The taxable trip to Iran

by Fred

The second IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic paid for “Gathering of Iranian Expatriates” in Tehran is all but a memory now.

It came out during a reporter’s question in broadcasted press conference at the Foreign Ministry that, the all expense paid “gathering” has cost the Iranian people 80,000,000,000 in local currency or nearly eighty million dollars.

The cost includes the attending expatriates’ expenses including airfare, lodging, meals, sightseeing, gifts and other incidentals.The Islamist Rapists make a point of majority of recruited expatriates have come from civilized countries like U.S.

This fact raises a question for the folks at U.S. Treasury and Internal Revenue Service not to say anything about the Homeland security.  

In light of existing laws, are these U.S. residing Iranians subject to criminal prosecution and/or do they have to report the dollar value of their all expenses paid trip for their services rendered as income on their tax return?


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I think that they are also in violation of OFAC regulations

by Onlyiran on

for being individuals who are engaged in business transactions with the IRI.  They certainly received monetary benefits from the trip.  The Treasury Department should investigate them.  Here are the OFAC regulations on Iran:



It's probably green eggs & ham, you know...

by Rosie. on

he does not like us, iransam i am.

the honky tonk man.


Obviously, "boytcottiranian" must have been an attendee

by thexmaster on

or else he/she wouldn't have be riled up like this.  Time to start fudging those numbers before the FBI kicks the door down.

pastor bill rennick

The FBI brothers and sisters should go after

by pastor bill rennick on

these Tubreh/Akhoor munchers.

They must be identified, gathered, and jailed for violating the State Department law which forbids US citizens from dealing with the terrorists!


I encourage hamvatans to boycott this AIPAC dominated website

by BoycottIraniandotcom on

As you can see from the articles this purportedly Iranian site's content is anti Iranian and
comes from an Israeli/AIPAC perspectiv. Its articles are offensive to the vast
majority of Iranians. Please don't engage with this site except to warn other Iranians.


Payable forthwith

by comrade on

A coordinated effort for the exposure of the attendees' identities is necessary.The tax that you propose is negotiable according to the country they reside in.

However, the moral fine, so to speak, which has already been levied on their treacherous act, is non-negotiable.       

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