee ast? See u soon. Omid

Kaveh F

Happy B Day JJ

by Kaveh F on

Jahan jan,


Happy B day and thank you for all you do


Happy birthday to King of the World!

by Disenchanted on



      Jahanshah = Shahe Jahan = King of the world

     and not just that...King of the world forever (JAVID)!

     No one can bit that!! 

      Where is the party? No one talks about how old actually

     you become!! I take it you must be pushing 30s! :-)

      Best wishes..

  Enchanted for tonight!


I have left several

by n.zanincanadai on

I have left several unregistered comments here until the following one comment appeared appeared. My previous response was intended for this person. Their comment in turn seems to appear and disappear. I want it documented.:

I am not by n.zanincanadai (not verified) on

I am not n.zanincanadai but I am using her registered name to make a point.
If and when changes are made to the existing registration policies, previously registered users should be given the option to cancel their registration if they don't agree with new policies.
Nazanin please don't get too upset of me for using your registered name. By the way I like your poems very much.


To the fake

by n.zanincanadai on

To the fake nazanincanadai:

I dont know how you are doing this. This isn't your first time. I cannot leave a comment under another registered ID. The system won't let me do this. So, I am assuming you are in house. I've talked to JJ about you. Maybe you ARE JJ. I don't know.

But I couldn't care less if you want to take my ID. You know why? because unlike the commentator below, I DO have a threashold. And there will be a time when I will stop writing here because of people like you. This is what angered me the last time around.

Who gives you the right to steal my name? I don't have a copy right on it but for you to leave a comment in a way that isn't allowed to a regular user means you are hacking.

And why me? Take someone else.

So...you...whoever you are. Do as you please...I am seriously getting sick of this site. I came here as a reader and then later on as a contributor (I can't say that without a smile - I contributed). But I can very well keep my thoughts and writings to myself. I did it for 30 years and I can do it for another 30 years.



To: n.zanincanadai - I agree!

by Farhad Rad (not verified) on

My point is exactly the same as yours.

I wish the rules were clear and we knew who is deleting comments and why?

I have had my clean and kosher comments deleted several times! For absolutely no reason at all! So much so that at first I suspected a bug in Iranian.com's commenting system! But when it happened again, I was certain it is not a bug!

I have been contributing to this site for a long time. One of my favorite things about Iranian.com from the begining was JJ's independent spirit and the fact that "Nothing is sacred" was real! It wasn't just a slogan.

But sadly it feels lately as if there are some sacred things after all and God knows what else! Who is involved, who knows?!

I respect Jahanshah and will still contribute. I don't want to take any of the credit away from him. But things have become a bit questionable as of late!

Let me blunt, it feels like JJ is not the only one in charge here! I hope I'm wrong! And the only way to make sure is to have a system and some rules in place. Tell people why an article is not accepted or why a comment is deleted! Or give readers a way of flagging comments and if there are more than a certain number of flags, delete a comment.


Let's Stop Clicking!!

by Anonymous Observer (not verified) on

To all my fellow unregistered users:

Iranian.com, just like any other site, relies on the number of clicks on the site to sell advertisement. It is people like us who prop up this site so that JJ can brag to advertisers that he gets millions of clicks on his site. We visit this site so that we may comment on the subjects once a while.

So, if he doesn't want to participate, let's stop visting. Let see if his 500 registered users can keep up the number of clicks. That's my 2 cents.


Happy Birthday & Thank You..

by *Anonymous (not verified) on

Happy Birthday Mr. Jahanshah Javid. Wishing you years ahead full of health and happiness. I also would like to send a gratitude for providing this forum for contributors, bloggers or someone like me that just like to read and give a commend once in the while.

Thank you for your tolerance, efforts, scarifies, and taking care of this collaborative site.


Thats a wrong decision!!

by Nima (not verified) on

Jahanshah, piadeh sho baham berim, moghayeseye Iranian.com ba google, wikipedia va yahoo, ghiyase maalfareghe...
I am a registered member and usually leave comments on different articles. Sometimes I feel more comfortable to sign out of my account and leave my comments anonymously. I know there might be some abuse and hatred among the comments left, but that's not a good reason to call it off. I am traveling to Iran very frequently, obviously my position is against Islamic Republic and I'm afraid of if I would be spotted by Iranian Intelligence for my comments condemning them in different terms. If you close open comments, there would be a mess in your registered members database as well. The comments you are not happy of won't stop at all. Even if you close their account they will open new ones. Don't do that please and remember "nothing is sacred". Thanks


Happy re-birthday Iranian.com

by Majid on


I wish you all the best in this effort.

Iranian.com IS my home away from home.


P.S. If you ever decided to take that $5 contribution from registered readers, count me in please. It's a small token of my appreciation for what you do. BARG_SABZEE ST.........

Red Wine

happy birthday boss

by Red Wine on

tavalod tavalod tavalodet mobarak,bia shama ro fut kon keh sad sal zendeh bashi..


JJ jan pas shirini ku ? kojast ? nakoneh tanha tanha khordi va chizi beh ma namasid,han ?? hehehe

az samime ghalb behet tabrik migam, salem bashi va delet shad va saret bi dard aziz :=) .

David ET

Happy birthday Mr. Javid and thank you.

by David ET on

Mr, Javid

I wish you a very happy birthday. 

That was a wise decision and long overdue. It is good that this site is standing for respecting freedom. 

I also wanted to congrtulate responsible registered readers and writers who stood fast despite all the abuse, who logically expressed their opposition to freedom to abuse . Patience pays off and that is why in the very beginning I wrote "time will tell"

I must add that do not expect miracles . Expect that especially in the beginning some chickens would register and continue this behavior, just to try to prove their point. Anarchists live in all societies. But "in time" most but not all will go away.

Last, as I had mentioned before , the site must also create terms of service and guidelines as well as a one warning and then deletion procedure to create accountability and to make this work.

best wishes

by the way what is  ---- + 1 = 5 ,, I dont have my calculator



My humble suggestion

by Anonymous2008 (not verified) on

Dear JJ;
As an Anonymous poster myself, I toltally disagree with the idea of banning us or forcing us to register. We have a legitimate reason for being Anonymous. Why dont you use the "flagging" option used by Craigslist? let the readers decide if the post is offensive or not? A forced censorship, if implemented, will reduce your wonderful site into a sterile, boring and otherwise a contrived site.


Iranian.com used to have recipes online

by Farhad Rad (not verified) on

What happened to that information? Could they not be ported to the new site?


Happy Birthday JJ

by ramintork on

I'm glad you have worked it out.

Enjoy your Birthday 



Who are the comment censors and how theya re selected?

by Farhad Rad (not verified) on

Dear Jahanshah,

I have asked these question several times via email or through comments and have never seen a response to it!

- Who are the 15 or so people who have been given the privilledge to delete comments?

- What criteria were these people selected by? Are they just your (JJ's) selections?

- How can one become a comment moderator? I would like to be considered as a comment moderator!

- Lastly, did you consider putting in a simple way for the comment deleter to type in a few words, explaining why it was deleted? If you speak to your web programmer, this is not a hard or complicated feature to add. It can be accomplished with a few lines of code!


Happy Birthday JJ

by Tonya (not verified) on

Just wanted to add my congratulations to all the other welll wishers.  After reading some comments about the receipes, I guess I'll hold my tongue!  My husband and I have said on several occasions that it would be kind of fun to have a cooking section...lol.  Who's Ladan K?  Haven't been on in a while and have apparently missed some of the excitement. 

Oh... one more thing to JJ.  Loved the "y'all".... makes me homesick!!! 


If JJ is a reformist outfit,

by Anonymousaa (not verified) on

If JJ is a reformist outfit, he should not be afraid or embarassed about his political inclinations. If he is a pro-IRI, he should also be proud of his position and admit to it. That way, he doen't have to resort to censorship. People with different views will just stop visiting your blog. You should set the example for everyone to come clean.

Jahanshah Javid

Birthday Boy

by Jahanshah Javid on

Thank you so much for the birthday messages... Love y'all... :o)



by Anonymous69 (not verified) on

JJ jaan,

Ba salaam, I am very glad that you are taking these editorial control steps. Har charandi goftan nadareh... It would truly be a shame if your great website is diminished due to the trash talk of so many uncouth comment writers. I just suggest that for those taboo subjects, sex, homosexuality, politics, religion etc... You allow registered commentators to the ability to choose a number of aliases, so they can talk frankly about certain issues and also have a public name to write under.

You are someone I look up to even though you do not respond to emails and phone calls.

My 2 cents,


Niki Tehranchi

Tavvalodett Mobarak!

by Niki Tehranchi on

One thing is for sure, the readers/writers/commentators/chickens on this site, whether registered or unregistered have this in common:  they are Passionate about iranian.com.


On this day, you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done.  You have managed to engage a usually pretty apathetic bunch to take a stand, express themselves, just move and shake things up.  In short, a real community.  And like all communites, this one harbors the good, the bad and the ugly... :o)


All in all, job well done and happy birthday!


Thank You for a reasonable approach

by Q on

this is really for the best. The registered users don't have to expose anything to the public. I think everyone should be open and honest another virtue of democracy, but fine, at least make them register.

Some information may be revealed to YOU, but it was like that before when people emailed you directly, right? In fact back then, you used to put their email in their comment but now they don't even have to expose that!

It's for the best.

PS. One factual error, JJ: Wikipedia does not force you to register. But if you don't, it shows your IP. This is an incentive to register and hide your IP.


Happy Birthday

by alimostofi on

تولدت مبارك

Ali Mostofi




JJ Jon :) allow two names for each registrant

by Miz-abdol-azim khaneh Ghareeb (not verified) on

My suggestion is to allow each registrant have two names, one for posting his or her good articles and poetry and comments and the other name for being abusive! This will make everyone happy, LOOOOL and prevents non-registered users to hide behind a chicken.

It is just fun, to be a bit nuaghty sometimes, don't you agree?

Happy Birthday.


I'm against it but it's OK

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

I don't like to register and probably won't register myself. I won't be able to comment. Maybe I won't feel like I need to if the comments and articles are already a little more civilized. We should be able to email the author ourselves though.

I am honest enough to admit that I will still come to this site and read the articles even if I am not registered. Good luck whatever happens and happy birthday.


RE: to Get Real!

by Nadias on

I happen to love Ghormeh Sabzi among other Iranian dishes. :o)

 You can post all the Iranian recipes you want. I am learning to cook Persian/Iranian food.

Much to your shock the majority of women on this web-site are not just housewives. We are multi-faceted women. We are excellent at multi-tasking every day. Some of us work outside of the home, volunteer and do our best for our families.

I know that if you contribute writings to this web-site you will offend some people. I have several posted blogs under Nadias and two under my full name. I have taken a lot of abuse over several months.

I actually had to change my pen name from Sasha to Nadias because I got tired of being thought of as a man. It was messy transfering all my blogs from one account to another.

By using one registered name the people on the web-site will be able to identify your style of writing and thinking. It makes for a better discourse. After all, you have the benefit of knowing the authors style of writing and thinking. All, you have to do is go back and read some of their contributions to gain a better understanding of who they are. :o)

Solh va Doosti (paz a vosotros)



Actually nevermind

by Anonymousalways (not verified) on

I believe in registration now. Only because I don't want people abusing me and using my own writing without permission. I was wrong before.

I have also turned reformist and will be voting that way in the upcoming IRI elections. God bless!