Civilized Canada

by Fred

Speaking about the Messianic Islamist regime in Iran, Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, told some 1,400 international parliamentarians gathered for the Inter-Parliamentary Union in Quebec:

"There's a great principle at stake. While Canada prizes engagement and open relations, there can be no engagement with a regime that dishonors its word, repudiates its commitments and threatens to perpetuate crimes against humanity.

This regime stands for everything we parliamentarians should stand against.

Staying silent is never an option when people stone women, when they hang gays, when they incite genocide, when they say they want to wipe the Jewish people and the Jewish state off the map. It is never good for anyone in civilized society to stay quiet.”

The response from the Messianic Islamist delegation headed by one Iraj Nadimi is very revealing:

"We are saying that every country has its own regulations for itself, so we cannot receive any interference from any country and we don't interfere in another country's affairs."

In other words, the Messianic Islamists consider their 34 year gross violation of the universal human rights and committing crimes against humanity as an internal affair.

Kudos Canada!


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 Bravo John Baird. Maybe

by vildemose on

 Bravo John Baird. Maybe Obama and Hillary should take some ethics lesson from this guy.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Canadian Trolls Gone Quiet!

by Faramarz on



It looks like as if the Canadian trolls on this site have either become civilized and respectful, or are all in Iran for a "come to Jesus meeting" with the Regime!


Very quiet in your blog these days....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

No profanity,  No personal attacks or threats while reciting "quranic verses" by someone who had never read, let alone understood  the book, No demands for bahai's and jews to be killed, no "bring it on" to US army to attack Iran, no boasting about being the "Ma'moor" (agent) of islamic regime!....

Is the single  sicko psycho behind all these user ID's  off sick, or called back to the HQ in Tehran?