Trita's secret

by Fred

Ever since Istanbul meeting between 5+1 and the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), there are lots of talks about resolution to the nuke crisis.

Although IRR and few lobbyists frame the crises as rooted in the peace loving Islamists trying to break, as they claim, the regional nuclear hegemony of the warmongering Israel, the facts on the ground do not support this premise.

The regional states like the Saudis have a declared policy of going nuclear should Islamist Rapists do so, a position they’ve never taken vis-à-vis Israel.

In fact, the historic enmity between the Iranians and Arabs beats the manufactured rivalry with Israelis by a factor of gazillion.

In other words, those who advocate a “grand bargain” in which IRR is accepted as a nuke-ready state are, at best, suffering from tunnel vision.

One sobering fact which is dismissed out of hand by the “Grand Bargain” advocates is that a nuke-ready IRR would mean the North Korea model, Iranians kissing the hope of emancipation from the tyranny of Islamist rule goodbye.

However, the fact treated as a big secret which they don’t like to talk about it at all is the undemocratic, violence prone and unstable rulers in the Meddle East packing nuke is the immediate outcome of their "Grand bargain."

Just picture this, legions of rabidly anti-West, Iranian & Jew hating Bin Ladens being a palace coup away from having nuke.


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Dr. Mohandes

Oghdei LOL

by Dr. Mohandes on



Isn't it cute Groupies of IRI killers,rapists call others OGHDEI

by AMIR1973 on

Naturally enough, vomiting up the propaganda of an anti-Western, anti-Iranian terrorist tyranny while living like a parasite in the Imperialist West rather than in the Islamist hell isn't OGHDEI behavior. To the Islamist pedophiles I say: Yeah right!


Exposing Truth = Stalking & More!!!

by Demo on

No wonder Israelis' Victorias are so afraid to be exposed as underneath of their 'deceptive coverings' exists layers after layers of 'ugliness!' And any truth teller with a tiny hint of their real natures is immediately being labeled as 'stalker,' 'anti-semite,'holocaust denier,' 'nazist,' & now 'pedophile!' Carry on!

PS: The right on the points nailings of the 'Debunked' won't go into these OGHDIES exciles' heads even if they are hammered in! 


 I think Terita can

by vildemose on

 I think Terita can qualify as a Victoria secret Model if he plays his cards right...hahha

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.



by hass on

1- The Arab who said that Saudi Arabia would go nuclear was not an official and was speaking on his own behalf.

2- Other Arab countries already have their own nuclear programs (Egypt violated its safeguards and there are still unexplained traces of Highly Enriched Uranium found in Egypt.)

3- If you're worried about "legions of rabidly anti-West Bin Ladens being a palace coup away from having nuke" then look no further than Pakistan.

4- Jack Straw specifically said that the Saudis told him that they would NOT go nuclear:

"I hope that we hear less of the suggestion that were Iran to get a nuclear weapons capability, there would automatically be an arms race in the middle east. I do not believe that. A senior Saudi diplomat said to me, “I know what we’re saying publicly, but do you really think that having told people that there is no need for us to make any direct response to Israel holding nuclear weapons, we could seriously make a case for developing a nuclear weapons capability to deal with another Muslim country?”

5- What the hell does this have to do with Trita Parsi? Millions of Iranians want improved relations with the US except for some OGHDEI exiles. 


Nice that Fred's stalkers have hobby other than Brazil's pools

by AMIR1973 on

And these include exposing both themselves to underage Brazilians and exposing Victoria's Secrets! Carry on  .-) 


Victoria's Secrets!

by Demo on

"However, the fact treated as a big secret which they don’t like to talk about it at all is the undemocratic, violence prone and unstable rulers in the Meddle East packing nuke is the immediate outcome of their "Grand bargain.""

And that is exactly & 100% 'emergency' big lie (Attn: 911!) manufactured by the savage state of Israel. A fake state, indeed, placed by force in a tiny corner of the Middle East & since then: continuously meddling in Muslims' affairs, bullying them by packing nuclear heads, floating nuclear submarines in their waters, occupying their territories, staging 911 to remove their leaders, 'Springing' them by their own hired 'Arabic' belly dancers, dis-uniting them, & you name it. And as the blogger exposed his/her own secret: 'They are only a palace coup away from their long dreamed 'Victory' to rule the region!'

And you do not have to be named 'Victoria' to expose your secrets after all!   

Artificial Intelligence

Excellent Points!

by Artificial Intelligence on

You got it exactly right- No one in the region is thrteaning to go nuclear because of Israel- However, all the Arab state fear the IRR and want similar protection if the IRR goes nuclear.....The answer is very clear.