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by i_support_khamenie

very short anime video by Micheal Dukock. Winner of an Oscar.

What emotions and feelings go through you when you watch this? Do you understand the symbolism? watch the little girl minute 1:18, how "pur az neshat and omid"

I first saw this on Iranian State TV, about 1 year ago ... life goes on ...

This is a short anime video by Fursy Teyysier.

What do you get or understand from this movie? Do you have any other explanations? What emotions, feelings and thoughts do you go through watching this video? What symbolism do you see?

Please refrain from reading below until you watch- don't ruin the symbolism -not just yet on yourself-!

Comment by Tusconology on YouTube:
"this film exemplifies the reason why motion picture is the most powerful and important art-form of the century. This film deals with not only loss but the stages a person/ child goes through when they lose someone. confusion, anger, denial and acceptance. "

"girl doesn't recognise man, but grandmother does. Grandmother holds on to her love for her husband until she joins him in afterlife. Girl recognises grandfather after he removes mask and no longer holds grandmother back from joining him" my comment


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Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Thank you.

PS. Michael Dudok.


I hope some people understand

by i_support_khamenie on

the feelings of the sons and daughters of so many of our martyrs in the Iran- Iraq who left behind their families for a noble cause...