Divide to Conquer

by Hajminator

In the art of distorting reality, there is a cunning ploy, called roobah vo domash: the target is followed by a clumsy gumshoe; she (Let's be feminist) discovers she is being tailed, easily shakes the tail off and goes on, feeling secure.  Beside her, there are other detectives who stick to her like glue and follow her to her perdition.  This is commonly called a “double tail” or domeh roobah.

Apparently, some of us were duped by such a ruse of a Zionist plot to infiltrate this site. This free Iranian blogoshpere is ostensibly open: everyone can be a blogger, add or edit any entry. This rule has a serious drawback: using this anonymity, a dedicated group may infiltrate the system by stealth, distort reality and create a false picture of the world in the eyes of us vatan-roondeha. The aim being to take hope and divide us on our beliefs.  The only reason I see to the simple question of "why?" is to take revenge. Revenge from Iranians in general as the only obstacle of their riped land to become an hegemony in the region is Ali gueda and Mahmood (Choobeh 2 sar g#### be ma migan)

So, if you don’t want to lose your freedom of speech, be aware of this foolish strategy known from the beginning of human history as Divide to Conquer.


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Dear Ma'at

by Hajminator on

Yes, there is good in every logical standing. No one knows everything on  everything and everyone can learn from a positive discussion.


Unfortunately, some can't express their views without anger, grief and crude expressions. I'm not saying we are all angels and every story has to finish like in Hollywood films. We have all different tastes and feelings but we can express them gently without standing squarely in front of different ideas than ours.


Attitude vs. Opinion

by Ma'at (not verified) on

Have you ever had a friend who has halitosis and you give hints but she just doesn't get it? Sometimes even when many people are giving hints she still doesn't get it. It can be the same way with communications with other people. A person can be caustic and downright rude believing this is the way to persuade others. The reality may be that she is alienating people who even share her views much like Jesse Jackson when he went to a community in Texas to represent the black community alleging that the town was racist. The black people in that town came out publicly and said the town was very good to black people and was not racist and that Jesse Jackson does not speak for them.

The same could be true with any cause whether it is Zionism, Islam etc. It may be that a person alienates so many people while believing she is the poster child for a given group of people when the reality is that they simply want her to be quiet or at least give serious thought to what she is saying because maybe she is doing more harm than good to their cause.


Kessikeh be ma ...

by Hajminator on

From Cyrus the Great, when he promised not to force any person to change his religion and faith and guaranteed freedom for all, and even before, our culture expanded each time people felt in secure and when there was a relative freedom of expression.

About what’s going on this site now days... there is nothing productive from redundant messages that IRI is the worse regime Iran had since long ago. Thank you, we already know it ...

Moreover, it is an absolute shame when the justification of outrageous comments accompanying most of these messages is because Cultures that try to shy away from this, no matter what nice poetic excuses they find, stop growing, and when a culture stops growing, it deteriorates.

When killing innocents, Hitler too, thought he was a benefactor of mankind.


How about you back your claims

by Zion on

When did I recommend genocide, and what exactly is "my rhetoric" you are alluding to here, and how does "my rhetoric" offer no solution but genocide? How am I acting like a tyrant and what "change" precisely have I been rejecting in the 21st century?
One last thing, it is cool to have problems with my ideas or my stances, but then that is what I expect anyone with respect to directly address. Talking about my "attitude" when you obviously have problem with my "opinion" is dishonest and disingenuous my friend.

Javad Yassari


by Javad Yassari on

Listen to yourself and follow your own advice:

 “…and when a culture stops growing, it deteriorates. Such attitude can bring forth only tyranny. I hope you take the time to ponder on this a bit.” 

This is precisely the problem with the culture and politics you defend, Zion.  Consider growing personally and politically.  Your rhetoric offers no solution other than genocide and it is not at all interesting to have a dialogue with someone who acts like a tyrant, defending a deteriorated ideology, and rejecting change in the 21st Century. 



by Zion on

I realize you are not used to such directness. I understand this, believe me. I know you prefer hearing nice stuff all the time, but I hope you realize too that being direct and frank with you is ultimately a mark of respect, respect paid to equals. The point of debates with the types you see in this website is not to make you feel good or provide you with a joyful pass time. Sometimes when dealing with the mob things get heated, there is no way out of it. Pardon me, but important is not how you feel about a debate, but about the truth. About standing for what is right. It is sometimes needed for some feelings to get hurt. Cultures that try to shy away from this, no matter what nice poetic excuses they find, stop growing, and when a culture stops growing, it deteriorates. Such attitude can bring forth only tyranny. I hope you take the time to ponder on this a bit.


Dear Javad,

by Hajminator on

I either don’t like the idea of conspiracy. It's something so weak and far from our heritage. But facts speak by themselves.

I’m really shocked when people, mightily claiming their belonging to a another mentality than we Iranians, come on this site and openly insult Iranians. I first thought that this is an isolated act of mentally disturbed individuals. I had no problems then, I admitted their intrusions as the freedom of speech of misunderstood persons.

But as you mentioned, these weeks things became worst. First, I noticed that these people changed attitudes with some of us that they treated by no sense words before. Then, I saw that their comments were relieved by Anonymous commentators whose rhetoric is as harsh as them. That reminded me Frank Capra's Why We Fight propaganda film, dealing with the Nazi conquest of Western Europe in 1940. Schematically, the purpose is what I described in the blog.

What I know is that if we stay and watch these warmongers poison our existence here we will soon close boutique and that I don’t particularly want.



Ebi jan,

by Hajminator on

It's a pleasure to see that we have the same concerns about what's going on here.

I think that you're right when you say that the right thing to post is something useful for discussion and exchange and I'm really sorry about the opposite that is happening. I'll surely read and give my impressions on your later posts.


Javad Yassari

Dear Hajminator

by Javad Yassari on

I don't subscribe to conspiracy theories.  I don't think a group of people can ever be THAT organized to pull anything big together!  However, I can say that just browsing through the comments on the site, though some issues pertaining to Palestinians, Israel, and Iran have always been hot topics, I had never seen the level of bad rhetoric on this site as I have been seeing over the past few weeks.

I think those who feel they are "defending" the Israeli position have not done a good job of proving their beliefs and promoting a good view about their positions.  I think the result has been quite the opposite, polarizing people and getting them to react in quite negative ways.  Certainly those users are not considered as my favorites anymore because in the heat of the discussion, they decided to turn vicious and rude, taking all the joy out of the discussion, while showing their true colors to me.  You know, the difference between a dialogue and a back alley fight is that one hopes at the end of a dialogue, the two debating sides will be able to leave and go home in one piece, their dinity in tact.  I haven't been able to see that difference in recent discussions on the site.  A pity.

Thank you for the interesting topic.

ebi amirhosseini

Hajminator aziz..

by ebi amirhosseini on

Very well said.


Ebi aka Haaji