Iranian indian flavoured Music

Iranian indian flavoured Music

Pretty soon I am going to be off to India for the first time in my life. I'll be visiting Delhi, Agra, Gwalior, Orchha and Khajuraho. Anyone has any impressions or thoughts about these places? I am backpacking. No fancy hotels or organized tours.

I already messed up the vaccination part because one has to get the vaccines 1 and a half months before leaving to avoid reacions, which I didnt do.

Anyway, these days I am compiling the music I will take on my Walkman during the trip. It will be mostly indian pop music. It was hard to discover the right artists, but I did find couple I liked, but thats a different story.

Along with the indian material, I want to take with me some iranian pop with indian flavour.

For those of you who understand music, you know what I mean. Iranian pop music with indian tabla percussion, mid range tempo 100BPM to 124 BPM. Now I'm not being a purist, I know some of these are more "afghan" than "indian", but you get the idea. Here are some examples:

1. Soli - Hamadi Fill + Hal ke viraneh shodam (miravi)

2. Googoosh - Man aamadeham

3. Nooshafain - Nazanin E Ashegh

4. Betti - Jodaee (on her new album)

5. Nelli - ki bood Ki bood

6. Gitti - Geryeh ( dokhtari dareh geryeh mikoneh )

7. Saman - nameh

8. Mehrpouya - Aseman Migeryad emshab.


For those of you who understood what I meant, can you think of any additional iranian songs that have hindi flavor and tabla percussion, without having miki-mouse speed?

If so, let us know in the comments.




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