Iran; backbreaking NOW!

by Fred

Today the latest sanction bill against the weaponized nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is likely to be put to vote in the House of Representatives.

The bill would impose sanctions on anyone who mines uranium with Iran; sells, leases or provides oil tankers to Tehran; or provides insurance to the National Iranian Tanker Co.

It aims to reduce the scope for Iranian companies to reflag their vessels or turn off their tracking systems.

It includes penalties for Swift, a telecommunications network used by many financial institutions, if it helps Iranian banks transfer funds electronically. It also seeks to punish companies that sell riot-control equipment such as tear gas to Iran.”

All this is good, but not good enough.

Given the ramped up Islamist barbarism meted out to the enslaved Iranians, the uptake in IRR’s international terrorism, its full support and partnership with the rabid Syrian Battists in committing crimes against humanity and a host of other deadly criminal activities, the new bill has way to go to become effective.

If the war which IRR warmongers are trying to impose on all is to be avoided, make it backbreaking airtight sanctions to effectuate regime change.

Much faster please!


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by Fred on

Take a deep breath, calm down and then keep on truckin!


"contineuous hard work"

by SinaK on

"contineuous hard work"

What a joke. 

The west needs to EMPOWER the iranian people and it has consistantly done everything it can to make sure, to the mullahs delight, that this will never happen.


Frankly, the best anyone can expect from the current situation is that when we reach the crunch point, Sepah will carry out a coup d'etat, throw out khamenei and run the country themselves. And expect them to make a deal with the United States in the process. And then watch how the united states would eat it up in an instant, they don't care about freedom. If you think this you're delusional.

I don't know about you, but i see that as NOT a positive development. 

If things contiune like this, its coming. expect it. 


Sinak, I Disagree with you vehemently

by Azarbanoo on

IRR/IRI had caused IRANIANS so much suffering since inception besides his terrorists activities not only inside IRAN but around globe.  Iranians can bear a little longer to get rid of these bastards who running this show under islamic religion.

Fred, Thanks for your continueous hard work.


Fred, you're a disgrace.

by SinaK on

Fred, you're a disgrace. You're not a hero for writing this crap on a blog.

If you really care about iran, then get on the next flight to tehran and actually help and stuggle alongside the people who are the real future of iran. Not idiots like you sitting care-free in the west, calling for suffering in iran just so you can satisfy some illusive fantasy you have in your mind about returning to iran without lifting a finger only after the struggling, destruction and death has passed.


Not everything is about YOU or done just for YOU.