What price Palestine

by Fred

"Due to international norms and our commitments [to them], an opportunity does not present itself for us to fulfill our primary duty towards Palestine. But, we are counting the moments till the domineering countries make a wrong move which would give us the legal excuse to retake the occupied lands.”

The above quote is from “Brigadier General” Mohammad Reza Naghdi the commander of the Basij paramilitary force of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Because of his close relationship with the Head Rapist Khamenei and his unabashed call for imposition of maximum savagery on the opponents of IRR, the Iraqi born Naghdi is a familiar face to Iranians and Iran watchers.

Two questions:

What does Palestine has to do with Iran for one of IRR’s highest military officials announcing their impatience to be provided with “the legal excuse to retake the occupied lands”?

To achieve their goals in “retaking” Palestine, what price are these nuke acquiring messianic Islamists willing to impose on Iran and Iranians?   





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by AMIR1973 on

Truth be told, you really haven't demonstrated an ability to engage in competent discourse.

This from the guy who defends the IRI's public executions and makes up facts about the IRI's military "achievements". Oh yeah, you're credible alright.

As history has amply demonstrated, the opinion of the "Arab street" changes from one day to the next. Like I said, they are expressing rage at Danish cartoons one day, support for Saddam (a mass killer of Iranians one day), IRI the next day, and the attacks of September 11 the next.


Poor Palestinians

by thexmaster on

They're just simply pawns for the IRI to create this image of themselves as these heroic muslims in the ME.  The truth is, Payrooz and the IRI don't give a damn about them.  As Payrooz has already implied, the success in the Palestine policy is measured by image and not based on how well off the Palestinians actually are.   It's all superficial, no substance.

Sargord Pirouz

Well, I take it you haven't

by Sargord Pirouz on

Well, I take it you haven't taken the time to read the results of the Arab public opinion poll. There is no reference to "the devil" in it.

By the way, the US spends many hundreds of millions of dollars on Arab PR, so it is an important issue from an American perspective, and not something to so whimsically dismiss.

But I realize, Amir, that your presence here is pretty much restricted to emotional outbursts and fall-back silliness. Truth be told, you really haven't demonstrated an ability to engage in competent discourse.


Whatever makes the Phony Sargord happy :-)

by AMIR1973 on

Many Arabs may think America is the Devil. Who cares? If it makes you happy to have the support of such ignorant and backwards elements of the Arab world, then so be it. Saddam also had the so-called "Arab street". A lot of good it did him. But if it soothes West-residing IRI Groupies like yourself, who am I to get in the way of that? Whatever makes you happy, Phony Sargord. Cheers  .-)

Sargord Pirouz

Amir, you're simply venting

by Sargord Pirouz on

Amir, you're simply venting your own personal frustrations, again.

I mentioned the poll, being a result of Iran's successful Palestine policy. Contrast that with the negative results of that same poll, as applied to the US and its Palestine policy. Clearly, Iran is winning over this important cross-regional group, through its policies.

You make not personally like hearing this, or you may not personally feel that this important, but you're wrong. And the data is there to be crunched.



by AMIR1973 on

Dear Phony Sargord,

Since different West-residing IRI Groupies frequently will cite the same lame nonsense over and over again, let me say what I stated the first time this claptrap was mentioned:

"The so-called "Arab street" blows with the wind. One day, they support Saddam and chant "With spirit, with blood, we shall sacrifice ourselves for you, O Saddam" (but it could just as easily be Bashar Asad or Qaddafi or whomever, depending on the day of the week). Do they even know or care that Saddam killed many hundreds of thousands of Arabs and other Muslims? The next day they will support the IRI that fought the same Saddam they were chanting for the day before. The next day they will cheer that the Twin Towers in NYC have been destroyed and thousands of Americans have been killed. The only thing they know is "Death to America" and "Death to Israel". Unless they don't happen to like some cartoons. In which case, there will be deadly riots in Muslim countries and they will set the Danish embassy on fire (over a bunch of cartoons). When the Arabs own leaders, whether in Syria, Sudan, Egypt, Jordan or Libya, don't care or listen to their people, why should non-Arabs?"

Sargord Pirouz

Did you see the latest

by Sargord Pirouz on

Did you see the latest results of the Arab Public Opinion poll? (of course you did)

Looks like Iran's Palestine policy is paying off spectacularly well, in the greater ME region.

Try spinning or misquoting that, Fred. 


Fred, dont worry about the utterings

by mahmoudg on

of cock roaches like him.  If Israel and the US decide (which it is the works) to remove this Rapist Republic, by force, which is the only way, then you will see that Naghdi and the rest of the goons of the IRI will scurry about like rats deserting a sinking ship.  it is then that people like us will retake our beloved Persia from the hands of the Rapist Islamists and guide it back into the greatness it deserves.  I am sure millions of other Iranians will do the same and we can once and for all relegate Islam into people's hearts and privacy as opposed to the forefront where it does NOT belong.