Arrival in India


Arrival in India

My India experience has finally started.  The airplane arrived in Delhi and the first bumpy part of the trip started. I had planned to sleep in the airport before taking a local flight in the morning. But one quick look at the minusculous, noisy, fully lit arrival hall, I realized that I needed to figure a plan B really quickly. So quickly pulled out the Lonely Planet guide for help.

While touts surrounded my.  But thankfully I got a nice prepaid taxi.  But the road was scary, ugly, dusty, etc.

Which took me to sleep at a slightly overpriced hotel YMCA Triangle Family Hostel.

The only interesting thing was that from the hotel window the view was on a Sikh temple which unfortunately was fully functional all night!!

Next day I took a local flight. The Terminal 1B of their domestic airport is also minusculous and crowded. The whole airport domestic and international is a scary dusty mess. But the flight went well and I am now in "Khajuraho&lt", and the first beautiful part of the trip started. 

The  picture of this article is me in Khajuraho

Yes a happy smile even on my face is possible, even thought the temples can easily be seen in 1 day. So don't listen to people that say you need two days. The weather is nice. But obviously the temple area has no shades. The village of khajuraho, is really that: A village. You have pigs, cows  and dogs running wild. It only has two streets and the turists are local Indian tourist. Rather few white people.

The hotel had promised hot water. But then once there I find out its only hot from 7pm till 9pm.

What about in the morning, I ask?  Answer: No!

Tommorow, more surprises. The trip already has some surprises, as a train ticket I booked a month in advance keeps showing me in Waiting List!! So I need to figure out plan B.


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I am now in Gwalio. Crazy

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I am now in Gwalio. Crazy Crazy town. Not for the faint at heart. And the railway station is scary. And the cocept that they speak English, is NOT true. Not even the tourist office spoke English. Also it looks like Im the only tourist in town!!!

 This pic is of the calmest section in town, where there was a cow in the middle of the road.




I actually ended up in a Sikh temple trying to find an exit from the Gwalior fort, and a guy ran after me to hand me a scarf, because even guys cannot go in with their hair uncovered. An NOOO body spoke English. Not even broken English.


Orchha was a nice experience though. The river is amazing. See photo








Open your mind

by Abarmard on

Get out of the restrictions and definitions, such as "normal", and you shall see. It's healthy to get out of your comfort zone :)


Hey Dario....Welcome to India!

by Miny (not verified) on

In India you would see the world.....and with indians you would discover yourself more than you discover them.....Bon Voyage!!

P.S. .....u can get free accomodation in Gurudwaras(Sikh Temples) and free food too or maybe at very nominal cost...again its not some five-star thing but then its a facility i am talking of.....not everywhere but india and worldwide too...