Impresions of FEZ part 1


I had wanted to go to Morroco for sometimes just so that I can say that I have seen it. Somehow the pictures I had seen did not convince me. Finally a month ago I reluctantly bought my airplain ticket to Fez.

I work fulltime. This combined with having little money means that you have to plan the trip yourself and on your bosses back and in a hurry before they catch you spending too much time on

I wanted a direct flight to Fez so I could skip going to Casablanca. I found a flight from Marseille France. The flight was unusually noisy. I arrived at 8pm. First surprise, the exchange office was closed. But I cant get to the town without local Dirhams. So someone told me to pull cash out of an ATM. Surprise number 2 was that at 8pm there are no longer buses to the city. So I had to take a Taxi! One thing about Morroco is that as a language for foregners they learn a few words of French. But nothing of English. The signs have arabic and French, but no English. And I cant even cout to ten in French. To the taxi driver I had to show a pictue of the Medina and tell him to take me to the place of the picture. This is amazing, I dont knoaw why the word Medina didnt ring a bell to him. The picture was of the Boujeloud. So we got driving. First impression of the drive was a positive surprise. The roud was very clean and well lit. The whole 15 kilometers was surrounded by olive treas which looked really cool at night since the trunk of the treas are painted with white paint.

The roads were not crowded at all and the outsicrts of the city were surrounded by luxury villas with gardens. It looked like pictures of Tehran from the 1960s. But less crowded. Then finally we stopped infront of the Boujeloud wich is the historic door to the Medina. There it was crowded.

I got out and strolled into the crowded Medina. At that very instant all my fears went away and I knew I had come to a cool place and that I was going to have fun. It looks way nicer than Cairo and Cleaner.

I will stop here since the French keyboard distribution is killing me.










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