Visiting India late March 2009

Visiting India late March 2009

I'm finally on my way to India. I'll be there late March.  I got my visa last week. It was 50 Euros. And today I got vacation days from my boss. I only need the vaccine shots, which I hope to get in the month remaining before I go.

Ideally a place like India should be visited in an organized tour. But it is so much more expensive and I only have a backpackers budget. So I'll be backpacking my way using trains.

Has any one of you travelled through Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho?

Leave your impressions in the comments.

How is train travel in India. Is it really true that one should reserve ahead of time.

I'm also taking a domestic flight on my last day. Makes me a bit nervous. What if the flight is cancelled and I can't get back from Khajuraho to Delhi.   Any impressions on domestic flights in India?

Hows Delhi airport. Is it safe to fall asleep there for a couple of hours?

Anyway, I feel a combination of excitement and being scared.  






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Its great that you wanna tour India,ofcourse it depends on what u wanna do here.
If you wanna see landscapes then nothing beats the himalayas you should try visiting utarakhand,Leh,Ladhak etc,u may even try the north east part of India the scenes on the India China border is mindblowing.

The delhi airport is now under full scale renovation to be completed next year so please bear with us.

I would not recommend trains at all as they are fairly backward and not at all tourist friendly.
except the Delhi-Agra Shatabdi and other Shatabdi trains which is fairly okayish.If possible take volvo buses which are increasingly available and usually leave via Inter state bus terminals every 2 hours or so.

otherwise take one of many low cost airlines Indigo,Go Air,Spice Jet etc they are reasonably priced and most upper middle class Indians prefer them.I suggest u leave a buffer of around 5 hours between two flights as due to exploding air traffic and limited infrastructure planes often circle crowded airports for 1-2 hours so...

Places to see Historically in India.

my list:
Delhi(Red fort ,Qutab complex)
Agra(Taj Mahal,Fatehpur Sikri)
Jaipur(countless palaces)if possible do see Udaipur(most beautiful city in Rajasthan with Lake palaces etc)
Orissa(Konark Temple)
Madhyapradesh(Khajurao temples)
Karnataka(the ruins of Vijayanagar(highly recommended))

If you are into the spiritual/buddhist circuit then:
Bodhgaya(where Buddha attained enlightenment)
Varanasi(where he gave his first sermon)
Sanchi and Sarnarth

but these tours are pretty expensive due to year round Japanese/Korean etc demand.Interestingly due to financial crisis demand for these tours have actually increased.LOL.

Alternatively if u are into the Ayurveda rejuvenation thing then Kerela is your best bet but these are weepingly expensive and best done under guidance.

Greetings from India.