Lasic Eye Surgery: Think twice!



In the past three years I have pushed myself to travel and visit beautiful places whenever I can take a break off work. It has worked as my therapy and has kept me out of depression. However, after couple years traveling all over, this year I was a bit tired and somewhat out of close places to go to. I’ve been everywhere within the low-cost airline’s flight radius. So instead of traveling, this year I decided to have lasic surgery to correct my vision. I thought it would lift my mood.

This type of surgery is advertised as successful in 99% of the cases and being painless and low risk. One day, I was walking down one of Madrid’s most expensive streets. I was thinking what to do to spice up my life and keep myself motivated. I still don’t own a home, but it is not a good time to enter the Real Estate market in Spain. While I was walking, I came across this medical center that does lasic surgery. It was in prime with lots of people entering and exiting. On the ground floor it occupied almost a whole block. Basically, it did not look like a shady business. Then I told myself. Do it! I can be quite undecided, so if I have a moment of clarity I should take advantage of it. So I went in and made an appointment. In my mind the surgery was going to lift my mood, since I would finally get rid of having to wear glasses.

The doctor checked my eye and said that my eye was perfect for this type of surgery since the cortex is sufficiently thick. On my own I also checked the doctor’s name on the internet. I didn’t find any complaints, just her PHD.

The surgery was supposed to be a Tuesday at 5 PM. I asked for a special permission from work to have half a day off. At 3PM the medical center calls me to say that the surgery has been cancelled because there is a problem with the machine or apparatus they use to perform the surgery. Therefore the surgery was postponed for a day. That made me really nervous. What if the medical apparatus breaks while they are operating me? However, I told myself to not be stupid and to not let obsessive thoughts take control of me. Simply relax.

The day of the surgery came and I went into the surgery room. I had heard it was painless. Ha ha, ha! It’s funny how sales people can twist things around to make a bad thing sound nice!. The surgery room is dark and they stick a sticker on your eye and keep telling you not to blink! This sounds easier said than done. Blinking and eye movements are not something that can be consciously control. They are mainly reflexive. The eye’s also don’t feel very comfortable with a transparent sticker stuck on them. I tried to behave and think of trees and flowers, cream puffs and lakes! First they operated the right eye. The cutting tool descends on the eyes. After the cut, the laser attacks. For a period of time you lose your vision and descent into full darkness. This is a very scary moment. I remembering asking myself: What if my vision doesn’t come back? Why did I take such a big risk? What if something breaks. When the laser is hitting you can smell something burning. They finished with the right eye. I was exhausted. I don’t know why. Maybe from trying consciously to keep myself from moving.

Now it was time for the left eye. Because I was exhausted, a thought came to me: Ask them to operated the left eye some other day! I didn’t ask! I’m not going to be a chicken! I’m not going to let obsessive thoughts control me!

But you know what, I wish I had made that request. They started the surgery on the left eye. Actually I was calmer this time. However while they where operating I suddenly heard the doctor and the assistants getting into a loud argument. As if something went wrong. I couldn’t fallow what they were talking about, because had gotten myself into a very relaxed state and by the time I started tuning into the conversation, it was too late to figure out what they said. Plus it was technical material I wouldn’t understand. Now I know there are conversations in surgery rooms, but this one was so heavy that I must felt like asking them what had happened. I didn’t ask, I thought it would be rude. When they were getting me out of the surgery room they said that everything went on well.

After the surgery the eye’s hurt like hell. They feel like they are on fire. Yet you are not allowed to rub or touch them. The pain is amazing and almost unbearable. It is also hard to see anything. The eyelashes don’t want to open up.

Back in my room I tried to go to sleep. There is nothing else you can do since you cant see anything. But the pain wouldn’t let me sleep. I don’t drink alcohol, so if ocassionally I have a cup of wine it immediately goes to my brain. So I thought I’d go and pull that wine bottle our company gave us as a Christmas gift. But the eyes where hurting so bad that I couldnt tell the difference between the kitchen tools. Which one might be the cork opener? Eventually I was able to open the bottle. I had to drink the entire bottle of red wine until I could sleep.

The next day I wake up. Imagine the feeling!! Do my eyes work properly??? I rushed to the street to test my vision. It was a beautiful clear sunny day outside. I could see beautifully from the right eye. But the left eye was blurry. The left eye was the one they almost had a fight over when they were performing the surgery.

The pamphlet they gave me said that it is normal to have blurry vision the first two weeks. The two weeks became a month, then 3 months, etc. At the doctor they basically told me that I have to give it 6 months and it might correct itself.

It sounded wierd though because I never noticed and improvement along these 6 months.

So after 7 months I went back and at this point the healing process of the scar is finished. Therefore it is the final result.

The doctor said that I am one of those 5% that haven’t had a perfect reaction to the surgery. I am left with 1 degree ( in Spanish: “Dioptria” ) of astigmatism in the left eye. I asked her why they had a loud argument when operating my left eye. She said: “I can’t remember anything!. No such thing is written in your file”!. Isn’t that convenient for them?? Well I sure will remember that argument for the rest of my life, since they have fcucked-up my left eye!

Let me tell you, the first few months of the 6 month wait were a total nightmare. I used to cry and wonder why even a surgery like this has to go wrong on me! Why don’t things like this happen to rich people? As if I didn’t have enough problems!!

Now I am nervous again because I have to decide weather to have them perform correction surgery. This could be dangerous because there is a risk of infection and the risk that the eye ends up worst than it is now. The second surgery is way more dangerous than the first because they have less material to cut from. Also the left eye is really dry after I had the surgery. It is possible that a second operation makes the dryness even worse.

Anyway, anyone thinking about having lasic eye surgery please think about it twice. It’s not all rosy as they try to sell it to you. Remember it is a business and they are selling you an expensive service that is making them rich.



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Dude this sort of thing is

by Anonymous34343444 (not verified) on

Dude this sort of thing is never done on the spur of the moment because you are bored or depressed. It's a medical procedure. You talk to a few doctors and compare the price as well as their professional behaviour and facilities. You didn't research it correctly. Did you read about the procedure? Did you consult a cheshm pezeshk? Did you talk to people who did the surgery already? Well....this is what happens.


I would certainly....

by Sasha on

 I would certainly not allow those fools who did this to you try to fix it. I would go to someone else who I felt I could trust and then have the other fools pay for your costs of fixing their error. Make sure to have it well documented in case you need an attorney.


Best wishes,



Natalia Nadia

Thanks & I asked another doctor

by on

Thanks for your replies. Yeah it's definitly a good idea to keep the glasses and not throw them away. I went to an independant doctor and he was very knowledgeable and explained himself very well. Apparently the eye that is bad can be retouched or reoperated without it being high risk. The reason being is that the impression left on the eye by the laser is very "regular". I see poorly though because it didnt cut enough. Regular means that they should be able to easily reprogram the laser machine to do the recut. Whereas if it was irregular, they can't reprogram the laser machine. My other option is to get glasses for when my eye gets tired.  But that beats the whole point of this operation.   But from what this doctor said it is pretty clear that they told me some mini lies at the original place. For example they said I only have 2 months to think if I want to be reoperated, because the flap they did gets too hard or something. And this doctor said, that is bullshit! That they told me that for comercial purposes! 





Definitely get other

by AL (not verified) on

Definitely get other doctors' opinions.


Doctoro avaz kon

by soopoor (not verified) on

bazi az doctor ha darmorede ghooze gharniye chizi be taraf shenidam unayi ke ghooze gharniye daran dorost amal nemishan.shayad doctoret vasate kar fahmide ke dochare in moshkel hasti,yani tu test haye ghabl az amal khoob motevajjeh nashodan.vaghti doctor shak dare,bayad axe 3D begire.inkaro anjam dadi?ama betare doctoreto avaz koni va ye moshavare ba chan ta doctore khoob dashte bashi.movaffagh bashi


I did it 3months ago

by sarekar (not verified) on

in Iran.(Dr.Einollahi )and I'm fine with it...well honestly,the first 3 weeks,I could see beautifully,but now I think that my vision is not as clear as it used to be...of course I blame myself cus.I work with PC a lot,watch movies and don't care much about what the doctor said to me ..(I'm so careful about rubbing them though).My sister did it last year(same doctor,harder susrgery as she had astigmatic Lasik)and she is fine too...I'm sorry for you.but don't be so sad because,even a successful result can not last forever.that's why I'm keeping my glasses on the self.


I know three people

by Sasha on

 I know three people who had no problems with their eye surgery but I have read so many horror stories about it. I have decided not to have surgery for some time to come. I just think it is scary to trust my eye sight to someone I don't even know. I think I am better of wearing contact lenses in the future. At least it is not a permanent change.



Besides I wouldn't mind a change of eye  color now and then. I hope things get better for you.


Natalia Nadia