HAFEZ: Anousheh Ansari vs. Chelo Kabab


HAFEZ: Anousheh Ansari vs. Chelo Kabab
by Hafez for Beginners




It has always baffled me that in 30 years of living in the US, the  Iranian-American community has produced jaw-dropping success "individually", while very little "collectively." 

The starkest comparison for me is Anousheh Ansari making it "individually" as the first female tourist (super proud of her) vs. "collectively" as a group, us not even having a single community center, and gathering around little charming road-side style chelo-kababi's (although very grateful for  the "Moby Dick" chain here in Washington, DC.)

I once presented this to Maz Jobrani. I don't know whether it was this thought or his own extrapolations, but a few weeks later,I was at an event where Maz Jobrani and Anousheh Ansari were on stage together. Maz was interviewing Anousheh. "So... Anousheh, is the next project for you Mars? Are we going to next see a "Moby Dick" - Mars?" in our lifetime?" The crowd roared with laughter. Maz is indeed bright and joyfully hysterical. But the joke was also really, really sad.

The amount of wealth that has been created by Iranians in the US is astonishing. We are literally rated as #1 in a recent Zogby Poll in terms of Education among 66 minority groups. But what do we have to show for it? Several chelo-kababis dotted around the United States? Do we have a beautiful community center in every town - a place where we can hold lectures, a place that has a theater for performances, has a gourmet restaurant to wow other cultures with our phenomenal cuisine, and more? No. Maz and Anousheh has to gather at George Washington University for the gathering. WE don't have a single place to even gather and celebrate our own home-made achievements. Oh dear.

HAFEZ: So, I turned to Hafez. "Hafez joon - what's the deal with this?" I found the below Beyt:

حدیث مدعیّان  و  خیال  همکاری  

همان حکایت  زردوست و بوریاباف است

Hadiss-eh moda'ee-an o khial-eh Hamkari

Haman hekayat-eh zar doost o boorya-baf ast

The notion of cooperation from the self-rightoues

Is as far fetched a union as that of the (wicker) mat-weaver and the gold-embroiderer 


Hafez is telling us to not expect cooperation from self-righteous zealots - those are the "moda'ee" usually. But in truth, the characters in these great success stories aren't self-righteous people. In fact, Individually, we are very honorable (well, mostly) -- Anousheh or  E-Bay's Omidyar  are not self-righteousness. (and I believe they both have contributed to foundatioons and academic research) Nonetheless, we have very little to show who we are communally. What on earth has caused this highly accomplished population to not cooperate one bit among themselves? 

My observations tell me that there's a lot of "goodness" in Iranians, and it is often extended to their families. But ask them to come together and do or create something with an outsider and collectively, it will fall apart. In no time. After 30 years - our "success" stories are all individual. We made it to SPACE "individually" !!! But we only have chains of chelo-kababi's where we can gather "collectively."

They say this has a lot to do with milenia of dictatorship. Zero trust in society, outside of your own blood line. Whatever the reason, it's tragically sad. Here's to us embracign the "change" our entire history so deeply needs. 


PAAIA Feature on "Learning from Hafez in DC": (Interview and YouTube clip)



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Hafez for Beginners

thanks for proving the point of the Blog!

by Hafez for Beginners on

So much nit-picking here over some "fine" points:

1.HAMKARI: several Hafez texts cite "Hamkari" .Khanlari's version is "Hamkaran" - but Khanlari also points to two other texts that use "Hamkari" in his "Ekhtelaf-eh Noskeh-ha." One of those alternate texts is by Heravi, which is what I used. 

2. There are 2 parallels: Moda'ee/ Hamkari or Hamkaran   and  Wicker weaver / Gold embroiderer.  Hafez often runs these prallels - and is pointing to the two contrasts: one of the wicker weaver's claims to be a gold emboiderer (which is from a traditional story) and the other being the same schism that exists between Hamkari/Hamkaran and the Self righteous (Moda'ee.) Bottom line is that for Hafez, he sees himself as aligned with the "Hamkaran" who do "Hamkari" - vs. the self-righteous who live by the "my way or the high-way paradigm."

So much fighting here over something - the gyst of which is still correct in this Blog - Instead of coming and opening up the discourse, resorting to "you're an idiot who doesn't know what they're talking about" tones.  Wow!! What a community - the toxic comments here  actually proved the whole point of the Blog. If you had allowed for some cooperation "hamkari" , or considered the Blog a companion "hamkaran", then you would have enriched it with your comments and the discussion over its nuances.

I am pleased that some did "get" it and enjoyed the post.  


First of all, Hamkari or Hamkaran are NOT the "Moda'ee."   Hamkaran - is positive and is referenceing those cooperating with Hafez, Hamkaran-eh Hafez. The fact that he is contrasting a good thing (Hamkaran) with a bad thing (Moda'ee) is very clear and is paralleled in the 2nd Mesra' when contrasting the Gold and Whicker embroiderers.  So, I do recommend before attempting to correct the Blog and lash out accusations,  going to a few of the books on Hafez and reviewing the Beyt.

Secondly, I LOVE using Hafez in my Blogs. In answer to you being annoyed that I  use and get inspired by Hafez in these Blogs, the last time I checked, it was  a free country. You don't like them, it's simple, don't read them. The Blogs do seem to bring pleasure to many.  When you pop up and correct "errors" - that's your free choice too. However, how come you don't come and say anything when there'e absolutely no spelling error, no typo,  or room for an interpretation dispute? It is in very poor tatse to make accusations about my Blogs or any person's views being "wrong"  - and not back them up with evidence. I invite you to come and complain about 10 major mistakes in 10 separate Hafez Blogs, and maybe then I'll consider no longer posting. Until then, I recommend refraining from throwing such sweeping accusations without consistent back up.  Thank you. 


You know the answer

by bahmani on

Sorry to read you are proud of Ansari and Omidyar. Ansari did a selfish act, and Omidyar is less Iranian as Andre Aghassi.

Since you admire her most, look up Ansaris ill gotten gains and follow the money and lawsuits. You will be surely disappointed then.

As to why Iranians don't commune? We simply don't know how. 2500 years of being sheep has a way of sticking to our psyche.

But you know this. You know we are only biding our time until another dictator tells us what to do. Then we will begin to talk behind his (never her) back until he falls from power.

And the cycle begins again. Sounds sad? Don't feel sorry for us. We don't.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //brucebahmani.blogspot.com/


Great observation

by rbnfl on

Thank you for a very nicely written article with great observations.



by Mehrban on

Be honest for once.   Even if the mistakes were typos, your interpretation of the ghazal or the beyt was completey wrong and this is not the first time.  

Your interpratation was not only wrong but it was the opposite of what the beyt and ghazal are all about.  

Hafez has said nothing about cooperation in this verse or ghazal.  

I too left Iran when I was sixteen and I too went to a foreign primary school, so what?    

Soosan Khanoom

Ghahr ? !! who me ? Couldn't be :)

by Soosan Khanoom on

I always read your blogs but sometime I get carried away and miss to leave any comment.  Sorry about that.  

This site needs people like you.... It needs poetry lovers cause people with poetic hearts are the ones who make this place more exciting and worth the time.  

Afsaneh Jan, as you have mentioned, you have been very successful with your Hafez classes. That is quite an achievement and something to be proud of.  

I live in Philly. I will shoot you at email whenever I decide to come to DC so I can join one of your classes.  

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Soosan Khanoum: Oh... I've been thinking for the longest time you're "ghahr" or something because you had disappeared.

Yes, I did leave Iran age 13, and in those 13 years, I went to an American School where I only studied Persian one hour a day. So go figure! My love of HAFEZ would be the same if I spoke Swahili or Japanese. And I've been studying him since 2006 - and actually teach over 50 of his Ghazals - the goal being to have all 500 (appx.) ready for teaching purposes in 2-3 years. (Each Ghazal is taught via an 8 page handout - the students, including American PhD Candidates in Persian - "love it!") One American changed his PhD focus to focus more on "Persian" as a result of the class, and another American studying Persian now uses Hafez to inspire the lyrics he uses in his Music Band. The Iranians (over 120 at last count) attending have also been mostly supportive -  the clencher coming from Parvaneh Bahar (daughter of Malek'o Shoara) who wrote me a reference to use as "armor" against the community. Praise from Iranians on this Blog, and in life in general is scarce. And that's fine... But this stream of accusations over a Typo? Oh dear!

Our community spews venum at anyone who raises their head - "sar boland mikoneh" - and if Anousheh Ansari gets it, who am I to complain over a little HAFEZ Blog? In a way, this proves the whole point of this particular Blog. Zero cooperation, affection for anything constructive. I think it's a deep psychological issue as for milenia all leaders were dictators, so anyone who gets up - (even to go to the toilet) is torn down, out of fear. That's my take.

The "typo" Wars - were sad. Hurtful, too. And so mean spirited. Sometimes I think: "I love Hafez despite being Iranian, not because of it." !!

Thanks for your little appearance. :- ))  I actually needed it. 

Soosan Khanoom

Afsaneh Jan,

by Soosan Khanoom on

I admire your love of Hafez.  You are younger than many of us here  and you have been outside of Iran since childhood;  yet, still you study Hafez in Farsi.  I hate to admit but I have even difficulty reading hafez in Farsi yet alone comprehending it, And  I got my high school Diploma from Iran !!!   

Looking forward to read more of your contributions on the topic of Hafez.  

: ) 

Hafez for Beginners

Oh Dear!

by Hafez for Beginners on

Zar dooz and Zar doost were "typos":  For the person accusing me that I must have gotten it wrong and now I'm covering myself: Listen, I have no problem when I make a mistake to admiting it. This one was a mere typo! The original Blog attests to this  by virtue of my translation right there: "mat weaver" !!!-- I would have translated it as "mat-lover" or "mat's friend" otherwise.  I think an IQ higher than 4 would see that... but no... the community has to find something, anything, to come and bark. So disappointing. Utterly sad and disturbing stuff. But in a way, the whole point of the Blog! As for the "Hamkar" - and the two Hamkari vs. Hamkaran, I've outlined the best explanation I could below. Yes, I'm "an idiot who shouldn't dare bring Hafez to this site" - well, if that's your position, just don't come to the Blog if that thought makes you happy. But please, try being Happy - the hatred subsides when you are!

SERIOUSLY: So sad to see so much nastiness. And Iranians wonder why they lost their country? I think the last few posts here have proven the entire point of the Blog. Thanks for helping me with that!

Anglophile: You're showing your "Anglo" (ie. cool) colors here. Thanks for stepping in, and being level-headed, as this started to get really ridiculous.  

THANK YOU ALL: For your contributions. I think this was an interesting Blog. See you soon with more HAFEZ and COMPANY. The next one is one very dear to me... so watch this space! And come and throw mud, even. Heck - that was the whole point of this Blog.



خانما! آقایون! اسدالله! بابا یه رحمی یه انصافی



ما اینهمه خون دل‌ خوردیم تا این افسانه خانم بالاخره پس از یه مدت غیبت صغری برگشتند حالا هم ایشون اومدن  بر اساس آموخته‌ها و تعابیر خودشون یه مطلبی رو  با ما درمیون بگذارن. خوب این که دیگه دعوا نداره. حالا گیرم همکاران شد همکاری. آدم که نمیاد بر سر این چیزا دعوا کنه. من میگم همگی‌ بیأیید روی همو ببوسید و یه صلوات بفرستید و آشتی‌ کنین بریم منزل شراب میرزا چلو کباب مهمون بنده (ایشون برعکس اسداله که از شازده‌های مفلس هست از قضا سفره شون پهنه). خلاصه همکاران عزیز خواهش می‌کنم یه موقع  همکاری نکنید که خدای نکرده غیبت صغری بشه غیبت کبری.


حالا از ما گفتن.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Dear Flying Solo and Mehrban

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Mehrban khanom: perhaps the writer should be forgiven, if she subscribes to the same school of thought as me: "facts should not get in the way of truth".

Flying solo dear: your eloquence is astounding, and simply makes me yearn for your blogs and articles ... can we have more, please?


حکایت زردوز و بوریا باف است


من نمیدانم چرا افسانه اگر می‌خواهد حرفی‌ بزند اصرار دارد که پایِ حافظ را بمیان بکشد.  خانم محترم اگر می‌خواهید بگویید که ایرانیان با هم متحد نیستند خوب بیاید و آن را صاف و پوست کنده بگویید.  برای چه این تفسیرهای من در آوردی را از حافظ بیچاره که بیش از ششصد سال است مرده و نمی‌تواند بیاید و بگوید بابا اصلا حرف من این نبود چاپ می‌کنید.

اینجا همکاران اصلا به معنای "همکاری" (cooperation) نیست و به معنای حریف است که همان "مدعیان" هستند که همان "بوریا بافان" باشند که به تخیل خود زرّ بافند (زرّ دوزند) و به تخیل خود کارشان با زردوزان یکیست اینجا "همکار"  به معنای  داشتن یک نوع کار (حرفه) است.    

 حدیث مدعیان و خیال همکاران

همان حکایت زردوز و بوریا باف است  

 شازده درست میگوید.

به اضافه، خواجه در این غزل به وضوح میگوید "ببر ز خلق" که کاملا برعکس حرفیست که شما میخواهید در دهانش بگذارید.  

Flying Solo

Typos and Interpretations

by Flying Solo on

Khanoum Mirfendereski:

I am not a scholar of Hafez nor of the Persian language. I can attest to the fact though that zardooz and zardoost cannot possibly be typos.  The beyt you quoted confused me until clarification was provided by Shazde.  Furthermore your errors on hamkaran and hamkari and, infinitely more importantly, the placement of the beyt in context was pointed out to you. Why do you insist that you have been insulted when all that has been done is to enlighten you?

Might it not have been more appropriate that, in the spirit of cooperation, one which you allege the Iranian community at large to be lacking, to accept the correction with humility?    "man eshtebah kardam" is a lot more genuine and goes much further to buy you credibility as a 'hafez lover'  than pretending that your error was a typo or that hamkari and hamkaran come from different versions, in effect dismissing the correction which your blog desperately needs.  Good teachers also need to be good students.  

As for the content of your blog, perhaps reaching into the history of your country in greater detail would provide you the answers.  It might give you pause to ponder the role of nature and nurture and it may shed light on the success of the likes of Ansari and Omidyar who did not get where they are as lone rangers.  

I am sorry to say that I find your analogy to a despotic parental figure anemic and its extrapolation to the Iranian populace, quite irrelevant. Many children of controlling parents do rather well and turn out to be infinitely more malleable and cooperative than those of doting parents.  I will add that psychology is not a definitive science, nor its relation to sociology a straight line with a fixed gradient across centuries. But I will give you that, as we say in persian, 'mosht nemooneh kharvar' the family unit is representative of the society it is part of.

Your excellent point is that change starts with the individual. I try and remind myself every morning when I look in the mirror and highly recommend the practice. My dear lady, a dose of humble pie will go a long way to make you a brilliant tutor.  Do partake.

Your avid reader. 

Hafez for Beginners

Thanks again !!

by Hafez for Beginners on



THANKS AGAIN: For more interesting opinions and insights.


Shazdeh: "Hamkaran" and "Hamkari" are both cited depending on which version of the Divan you read. (I'm using Khanlari, Khorramshahi and Heravi)

The point I drew attention to was the Word Stem: "Hamkar"
- whether it is the "Hamkaran" or "Hamkari" version. One version, if you choose "Hamkari", comes across as: "the story of the self-righteous and thoughts of cooperation." Another version, if you choose "Hamkaran", comes across as "the story of the self-righteous and the thoughts of cooperators" A subtle difference, yes: but Hafez is still contrasting those who cooperate (his ilk) to the self-righteous who don't. The theme of cooperation vs. lack of cooperation was the theme of the Blog.   Thank you for your comment - I was disappointed  in the necessary for it to be insulting, but it did give me the opportunity to  further expand on the "Hamkari" vs. "Hamkaran" term - and the shared and all-important stem: HAMKAR.

THANKS AGAIN: Lots of interesting opinions here, thank you again! 


What is really sad is for someone to see this

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

trend in Iranians, be a reader of the great poet/philosopher hafez and really not know the definitive answer as to why Iranians suffer from this social inability to co-operate, create harmony, relate well with one another.

One could ask how can one in fairness expect a good leader to step up and serve Iranians like the late shah did, if after all his caring, sharing, developing, progress, peace, human rights, those in opposition to him decided to disingenuously lie and exagerate him personally and represent him as 1) Dictator 2) Corrupt 3) Torturer 4) Repressive.

The Peace, Progress & Human Rights his team achieved were in opposition to what the west wanted to do for the region and in fact is doing right now.

Hafez answered this problem and the root of its causes, that is why goethe was quoted as saying when I read Hafez and understood him, that is the first time I ever experienced and Understood God. 

The great pity is that Iranians don't even know the teachings of their own philosophers/poets and while the rest of the world is enjoying what we know as the era of science and the renaissance, Iranians are being destroyed to pieces by extremists presenting themselves as servants of god. 



Shazde Asdola Mirza

Hafez seems to be dear to you, but 1st try more to know him

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

ببر ز خلق و چو عنقا قیاس کار بگیر

که صیت گوشه نشینان ز قاف تا قاف است

حدیث مدعیان و خیال همکاران

همان حکایت زردوز و بوریاباف است

خموش حافظ و این نکته‌های چون زر سرخ

نگاه دار که قلاب شهر صراف است

Reading the verses just above and below the verse that you incorrectly copied, shows that Hafez is not actually advocating collaboration with the lower types, but on the contrary: staying away from the unworthy!


So let us find unity in our unique character: disunity!

by anglophile on

در خلاف آمد عادت بطلب کام که من

کسب جمعیت از آن زلف پریشان کردم

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

Shazdeh Asdola Mirza: Thanks for pointing to the repeat TYPO. Indeed - it is "zar-dooz", and not "zar-doost" (obviously!) / ie. the "gold embroiderer".

And the comparison between the one who weaves with Gold vs. the one who weaves Wicker - Hafez brings up as a parallel that reflects the schism between the self-righteous and those who "yari"/ cooperate.  

Hafez for Beginners

Thanks All Again / "Change"

by Hafez for Beginners on

Thanks All Again: For more interesting posts. If we did put our Egos aside, I think we would all agree that "hambastegi" didn't just suddenly disappear in 1979. 

They say if you want to see "change" you have to "change" yourself, first. We are much better at pointing to other's errors, rather than looking at our own. Very little of substance has been achieved "collectively" after living 30 years in the US. That fact happened in a Democracy - so no excuses, there! No finger pointing to this or that bogey man!  

This is a deep psychological issue - and I hope that some in the community work on the "change" from within that is so desperately needed. Thanks again, for the interesting insights.


The self-righteous bubble!

by MM on

The point that confirms Hafez's beyt is the fact that there are a gazillion Iranian-Americans living in California (*),  while not a single representaive in the US congress.  Compare that to the American Jews who compose 1% of the US population while representing 8% of the legislators.

What we do best is to play in pissing contests (your way is bad) and spitting contests (my way is better). Poor Ms. Ansari was criticized severely, even in IC, when she tried to help out Iranian-Ameican organizations last year.  So, I don't blame her for sticking with Chelo-kabab, since that is the only common subject we all agree on, unless of course if one is an Iranian vegetarian.

(*) the latest census data puts a much smaller face on the actual counted numbers, but we are also good at hiding our true culture and put down "white" as the ethnic background.

As Mehrdad says "hambastegi is the key".


بقول هادی خرسندی



ما ایرونیا هیچ وقت اتحاد نداشتیم یه بار هم که اتحاد داشتیم خمینی رو آوردیم سر کار!!  بعد هم خودش جواب خودشو میده:




why wait Mr Mousa?

by مآمور on

I loved your idea of having falfal booths and your choice of location is also very genuine!!

let me give u a piece of business advice- I m a post business graduate which was my last dream last night- u need to be faster than this! otherwise other brothers Zionists will take over the falafal market and will leave no room for u!!

I can help u by getting u enter the market right now and have a upper hand over the 'Z' Co !!

we need falfal right now!! not after Bagdad meeting!! 

I wear an Omega watch

Shazde Asdola Mirza

همان حکایت زردوز و بوریاباف است

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Zardooz (not zardoost): high-level master making gold embroidery.

Boriabaaf: low-level basket weaver.

As for the effects of 1979 to now: you don't have to be born before the revolution ... just need an open mind and a bit of perception.

But then again ... PAAIA ... can be a dark lense to see through!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

she lives in plano suburb of dallas,texas.

yesI'm proud of her succes&achievments

But As the author suggested chelo kabab and..........



فضا بوی بادوم سوخته میده!



Anousheh Anasari in one of her first interviews after returning from the space, and in response to the question "What was the first thing that caught your eyes up there" said, "Space smelled like burnt almonds!"

I am of the opinion that she wanted to say, "Space smelled like burnt Tahdig" but she then had to explain to the interviewer what Tahdig was which would have made her point very complicated.

This simple incident proves one more time that in Iranian culture Tahdig, Chelo Kabab, Doogh and Hafez occupy important positions.

Thank you Afsaneh. We were all either too young or too naive back in 1979. 


Hafez for Beginners

Thank you - All

by Hafez for Beginners on

Thank you - All:  For your interesting feedbacks. I'm too young to remember, but I don't believe adult "Hambastegi" suddenly disappeared in 1979... 

I believe lack of societal trust among Iranians is a very, very deep national issue that is centuries old - if not longer. In psychology, when a child has been abused by an authoritative figure like their parent, they will be forever  mis-trusting of all. I think we have the national version of that. It's very sad. 

I can't "show off" who we are to my American friends, no offense to the chelo-kababis I adore. If a $$$$ Iranian is reading this, I belong to the architecture Iranian-Amerian community, and I have a dream of having a beautiful community center, with fountains, tilework (not kitsch), party rooms, lecture theaters, cafe and restaurants, concert hall. Lots of "land lots" that are up for grabs for construction projects in Washington DC, too.

PERSIAN HERITAGE at the SMITHSONIAN: By the way, another good example of "individual" vs. "collective" acts in our community. Let's look at the wonderful No-Rouz Event at Sackler - part of the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC, that has been held since 2009.  I mean you couldn't get more prestigious than that - celebrating Persian New Year at the US's most prestigious museum.  But, and a very big BUT, when you read the fine print, every year it has been through ONE donation. Never a list of 10 wealthy Iranians coming together, just ONE family doing it alone. We always do it alone. I've heard even in soccer!

Progress isn't sustainable like that, surely. Thank you again for the varied and interesting insights.

Oon Yaroo

Iranians had many elegant and exquisite buildings and properties

by Oon Yaroo on

elegant and exquisite buildings and properties in very exclusive locations in and around Washington D.C.

They included the ex-Iranian embassy structure right on Massachusetts Ave. and several large and expensive houses in that area that held various ceremonial and formal parties and embassy receptions before 1979.

There were rumors that one of the main buildings (i.e., Funger Hall) at GWU was built by the late Shah!?

As Shazdeh very succinctly put it, Iranians in US one night after seeing the image of Ayatollah Khomeini on the moon, decided that they didn't want all that luxury and modernity, so they gave it up!

Also, their counter parts in Iran wanted to terminate their relationship with US so they decided to invade its embassy in Tehran!

That resulted in US kicking out the so-called IRR diplomats and confiscated the Iranian properties in D.C. and the rest is history as we know it.

But, there is actually a happy ending to this and that is that IRR has a building outside of D.C. in Maryland where it holds varioues religious rituals (e.g., seeneh zani, zanjeer zani, ghameh zani for Ashora, Tasoa, Ramezan, and others..)

The question is why don't Iranians gather there to celebrate their rich cultural heritage, no sarcasm intended!?


hafez & chelo koobab are my top two iranian favorites.

by mousa67 on

in fact i often frequent a koobab joint near where i live where the proprietor recites hafez in hebrow, english, arabic and broken farsi all at no extra cost whilst serving his delicacies. my third iranian favorite is the shahyad square in tehran where i am intending to set up my own felafel joint after the regime change in tehran. 


Good points!

by Albaloo on

Good points!

Nader Vanaki

ایرانی های ساک سِس فول

Nader Vanaki

اولاً من اصلاً انوشه انصاری را در کنار پییر امیدیار قرار نمیدم چون انوشه ایرانییه و اون یکی در عمرش وارد خاک ایران نشده.  انوشه در مصاحبه هاش فارسی صحبت می کنه و از ایران میدونه، اون یکی یکبار هم به ایران اشاره نکرده.

ایرانی های واشینگتن خیلی وضعشون خوبه و توی بیزنس موفقند و باید یک سالن داشته باشن برای مراسم، حالا هرچی باشه.  معماریش هم باید ایرانی باشه و همچنین آشپزخونه مجهز برای پخت غذای ایرانی منظورم تنور، کباب پزی، و برو تا آخرش. 

راست میگه همش نمیشه توی کباب پزی قرار و مدار گذاشت.

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Perhaps, because we have lost our moral center, our self esteem?

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

When I first came to the US of A in 1970's, one of the key differences between us Iranians versus other nationals, was the fact that we mostly stuck together.

Even in the university cafeteria, you could always spot the "persian" table ... loud and proud. There were Iranian Student Associations (ISA) in most campuses, which were quite active and popular.

Unfortunately, the collapse of 1979 (Islamic Anghollab) robbed us of hopes and aspirations. Even worse, the madness of 444 days of Hostage taking, followed by 8 years of barbaric war with Iraq, made most of us ashamed of even admitting to be Iranian ... let alone celebrating it.

Add the general Islamic profile collapse after 9/11, and you can see why there is such a strong centrifugal force, throwing us away from Iran and its current Islamist logo.

Internally and psychologically, we have also lost our moral center, and a respectable self-image, necessary for communal love.

Can this 33 years of downfall and degradation come to an end? Only a legendary Persian sage can "will" such a rabbit trick, as Hafez did after the Mongol invasion.


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