Double standard on IC?

by IranSam

I have been a regular reader on IC for a long time. It amazes me to read on a daily basis Caucasian poster refer to Iranians as: Haji, Basiji, Islamic terrorists, Hezbollah(i), and many other racist and/or prejudiced terms. This of course happens while many of the same posters call for ¨clean up bombings¨, ¨MOP them¨, and blaw blah blaw blah…

Is there a double standard here?

Since the precedence has now been set for quite a long time, should it be okay to counter the Caucasian (none Iranian anyway) posts with such great comments as:What´s wrong honkey did the trailer catch on fire and you got bord so you started posting here?Are you a little overly happy because you won the Timmy McVeigh honkey contest and you ended up on, honkey don´t get to excited there and rent a rider truck to blow up anything.

So if there is not a double standard here, why is it that words like Haji are used on a common basis (amoung other racist or otherwise insulting terms) by none Iranians on To be very frank I feel like my name is no longer Sam when I read this forum at times. I feel like the racist terms such as haji replace my first name.

I want to thank Fred personally for motivating me to blog.



جناب حاج‌آقا ایران سام دامت برکات


دو امر متضاد و متفاوت به جنابعالی گشته مسلم و برای شما عرض می‌کنم: بدون هنر و کوشش و جدیت و تدبیر عمل کاری حسابی‌ توی این ولایت نتوانی‌ یافت، یا که با پشت هم اندازی و دغل سازی و خود سازی ؛) (<-- چُسمک بود) و خر کردن مردم.  از ما نصیحت از جیب هر کس که می‌خوری یه صلواتی به روان پاک مردم دلخستهٔ آواره کم پول و گرفتار ایران بفرست. یا چه بهتر خمسی از ته کیسه‌تون بتکون، و دیگه سر مارو ندوون.


I think IranSam

by thexmaster on

is actually I am Sam.  He's gone pretty much full retard.


Okay, look,

by Rosie. on

I know you asked me if I'm Fred's mother because you decided I'm like him even though I made fun of him in the post I wrote on his blog. I know you used my last name Goldsmith because you know it's a Jewish name (in America, not Britain) and you want to make this association that all Jews are AIPAC and all 'pro-sanctions people are too and all non-Iranian people here and Fred's not Iranian and bla bla bla.

I know you call anyone who (you THINK) isn't Iranian Caucasion (honky), and so anyone who is Iranian is not Caucasion. Which is ridiculous. And anyway hardly anyone here cares about race except you (for however long you last here...)

I asked you why you called me those things because it was before I saw you in your full glory, and I wanted the answer to come from you. You have no idea who I am or what I believe or what my politics are (you would be very surprised...).You're so miserably unhappy and hate-filled that it's made you blind and pretty well insane.

You probably think that because you're doing this on the Net that there are no consequences for you but there are. You're on the verge of becoming completely clinically insane, (if you're not already). And the more you sit alone at home in your own little world doing things like this the more out of touch with reality you're going to get.

I used to have patience with people like you here and try to reach out to them out of compassion, but I don't anymore. So this is the last time I'm going to acknowledge you existence unless I see you attack someone who's vulnerable to you for some reason, or you're ruining a good discussion, to encourage people to ignore you.

And that's that.


Bill is just another lost honkey

by IranSam on

Another lost honkey with his honkey whore. For some reason the two honkies ended on IC after the regular KKK party. Honkies that need to go back to Mayberrrrrry but instead for some reason they just like to stick around here and use honkey tactics.

So instead of f**king his honkey sister is the a$$ Bill and his honkey sister are here.

Going back to honkey land might happen when they disctover that is not a honkey forum.

pastor bill rennick

Sister Rosie, in an island of criminals, a 1/2 crook-1/2 Pastor

by pastor bill rennick on

is a divine man! Yours truly!

This IranSam dude is a psychopath who has  apparently been molested by some toothless (remember the Deliverance) hill billy from West Virginia! 

Let him be!

My eternal love for you, sister!


I told the pastor

by Rosie. on

(who you make seem like Mother Theresa, btw) that I wasn't so interested in HOW you found out my last name because I KNOW it's in my account, but in WHY you used it. Which I had just asked you.  And also why you asked me if I was Fred's mother.

I have a theory but for now, whether I'm an idiot or not, I'll just say:



Rosie you are an idiot

by IranSam on

Here is your Bio:


Robin Jayne Goldsmith. New York City. Theater artist, poet, instructor of college level English as a Second Language. Yogin, Enneagram expert, linguist, human.

A previous account under contributors, Rosie T. 



Try clicking and reading your own bio you idiot.

When you feel off the ugly mountain and hit and each and every rock, it also effected your memory.

OMG, you actually write all that crap and you ask how people know it!?!?!



How stupid are you!!?!?!!?

Making all honkeys look stupid one honkey at a time.


Making relevant posts

by IranSam on

It is way to complicated it seams.

I happy to hear that there is a conclusive answer to a simple question. There should not be any standards (I appreciate the prior poster correcting me by pointing out how stupid I was for not considering that possibility)

So to Rossssssssssssie and Bill and the remainder of the honkeys and honkey nut-huggers that got lost and ended up on a site called

Simple counter to each and every point you and yours make. Since there is clearly not any standards (I will not point out that usage of the word haji amoung others is racist to the poster that asked the question and simply ask the poster to google it) well honkeys and honkey nut-huggers this aint maaaaayyyyyberrrry, ohhhhhhkay.

Simple as that is. Let me explain. GTFO and solve your own shit prior to worry about others.






Sam, are you following this blog?

by Rosie. on

Presumalbly you are, since you've been making a whole huge production since you arrived on the i.c. 'scene' two days ago. So it would be really weird if you weren't following your own thread.

Anyway, I did say on Fred's thread that I was through with it, but now things from your posting there have relevance to this blog, so I am asking you again why you asked me if I was Fred's mother and how you found out my last name and why you used it. Could you please answer me right away as I am very irritated by this whole thing and would like to get it over with as soon as possible.



What are you, his spokesperson?

by Rosie. on

Just kidding. If you were he'd be talking about bombing the country.

Anyway, I know the information is there but I also know that previously I used to use my full name onsite a lot. But I don't want to know so much how he found it (although thst too...).I want to know why he used it. And anyway, I don't think he's interested in me 'that way', if that's what you meant, since he called me 'Mrs.' which anyway I'm not.

pastor bill rennick

Sister Rosie, he clicked on Rosie and everything is

by pastor bill rennick on

there including your last name! I think he is interested!


Sam, do you mind if I ask you

by Rosie. on

why you asked me yesterday if I was Fred's mother and also how you knew my last name and why you called me by it?


My views are clear.

by IranSam on

I don´t like nor want the current Islamic republic to stand another day.  

So much for IRI supporter crap.

The purpose of this blog post is simple. There should not be a double standard?

Do I like Fred? Hell no. Do the honkey nut-huggers here like Fred? Yes. Do I think it is wrong to bomb and kill innocent people, unlike Fred and the other honkey nut-huggers here I do think it is wrong.

Do I think white America is reponsible for much of what is wrong in the world? Sure I do and if need be I will be more than happy to address in another blog post.

hamsade ghadimi


by hamsade ghadimi on

must be the replacement for iri (now ex iri) who's on his way out.  not here for only 24 hours and has gone straight to fred's blogs (basic training for incoming warriors) and has implicitly started a blog in his honor.  he forgot to define the standard before getting to the double standard business.  rookies!  :)


Another poor attempt

by Onlyiran on

by IRI supporters to show the IRI and its supporters--who have victimized the Iranian people with the worst savagery in Iran's modern history--as victims.

Go sell it somewhere else, and while you're at it, get some therapy for your inferiority complex viz-a-vis "white man".   

hamsade ghadimi

akaaber 101

by hamsade ghadimi on

Haji, Basiji, Islamic terrorists, Hezbollah(i),

hajji: // 

basij: //

hezbollahi: //

none of the above terms are racist.  they may be used in a deragatory sense by someone who dislikes them, and they may be used proudly by someone who identifies with them (except islamic terrorist may be replaced by jihadist or islamic freedom fighter).  at any rate, they're not racist.  if it is, please refer me to the definitions that describe them as races. 

have you ever been to iran? people call each other haji, haj agha, haj khanoom as a form of respect.


"Haji" is not OK

by Zaferoon on

Haji, Basiji, IRI Mouthpiece, Hezbollahi, Islamic Rapist state's Agent, etc. are not O.K.

Zio-Nazi, AIPAC Moutpiece, Israel Lobby, Mosad Agent, etc. are not O.K.


It's not O.K. to call each other names.  It's not O.K. to slander others.  


It's not O.K.  It's disgusting and humiliating to read stuff that has Iranians calling each other those names.

They are not Caucasian (non-Iranian) posters, IranSam.  They are Iranians.  That's the real shame of it.