Islamist wall-scaling triathlon

by Fred

The sport started in earnest about 33 years ago in Tehran. It has since turned into a national sport of sort in few countries.

Although these days the pros are equipped with special equipments like missiles and alike, the sport at its purest form requires few equipment if any, just enthusiasm, a book of matches and lots and lots of pent-up energy.

Of course the popular sport in question is that of scaling the walls of Western embassies, looting, burning and taking hostages. And as of late, murdering diplomats, like the U.S. ambassador in Libya.

The only drawback is that no one knows of the next triathlon. It might be on the occasion of someone not liking a novel, a certain policy, unknowingly discarding of piece of paper with Arabic writing on it, or even an asinine 3 months old video clip on You Tube, in short, it could be any excuse.

Sports authorities should schedule matches between national teams scaling the walls of western embassies and doing their thing, America this month, France next month, then Spain and so on.

This way the burnt-out embassies have time to rebuild and replace lost staff for the next match.


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

Crazy Middle East blames West and US for all of our own failures

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Back in 1979, the attack on US embassy in Tehran was supported by most of the clueless and mindless revolutionaries in Iran ... from Mojahedin to Communists to Hezbollah.

Only true liberals, nationalists and democrats were against such barbaric act, which forever has portrayed us as a bunch of crazy monkeys!


it takes practice to fight zionism and imperialism

by Fesenjoon2 on


furious muslims conquer embassy walls

by Fesenjoon2 on



by Frashogar on

You are the man!


Muhammad, Tear Down This Wall!

by Faramarz on



This wall climbing business actually started at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin when God told his Prophet, "Mr. Muhammad, climb up that wall!"

And the amused Berliners cheered!


it's a pretty popular sport in Iran too

by Fesenjoon2 on

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Hasn't the time arrived for the filthy savage Zionists to start paying back their astronomical debt to  American tax payers?...........isn't it their moral duty to protect the innocent lives of their American backers?...............I think it has, and it is............The precious blood of the American ambassador could have easily been saved if the filthy savage Zionists had an embassy in that neighborhood...............pity............


CIA/MI6/Mosad's Triathlons

by Demo on

1. The titled sports in our country didn't begin 33 years ago but long before that. The CIA's 1953 Coup de tat is an example of such. 


2. As it took nearly 50 years for only a small portion of 1953 event files become declassified, perhaps we have to wait at least 17 more years to learn a little bit about the true nature of 1979 wall-scaling triathlon: 


3. The same sports authorities who also designed and executed the 911 event to further extend their country-scaling triathlons into ME regions neighboring Israel, are now busy with scaling down Western embassies, 'in order to do their thing,' by diverting the viewers' attentions to a stupid video and by labelling these triathlons as 'Islamists Riots!'  



Pretty rich...

by Frashogar on

When the gymnastics capabilities of the High Priests of Holocaustianity and their assorted franchises far exceed anyone elses, as it shows that these high-performing High Priests get more bent out of shape (pun intended) than any second rate triathalon athletes from the Muslim world whenever someone revises or challenges aspects of the not-to-be-questioned most cherished, most holy, sacred cow.