Neda's Anniversary - This is our pledge!

by iranbrave

Pledge to your last heartbreaking gaze,

To the light of your innocent eyes,

To your pain, groan, cry and whimper,

So many prayers to mourn you,

So many kisses to your innocent whimpers.

Pledge to your defenceless chest,

To your honour and your grace,

We shall hear your call for eternity.

Pledge to your departure without your chance of saying goodbye,

To your beautiful face and your sweet essence,

We shall restore justice in your memory.

Pledge to your mother's aching heart,

Pledge to your father's excruciating pain,

To give our heart and life for your cause.

Pledge to your innocent soul,

To the redness of your spilled blood,

We shall keep the flame of your memory in our chests.

Pledge that you are in my soul,

You are the whisper of my conscience,

You are the light of my conviction...



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Dear Neda, you're in our heart forever

by Siavash300 on

Even after 2 years from the dramatic death of our beloved sister, tears fall from my eyes whenever I hear her name, NEDA 


'Accidental death'? like all

by Simorgh5555 on

'Accidental death'? like all Palestinians getting hit by sniper bullet or innocent Gazans used as human shields when Israel launched operation cast lead? Do you now agree Palestinians killed by Israelis were not deliberately targeted?
Pendar Neda's death was accidental to you because she was not Palestinian. Furthermore, I totally Caspian, Neda's fiance for going to Israel. This was a defiant gesture against the IR and great message to the world that the common enemy of Iranians and Israelis is the Islamic Republic.


Actually Amir, what Pendar Nik means

by Onlyiran on

is that her death was an accident because the homicidal IRI thug (pendar-e-nik's comrade) who fired the weapon was actually inteding to kill someone else--which would have been justified under Pendar and IRI's rules of engagement as that "someone else" was engaging in a protest against the holy regime, which in and of itself is just cause to have a bullet in your skull.  Unfortunately, the bullet hit Neda instead that "mohareb ba khoda and mofsed fil arz."  See, it all makes sense now. :-))  


Of Stalinist IRI Groupies

by AMIR1973 on

But remember that her accidental death while she was peacefully strolling in the street alongside her piano instructor can not symbolize our nation's struggle for freedom. 

I was under the impression that Neda's killing was the product of a conspiracy between Arash Hejazi, foreign media and intelligence agencies (specifically, British). Alternatively, the whole thing was a staged fake, and Neda is currently living somewhere in the West (perhaps not too far from our esteemed friend and Stalinist IRI Groupie, Comrade/Pendar-e Neek). Both "theories" have been advanced by the IRI's official mouthpieces. It would appear that yet another theory is being advanced on by another IRI mouthpiece, namely that her death was "accidental", i.e. due to an unintentional discharge of a firearm (or perhaps it was a traffic accident that killed her)?


Of Neda

by پندارنیک on

The exploitative use of the late Neda has to cease. It goes without saying that her death was, and forever will be, an unforgettable tragedy for her family and friends. But remember that her accidental death while she was peacefully strolling in the street alongside her piano instructor can not symbolize our nation's struggle for freedom. The fact that her fiance showed up in Israel some time after the tragedy has tarnished the whole picture even more.


Beautiful heartfet written

by Simorgh5555 on

Beautiful heartfet written poem. However, there is only one way women like Neda can avoid being killed. It won't be achieved by holding candle vigils, poems, pictures, wearing green writst bands, writing articles to 'reach out' and 'understand' the Basiji scums. Neda is our symbal but she wasn't the only wonderful young girl or boy killed in the prime of their youth. Thousands of Nedas WILL die as long as the Islamic Republic is still in power. This is a mathematical certainty. Please support military action against the IR. Destroying Basij and Sepah is the only way this can be achieved. 

Soosan Khanoom


by Soosan Khanoom on

The poem is amazingly beautiful and so heartbreaking ....I wish you had posted all the poem .....

 I can't watch the video ..I am afraid that it may have her image after the shooting ..I have only seen it once ... only once ... since then I have not let  myself to watch it again ..... I am still hunted by her innocent eyes .... 

Shame on IRI