Telegram from ERZURUM


So it was a long 5 day weekend in Spain, so I had to go and travel someday. Originally my idea was to go to Syria, but they require visa and there are no affordable flights to Syria. So while working and having little time to think, I decided to buy a round trip ticket from istanbul to Erzurum. Erzurum is in East Turkey, near the Ararat mountains.

In the waiting hall of the airport in Istanbul, it became clear that I was the only foreigner on the airplane! I tried to speak to a lady that is a nurse, though her limited English made it difficult. But when we entered the airplain she said loudly to the attendant, he is from Spain!!

I was so nervious. Usually airports in smaller towns have no regular busses going to the town, so one ends up having to spend lots of money on taxis.

I had seen pictures of Erzurum and thought it was a tiny town, but once the airplain was flying over it, it was clear it wasnt that small.

Which made me nervous. How am I going to tell them I want to go to the historic part of the town?

On the ground I entered a public bus. I wanted to tell the driver to let me know when we arrive to the historic part of town. Well, nobody spoke English. So a woman called with her cell phone to someone, then passed me the phone. It turns out that its exactly like farsi..

CENTER -> markazi

Historikal -> Taarikhy

So anyway, I got to Markazy Tarikhy and it has been a nice experience.

Ive uploaded two videos which I havent been able to see my self to youtube

The rain has made it hard to see things, but there are several mosques and madresses from the 13th century that are amazingly beautiful, made of medieval stones. The only sad part is that lots of really cheap ugly new buildings have been built 5 meters away from them.

Im waiting for the airplane in Erzurum.

More when I get back.

By the way they also say Tashakor!!



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remnants of the armenians

by maydanferdowsi (not verified) on

the second video showing the buildings includes an armenian church, its the old stone building that is practically dilapidated...not surprising since eastern turkey was was all the armenians of the ottoman empire lived before the genocide. hopefully one day this region can live with its plurality.



by samsam1111 on

I think you might have mis placed 2 facts here.persian was never an official language of turkey.yes the sultan court had a lot of interest on persian poetry and a lotta books of poetry were written in persian and sultans were fluent in persian but the language was not persian.the common words in english and persian is due to their original common indo european ancestory and not because of Indian colony any case Persian rocks...



by Bunyip on

Before Ata Turk, and during Otomans, the official language of Turks was Persian. So there is no surprise that you'll find many commonalities there. You may also be interested to know that official language of India was Persian as well before British colonialisation, from where you'll find Persian infiltration into English.