Hussein at AIPC

by Fred

President Obama will address the annual meeting of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) in a few hours.

For the triumvirate of the Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodle of lefty allies, AIPAC represents devil’s helper. There is rarely a diatribe by the triumvirate in which they do not unload on AIPAC.

Israel and Iran are historic and strategic allies. AIPAC’s Iran policy matches perfectly with that of those Iranians who yearn for the emancipation of Iran from the tyranny of the warmongering, nuclear weapon acquiring, Iranian men, women and children raping, maiming and murdering messianic Muslim rulers, “reformers” and all.

And that is just another reason for the triumvirate to hate AIPAC with so much gusto.

Unlike the current lobbies which are fortified with oil money and influence focused on facilitating a “Grand Bargain” with the ruling cabal in Iran, after the fall of the barbarians, an advocacy group modeled on AIPAC and dedicated to safeguarding the security and benefits of Iran, her people and not the rulers is a must.

Until that blessed day comes, you lovelies, keep on dispensing your venom; it ain’t gonna make a bit of difference.


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Mr Ala

by Sean-K on

I doubt if Fred's bosses care about Jews in Iran who don't have a problem with their non jew neighbors. They will just be classified as collateral damage.

and about  "I have wondered how come Fred gets two featured blogs every day (rain or
shine) whereas blogs with more comments and visitors do not get
featured." Wonder? Why wonder? Its easy - on my keyboard the answer is right above the number 4!

Mohammad Ala

It is impolite...

by Mohammad Ala on

I do not comment on Fred's blogs because of his attitude and un-conditional support of you know what.  I consider it rude to call the President of USA by his middle name.

In one of his blogs, Fred should compare number of employees and budget of AIPAC with NIAC which he criticizes every chance he gets.  NIAC with few employees is confronted with AIPAC which has over 200 employees with budget of several hundred million dollars. 

I have wondered how come Fred gets two featured blogs every day (rain or shine) whereas blogs with more comments and visitors do not get featured. 

Given over 200,000 Israeli’s have Iranian background or carry Iranian passports, their well being is important to Iranians.  As Iranians grow up, we like all the people and races and Iran has many Jews who have chosen to live in here; therefore any destruction to Iran will affect Jews too.  Talking with ordinary Iranian non-Jews and Jews, they have no problem with each other.



Fred's background

by iamfine on

It is so clear that Fred is either a mossad’s agent or a MEK member working for Israelis

Sadegh Bozorgmehr

Makes more sense now

by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

Fred's support of AIPAC makes more sense now that he insists the president be called "Hussein." 

Hey Fred, what is your position regarding where Obama was born?


Keep on trucking

by Fred on

Lovelies, keep on dispensing your venom; it ain't gonna make a bit of difference.

Keep on trucking! 


Fred's closet...

by Sean-K on

has been a very transparent one at best. Out or in. he isn't fooling anyone with half a brain.

Fred jan, let's talk about why you hate the national interests of Iran "with so much gusto", shall we?


Fred finally coming out of the AIPAC closet


War, crippling sanctions, mass starvations... this is what Fred and his right wing Likud lap poodles want.


AIPAC @ Hosein's '*Kar-Balla'

by Demo on



FYI: The below is a crystal clear instance of AIPAC's policy in perfect harmony with that of IRI's:


* 'Kar (Farsi):Deaf (English)'  'Balla (Farsi): Severe Torment (English)'


Forgive me Fred, but.......

by پندارنیک on

.......the engineering department of the Mossad which helped building the Evin prison during the filthy Pahlavis deserves a separate comment to be mentioned as an evidence which clearly shows what kind of strategic and historic alliance exists between the state of Israel and the people of Iran.



by پندارنیک on

The United people of different States in America are truly fed up with the burden of the state of Israel on their shoulders. The average American family is slowly but surely voicing its disgust for the way the American economical, social and political resources are being wasted on an untrustworthy, insatiable and ungrateful foreign entity...............One doesn't have to ransack her vocabulary before finding the right description for AIPAC: Spies' nest.