When Love Knows No Bounds -- my love for the Father--through video

by i_support_khamenie

I remember the night before Imam Khomeini passed away. I was watching Iran State TV and they were asking people to pray for Imam's health. I remember vaguely a scene where worshippers were seated in large numbers in a mosque and saying Du'a.
Ah, I thought to myself, another Khomeini false health scare. They had predicted his demise and death more than 8 times in the country and newspapers I was residing in at the time.
The next morning I was woken up and told that the Imam had passed away. Ever since, I have lived with a guilt that perhaps had I, a 10 yr old kid at the time, prayed to God, Imam might have survived. Regardless of how some may ridicule me, but as a kid, I remember my prayers being answered.

Today, decades later, I feel the same about the Father Seyed Ali. I figure that most likely I would outlast him, given that I am much younger. I just can't see how I can live without the shadow of the Father.

Unfortunately, many people in the Iranian community automatically assume that to love Khomeini and Khamenie, one must be a hezbollahi. This is far far from the truth.

As I was surfing, I came across this video that I thought perhaps best shows my love for the Father.


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