Iranian women weirdos

by Fred

That some Iranian men support IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic, as repugnant a fact as is, nevertheless can somewhat be explained away for number of semi-rational sounding reasons including granting all of them automatic superiority over all the women. But that some women supporting IRR is a perplexing phenomenon.


The perplexity gets even more convoluted when one observes seemingly secular, some even avowedly anti-religion Iranian women with CV’s full of BS, MS and Ph.D. to be among the IRR cheerleaders.


Why would anyone support a system which by creed and law regards that person as half a human being, as regardless of age needing permission form her men folks to travel, deciding for her how to cloth herself or use makeup and other such absurdities?

Why would anyone support a system which  sees fit to stone her gender to death for what is at most a lapse of judgment and/or infraction of social/moral etiquette.


What on earth is going on inside these women’s head?


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This one is a classic

by Escape on

Could not agree more on the point of this blog,some of these women sound so frigid like they could change your transmission while smoking a couple cigar's.They probably look like it too.I don't know what kind of man they can get,At best,some submissive spineless henpecked femine type who just agree's with whatever they say..They don't need a real man when they are the real man..


useless rant by flinstone

by i_support_khamenie on

get real "FRED"

Islamic Republic of Iran is ISLAM.

turning against IRI is turning against ISLAM.

Now you the power of religious government.


Education /= Intelligence or common sense

by thexmaster on

Bush has an MBA from Harvard.  Nuff said...


And this Soraya...Her "education":  Master of Public Diplomacy from USC Annenberg for Communication and
USC School of International Relations

Such intelligence.

Also, you need to be a bit suspicious when it comes to mullah chearleaders and their educational credentials.


Don't you remember that

by benross on

Don't you remember that mother who actually 'delivered' her Mujaahed son (or daughter, I don't quite remember) to Paasdaaraan to be executed?


I know this family

by thexmaster on

Their daughter and her fiance were killed by the mullahs, yet they continue to support the regime to this very day.  And people are perplexed, wondering what possible force on this planet could drive someone to support their persecutor, the murderer of their child....






Artificial Intelligence

A perfect Example is Sepahpoor Ulrich

by Artificial Intelligence on

Just read some of her writing on the CASMII website. Just disgusting to see someone who is so "educated" support the IRI. Its called bad politics. This is the same type of bad politics that Iranians chose when they got rid of the Shah and chose an uneducated bigot called Khomeini.




Mina Dadvar

by Marjaneh on


(Not sure if I'm misreading your post...)

You know, I was just thinking the obvious that with freedoms come the responsibility of making decisions of response, so having a tea party, all the customary rules are already laid out too (no real need of active, conscious participation...).  ?   ;)

"I still have my own teeth. 'Just can't remember where I've put them."



by minadadvar on

Tea party in US and mullahs in Iran are more similiar than different.


As it has been through Iran's history

by Mehrban on

The laws do not apply to them, they are part of the system.


Thanks Fred for noticing my comment

by comrade on

Being mentally hostage to a totalitarian regime does not necessarily require geographical proximity. If a Tudehi can't attest to it, who can?!!




Thanks for the giggle, Fredsy

by Marjaneh on

'Don't know if this sheds any light,

but often I find myself being so broadminded that my brain just flattens out....

Who are you typing about anyway? 

And could you please explain what happens in a person's good Iranian man's brain to become so right-wing, (which isn't in the person's longterm interest either)? Too weird too...


And you wrote:

"But it offers no such possible explanation for the ones who in one way
or another support IRR from the safety and security of abroad. "

Surely that's similar to  the argument that posters are using about you and sanctions....?


"From reading too much, and sleeping too little, his brain dried up on him and he lost his judgment."


simple answer to a simple question: Finacial gain..

by fooladi on

..from islamic regime. In this context, a better term would be a "Mozdoor". (Mercenary)

The greed for financial gain crosses Gender and educational boundary and knows no ideological barriers either. The same west residing ilk who support and work for the islamic regime today, would have done the same for the Shah's Savak.  



by Fred on


Stockholm Syndrome might, just might explain the attitude of some who are in Iran and by definition hostage to the Islamist Rapists.  

But it offers no such possible explanation for the ones who in one way or another support IRR from the safety and security of abroad.


Comrade, I disagree

by Cost-of-Progress on

It goes way beyond the Stockholm Syndrom. I call it the Head in the Ass Syndrome (HAS).

By the way, I don't see you agreeing with the likes of Abarmard and Niloufar Arabi so much, so why cling to an ideolgy you know has already been tried and failed?





Simple question

by comrade on

It's called "Stockholm syndrome".


Sargord Pirouz

Yes, Fred, the poll numbers

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yes, Fred, the poll numbers reflecting those inside Iran that find the government of Iran legitimate are high:


There's no need to obsess over this kind of thing. You don't like it, we all know that. But your obsession is not healthy.

You're an exile, now. Concern yourself with your adopted community. That way, you'll apply yourself in ways that are personally relevant, and hopefully constructive.

Medication would most likely help, too. But you need professional help, in this regard. I hope you get it. 


Why on earth a nation

by Cost-of-Progress on

has embraced their rapists, invaders and opressors, regard their dead arab "imams" as most divine and put a foriegn entity such as Islam, responsible for the destruction of their culture, above and beyond their own nation?

Just read some of the blogs and posts by their stauch supportrs. You'd think that these people have been sent from another planet.