Civilized Iranians & savages

by Fred

Raping men, women and children is savagery.

Stringing up men, women and children from construction cranes is savagery.

Flogging men, women and children is savagery.

Chopping off hands and gouging out eyes of healthy human beings is savagery.

In light of the partial list of above mentioned savagery meted out to Iranians during the past 34 years by the Messianic Islamist Rapists, “reformers” and all, would you have any problem with this plea:

In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Iran. Defeat Jihad.

It was a rhetorical question; of course any sane minded person would take the side of civilized man.

However, in place of Iran put in Israel, would your answer still stand?

Iran and Israel are historic and strategic partners, once the Messianic Islamist Rapists are overthrown, the reunited allies will be in a better position to defeat their common enemy, the savages.

ps. it is an inconvenient fact that, Muslims are by far the largest victims of the savages.


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Good Blog.... It Highlights the Need for Clarity & Understanding

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

In Any War Between the Civilized Man and the Savage, Support the Civilized Man. Support Iran. Defeat Jihad.

Neither the MeK or Sepratists are Iran, they are just other extremists in terms of values and practices.  If you agree with this point as I do, the fact that Israel and the USA fully oppose your quote above and help extremists is where intellectuals see the Savages as not just Extremists Akhoonds in Iran, but those who helped bring them to power and those who help keep them in power.  On the screen these are just words, but what this means is all the iranian children who had a father or mother, in the police, the air force, the military, civilian beaurocracy etc that murdered in order for these IRI to come to power.  These were operations, held by the USA, UK, France and Israel murdering the innocent across continents.

Fred you are a wise, caring, empathetic human being in calling for removal of IRI at the hands of Iranians, yet you confuse me deeply.  Can you please explain to me how and when the USA, France, The UK or Israel joined the side of the civilzed man?

The elements of Savagery by Israel alone, let alone the USA wouldn't fit in a single book, Fred.

Flying tens of thousands of people across the World every year on thousands of recorded Flights in A Program Known as Rendition, some of whom are people of mistaken identity not even practicing muslims let alone extremists and putting them in Mass Secret Prisons around the world and torturing them to give life long trauma to them... Is Savagery.

Leaving over 50% of the children of a country as orphans with neither parent alive as is the case in Iraq is Savagery.

Leaving soldiers who are still under the impression they were serving their country without adequate medical attention and financial support after they experienced trauma in a war that ended years ago, to fend for themselves with out a safety net (leading to death by living on the streets) is savegery.

Giving the Islamic Regime the names and top secret info of all the pilots identities in the Iranian air force to be murdered by the extremists, in order to meet the conditions set by Saddam Hussain before he would be prepared invade Iran and attack the newly created extremists is savagery.

Killing many good Leaders across the world, from Africa to South America to the Middle East is Savegery.

When You Say Support the Civilized Man Fred can you please not appeal to the ignorance of others and us it as a weapon against them.  In fact Fred, doing that is Savagery.  Because what makes the Civilized Man is the ability to Creates Laws and live by them. 

The Civilized man's existence is not based on breaking laws, as is the case for all the western Democracies that is savagery.  The Civilized Man does not pursue Machiavellian Politics, for example The Civilized man does not act like a tyranny/dictatorship torturing people, using absolute power to break the law and then hypocritically call a law abiding leader who never used torture and never used absolute power to break the law, a dictator or authoritaran despot, as was the case with how the west behaved in the case of the late Shah. 






Atlas Shrugged?

by shahrvand2 on

Is it possible that the World maps in the IRI Information Ministry do not show places like Syria, Chechnya, Sudan, Bosnia and Sinkiang province of China? Why do these agents manifest such lack of knowledge of world affairs?

As an example a 2010 survey of Muslim Darfur estimates close to 500,000 people as "excess casualty" due to ethnic conflicts. President Omar Al-Bashir, the man responsible for this horrible bloodshed, is not a filthy Zionist by any stretch!  Next to Al-Bashir we have Bashar of Syria who just surpassed 30,000 dead people during his watch. Bashar's father's record of bloodshed in Syria remains unbroken as of today. There are so many tragedies and so little space here.  It suffices to say that  Israel is not responsible for all the ills in the world.   


Fred, Agreed with you this time too

by Azarbanoo on

Great blog with a great truth.


Wake Up from Your Slumber!

by Demo on



"ps. it is an inconvenient fact that, Muslims are by far the largest victims of the savages." By whom, if we might ask?

" they built the Evin prison for us.............." By whose order? And why didn't Khomeini level it to the ground, if we might ask?



First Amendment


by First Amendment on

The savage Zionists are the best ally..........yup, indeed.........they built the Evin prison for us..............