From Irannostalgia to EYE-rannostalgia thanks to Google


I've been working on my site dedicated to documenting old iranian 45rpms, , a minimum of 3 to 4 hours a day since 2002 without receiving any income from it or donations.

Not being rewarded for what you work on, makes it hard to continue. It would be great to be able to live from what you like to do. Trying all sorts of things to at least generate some hope for the site, I tried Google Ads. It generated a few pennies for the site. An amount that is not even enough to pay for the web hosting services that the site needs. But at least, it is a step in the right direction. Even though Google Ads returns pennies that dont cover anything, the idea of getting at least something back is more exciting to me than having one million freeloaders entering the site just to increase my web hosting bills.

It was exciting to cash my first Google check, but the Google Ads that were showing on the site where really boring. Mainly they were phone card ads for calling Tehran and ads for tours of Iran. Basically all the ads had to do with Iran and were really of no interest to my viewers. I mean my viewers are not going to hire a tour operator to get tours of Iran. With Google Ads you cannot choose the Ads that you want to display on your site. It automatically generates the ads. I wanted ads for other type of items that I think my viewrs are more likely to click on. For example, electronic products or female products or home improvement producst. But with Google Ads there was not way. I exchanged emails with them, just to find out that was asociated in their database with Iran, even though I live in Spain, and that there is nothing I can do about it. I tried different things and options and tricks and nothing worked out. I still got phonecards to call Tehran ads.

So finally I've had it and I've decided to remove all farsi ( arabic ) script writing from my site. It will all be in latin script from now on. The word Iran will be Eyeran from now on! And it's all thanks to your Bay Area friends of Google.

I explain this in these videos:










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You're Retarded

by ArdeshirZand (not verified) on

I really think you're 100% need-some-medication retarded...first, now the ads on your site are for "find your spanish wife" mail-order brides and "Single Property Websites" for buying homes....i think at least with phone cards the ads were targeting your audience...second of all, companies like caltex, taraneh, etc put these songs out on CD without any regard for their legal owners, if they can do it, im sure you can put low quality versions on your site.

Reply to comments..

by on

Thanks for your comments. Regarding those who leave the site unsatisfied because I uplaoad only 30 seconds of songs, my reply is that is a site that has always tried to keep things legal and correct. These recordings had producers who paid for their production and we have no right to give them away for free. Yes there are newer sites that do such things, but because they are a bunch of thieves to beguin with.  Regarding selling songs, that is something that cannot be done legally. To do such a thing legally, it would require finding the correct producer and trying to license the product from him. These people are now in their 60s or 70s and are not easy to find, plus the small volume of poeple willing to pay and be legal does not amount to supporting such a format. My idea of "satisfaction" with the site is to properly document these materials as incomplete samples. It is great that others have started learning from my work, but its not alright to do it by stealing and being unrespectful to works done before them.





I think your site is an

by Alan (not verified) on

I think your site is an excellent means to protect an area of Iranian culture and musical history that would, as you said, have disappeared otherwise. To me, the obvious thing for making money from the site is to find a way to SELL the songs that have been uploaded. Only allowing visitors to hear 20 seconds is frustrating to the people who have come to the site and are the most motivated to buy. Asking for donations or ad clicks will NEVER, imho, amount to anything of real financial reward. You've got to find a way to sell the music. That's it.


cheghad google goole migi ha.

by Mash Ghasem (not verified) on

Agha jaan doroogh chera... ta ghabr aaa aaa aaa
in site shoma vazesh kharabeh va yeki vayesti ono bara shoma dorost koneh. Man migam shoma chetoreh ba hajiagha az velayat canada tamas bigirid shayad beheton ye komaki bokone.


I don't care for your site

by Daryush on

Many times I have been to your site but never left satisfied. I have to say that if you try to accomplish an Iranian Oldies, do it right. The site is not at all a site to stand for its name. So EYERANIAN for your little site is better fit than Iranian. I agree with the last comment, No organization or cleanliness, very messy and non professional.


About your site

by XerXes (not verified) on

Dear friend, your site although has a good idea but was designed and maintained horribly. First of all your lack of space made your site impossible to enjoy since the songs were short. Second it was (is) very disorganized and I don't think many people would visit again. Might be lack of money, but regardless if you are thinking of making money, you have to design the site better and create a better experience. I would say again that the site was (is) horrible. Good luck anyways.


youtube video

by Anonymous_Flowers (not verified) on

who ever is talking in that video...well obviously the guy who runs IS REALLY SEXY!!!!!!

Reply to comment by Q

by on

Well, I'm getting ads about other topics as well. This is because now I'm hosting the content on a new domain that doesnt have the word Iran. What I do is that I redirect users that type to the new domain. Also in the new site, I am writing about additional topics, such as my travels around the world or technology, so the ads pick-up on those topics as well. Most importantly, I dont use farsi script and try to use Iran less frequently or write eyeran!

I dont know if google has classified "all" sites, but they did say that about my site. At least their AdSense people.





interesting solution

by Q on

I didn't realize google has already classified all websites. But isn't your content going to be about Iran? So you will still get Iran ads.