God's Plan?


by ghalam-doon

We were standing in the middle of a sea of people, many thousands, like a pack of sardines. So we were standing in frigid cold weather in front of the Israeli consulate. Riot police were everywhere. They had covered all the angles. They were standing facing us, some of them were chatting with the demonstrators.

We were all standing in the freezing weather, perhaps 10 below because there was nothing else that we could do. We knew bombs and missiles were falling on Gaza. We knew people were dying, WE KNEW IT WAS WRONG. But there was nothing that we could do.

So we were standing in the cold weather. Thousands of us. Because there was nothing that we could do. We were powerless. We were helpless. But still, we were trying to make sense out of the whole situation. 

We were shouting, throwing insults at Israel. We were singing about “unity” and "power of people" and all that. But we all knew these are only empty words. These are just to keep us warm, to stop the numbness.    

Nothing that we were doing there could stop the Israelis; nothing could stop the atrocities. Nothing could make them to stop killing children. We were helpless.

George Bush could pick up the phone and stop the whole damn shebang but he wouldn’t do it.  

I looked at the people faces. I looked in their eyes and I saw the same feeling of  helplessness in every eye, in every face.

What the hell is going on? For how long are we supposed to take this B.S.? For how long should we watch those little bloody faces. For how long?  This is wrong. THIS IS WRONG.   

I was watching this program on  TV tonight. Pat Robertson was talking about prophesy. He was saying that this is God’s plan. The land belongs to Jews. So they should annihilate the devil i.e. Palestinians. Apparently he talks to God and receives instructions from him.

But Pat Robertson is wearing a suit. He looks very respectable. He does not look like one of those crazy mullahs with long beards and funny clothes. He looks respectable, grandfatherly, with a big, nice smile.  So he can spew this venom on TV and get away with it. Children are dying and he says it's God's plan for Jews. A whole population should be annihilated so the prophecy comes true.

And he said it was wrong to stop Israel.

Perhaps that's the reason George Bush doesn't pickup that damn phone. He might believe in the same God and the same plan.

So this IS God’s plan. I see. Case closed.



No it is not God's plan

by haghighatjoo (not verified) on

Dear Ghalam-doon,
No it is not God's plan, you and I and all the rest of the people decide what we want to do... our will is in our own hands.
It's like coming to a crossroads; you have a choice to turn right or left or go straight, you choose and take the path you want to take. But God knows what may become of you on the way if you make mistakes or not.
On your path you can behave as a wicked, detestable and evil person and kill and maime and take all for yourself and a lot more even horendous acts.... or you can be a benevolent kind and moral person and behave as a true human being is meant to behave.... OR you can be soemwhere in between...(usually where most of us are) the choice is placed upon our shoulders.
That is why it is so hard.
Take care.


don't lose hope

by IRANdokht on

There is no divine plan for anything. Every religion says God gave man free will to make his destiny.

It takes real men and women's will to stop the doom from happening.

Thanks for doing your part! This "plan" will only happen if people lose hope and the will to change it.

thanks for the blog.