Bringing a knife to a gunfight

by Fred

After months and months of delay IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic has formally responded to the sane world’s nuclear offer.

As expected their answer is a yes with a good dose of a no. In other words as the Islamist Rapists and their nuke lobbies constantly remind everyone the illegal nuke program will go on as before and the sane world can’t do a damn thing about it.

In fact the Islamist Rapists have announced their plan to erect many more illegal nuke facilities buried deep in tunnels.With the sane world having boxed itself into a corner whose is to blame the Islamists, what is to stop them?

When in a fist fight one side declares before hand that it will do all it can to throw soft punches, it is unreasonable to expect the other party to be scared off and relent.  

All the asinine policy options coming from the sane world side are only reassuring the Islamist Rapists that their only real concern, holding on to power, is not going to be jeopardized.

Before it is too late and the messianic Islamist Rapists get to have nuke to load up on their long-range ballistic missiles and in the process impose devastation of Iran, Iranians and the region they have to be stopped. The sane world is sleepwalking into a disaster of monumental proportion.

Imposition of airtight sanctions along with open-ended moral and material support to the Iranian people to overthrow their nemesis is the last chance, wake up!




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Fred Inc. is trouble maker.

by Javadagha on

Thank you for those who have recognized who Fred is.

Fred Inc. is the best term I have heard in a long time.

The other day, IRI was showing an opposition person and used that to their advantage.  As it was mentioned, I am happy that IC cannot be read or seen by many Iranians in Iran.   Fred is trouble maker.

Ba ghayrat Iranians will take care of ruthless rulers. 



Fred outlasting his expiration date, Bring back Siamak Baniamari

by bomannyali on

World tolerates Iran because they know there is no nuclear weapons project in works.


Whatever, happened to Mr Siamak Baniamari who had some of the greatest articles.  And now, we have to deal with this Fred.  Oh, God!



by Fred on

The basic rule is unless verifiably proven otherwise if an Islamist’s lips are moving or a written material is originated from one, it is safe to assume it to be a bold face lie.  

It is part of their barbaric dogma which many of them boast about their mastery of it. So don’t look for deciphering what they say, just judge them by their actions.

Mola Nasredeen

پرسیدن شاهدت کیه؟ جواب داد: دمبم

Mola Nasredeen

فرد و شرکا 

حکایت این دوتا کاراکتره. هردو از ایران و ایرانی متنفرند و به نفع هم دیگه شهادت میدن.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


We all have different points of veiw. I do not think that IRR is reformable. I think Iran needs a new constitution and a totally new leadership. I do not want any of the IRR thugs to ever be in power again. 

Other people have other opinions. We need to get as many people on our sides as possible. No crazys and we know who they are. But yes to sane people even if they disagree with us.


Fred who can decipher their messages?

by timothyfloyd on

I like when you say as usual,their answer is yes with a big dose of no.

That is a great description of their deranged relation's.

Here it's 'forbidden' to get a Nuke,or haraam.

But then why is Iran making such a big deal about it's Nuclear program?

It's forbidden to get a Nuke,why does he have to go say it from a New Battleship?

It comes down to them not having the common courtesy to care about the other countries 'suspicion's.

At times they make alot of sense,but they are always two-faced.


Been there, done that

by Fred on

If having a ‘rational” discussion is on how best to oust the Islamist Rapist Republic lock, stock and barrel, I am in. But if the rationality being proposed has to do more with how to help the “reformist” faction of the Islamist Rapists get back into power, I ain’t that rational type.

Nevertheless I wish you the luck of the Irish with your efforts and sincerely hope the out of power Islamist Rapists can metamorphosis into democrats as the NIAC lobby and others claim that they are.   



Fred - this is a rational discussion - please be rational

by MM on


Listen to the excellent points in posts by Mardom Mazloom and Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Iraq was under the strictest UN/US sanctions for 10 years.  Iraqis could not even fly a plane without permission.  Yet, during those 10 years, Saddam and his henchemn made billions by creating artificial black markets and selling oil via tankers in Jordan and Syria.  Saddam built some of his most glamorous monuments and palaces during this time, while the poor people of Iraq suffered tremendously, especially the children.

In addition to excellent suggestions by Mardom Mazloom and Veiled Prophet of Khorasan, I had posted the following action points that I re-post without change.  


1. Full implementation of Prof. Sharp's 198 tactics for civil disobedience

Iran protesters: the Harvard professor is behind their tactics.   “Iran singled out Harvard professor Gene Sharp as a key inspiration for protesters' 'velvet coup.' Sharp's manual on nonviolent protest shaped opposition movements in Czechoslovakia and inspired activists in Burma.”  This article, From Dictatorship to Democracy, lists 198 non-violent tactics that can be used if the demonstrators are not armed.  From Dictatorship to Democracy is available free in many languages, including English and Farsi from Albert Einstein Institute at Harvard University.

2. Cut off the support of IRI to their foreign agents Hamas, Hezbollah and Ghods by identification of the sources and freezing the assets.  This category needs the cooperation of the international community.

3. CUT off the money supply within Iran by oil workers strikes/disruptions.  Strikes in general are included in #1, but the shut-down of the oil industry is so important, it deserves its own category.

4. Convince the REAL armed forces of Iran to stand with the people, against  IRI.  As the only other faction of the Iranian society with arms, the armed forces of Iran are the last hope before desperation moves by ordinary citizens.  This category needs a leadership that is well respected by most factions of the opposition as well as the Iranian society.   


Mardom Mazloom and/or Veiled Prophet of Khorasan: Please, either one of you start a blog to rationally compile all sanctions that will help the people of Iran and hurt the murderous IRI regime.  And, ask for additional comments and consensus from the IC readership, which should then be transmitted to whoever will listen to us.  Thanks. 

Mardom Mazloom

Mien Früd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

I'm imaging you as the rootless Hitler's soul in a carnival custom with a whistle in your mouth which outputs IRR, rapists, leftists, clueless, islamists, NIAC-akh-akh, at each time you blow on it.

I find that it's a distinguish honor than to be called an islamist rapists by Adolph Hitler's soul jammed in the cyberspace.
May I ask that you blow more on your whistle for me, akheh nemidoni cheghadr hal mideh.


Islamist copycat

by Fred on

There is always room for one more clueless potty mouth Islamist Rapist supporter, get in line.

Mardom Mazloom

Mien Früd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

You should be at your 60's or more with an IQ < 80 (thanks god). Keep on posting your blah-blah air tight sanctions, rapists, IRR, islamists, leftists, NIAC-akh-akh stuff. It's always a pleasure to read your sh#t for a good laugh.

You can count on me to be there for more extra-laughs. No problem, my friend.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Response to MM

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Here are my suggestions:

  • Freezing all assest of IRI leadership. Including their families: Khamenei; Rafsanjani; Khatami; the whole of them.
  • Freezing all assets of basiji and related groups.
  • Paneling an international court in The Hauge to investigate IRI crimes. This should lead to international arrest warrants for IRI leaders.
  • Allowing Iranians to present their cases in front of the court. For example those tortured; families of the executed and those whose property was confiscated. They should all be allowed to present their cases and get relief.
  • Investigation into religious repression in Iran. Again leading to arrest warrants.
  • Trials of IRI leadership if necessary in absentia. Leading to sentences. That means if they step outside of Iran they would be subject to arrest.

This is by no means exhaustive but it is a start. There must be rule of law. And real law. Not Sharia.


Islamist copycat

by Fred on

Islamist copycat, you are doing a good job keep on trucking.


Regime change

by Fred on

Please be my guest and “discuss and relay opinions on proper sanctions” as much as you wish.

You asked a point blank question from me and I gave you a straight answer. I do not believe in your NIAC lobby’s views and have made that as clear as I can.

As far as I am concerned all these “discussions” and exclusionary clauses ie, those being outside and with refrigerators full of food and “lengesh kon” are irrelevant and immaterial to the nuts and bolts of the problem.  

Before the nuke acquiring IRR imposes another war on Iran and Iranians the unreformable Islamist Rapist Republic has to be overthrown.   

Mardom Mazloom

Mien Früd,

by Mardom Mazloom on

Belakhareh ma nafahmidim to kojayeh khati baba? In one hand you say "This nonsense game of cherry picking this sanction or the other and arguing their effect on people is just absurd." and one paragraph later you add "Any hardship imposed on Iranians has to be aimed at helping Iranian people to effectuate a regime change; otherwise, it is immoral to impose additional hardship on the enslaved people to force their oppressors to cut a deal with the outside world."

In simple logic this is called mozakhraf or contraction; as blind sanctions have already enriched IRGC and starved more people.

Why can't you understand this simple fact that BLIND SANCTIONS are just GOOD FOR MULLAHS, AIPAC AND YOUR EGO, not people?

What are good for Iranians are:

0- Don't provoke a war,

1- Illegitimate IRI by not recognizing its parts and not giving their henchmen visas to travel in the 'sane' world,
2- Freeze IRGC assets and other criminals money in foreign banks,
3- Give Iranians more credit, help them in providing more secure and easy access internet and other communication tools,
4- Stop blind propaganda like Mien Früd's ones: "IRR has to be denied revenue it utilizes to rape, maim, torture and murder Iranian men, women and children." -> "Put airtight sanctions on Iran".


Fred - need to discuss and relay opinions on proper sanctions

by MM on

Most of us who are here have been hurt by IRI, and you do not need to tell us how terrible they are.  However, you and I are sitting here in the west with comfortable lives, car(s) full of gas, refregirator full of food....... and like the old Persian proverb, we say "lengesh kon". 

Instead of repeating someone (no need to say who) else's cry for airtight / choking sanctions, who have no mercy nor compassion for the Iranian people, it is up to us in the Diaspora as well as the Iranian people in Iran to say what is right, vis-a-vis, sanctions. 

The sanctions you listed at the end of your last posting are worth discussing, one by one, even here in this forum, and then let our opinions known to our lobby groups.  But, when you say airtight or choking sanctions, I have visions of IranAir flights going down or a naval blockade in the Persian Gulf amounting to war........  No thanks.

BTW, I agree with NIAC's Iranian sanctions policy of helping the people and targeting the government assets.


Regime change

by Fred on

This nonsense game of cherry picking this sanction or the other and arguing their effect on people is just absurd. Sanctions, any sort of real biting sanctions will hurt the people more than the regime especially in an economy which is owned by the regime.

IRR has to be denied revenue it utilizes to rape, maim, torture and murder Iranian men, women and children. Any hardship imposed on Iranians has to be aimed at helping Iranian people to effectuate a regime change; otherwise, it is immoral to impose additional hardship on the enslaved people to force their oppressors to cut a deal with the outside world.  

Unlike the NIAC lobby prescribed watered down sanctions which amount to prolonging the existence of the Islamist Rapist Republic, airtight sanctions starts with going for the jugular of IRR. Oil, banking and insurance and at the same time unremittingly helping Iranians with strike fund and alike to close the book on the messianic Islamist Rapists.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Nuclear Iran

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


does not mean IRR will remain. The Soviet Union has a lot more nukes than Iran will. It did not last so just having nukes is no guarantee for IRR. 

When people hate their regime. It will be gone.


Fred - please define your airtight sancions.

by MM on

Does airtight sanctions mean that:

* IranAir cannot get parts and the planes fall apart, hurting people.  I hope not.

* no more refined gas for Iran, so that IRI folks get all the gas first, and my brother whose rationed gas will prevent him from going to work.  Nooot.

* Do you mean freezing the bank accounts of the heads of IRI government abroad?  I am w/ you here.

* You know that all neighbors have already demounced sanctions, even Turkey who is a member of NATO.

* Do you mean a naval blockade of the straight of Hormuz, which is basically a declaration of war?  I hope not.

* ......?

How about some reverse sanctions, such as:

* software help / communication help for the opposition?

* Target governments that help Iran with sale of pepper spray, anti-riot trucks, etc.

* .....?

You see Fred, while we are not against sanctions, we want smart sanctions that target IRI government elite, Sepaah/basij/ghods axis, and we can argue, one by one, which sanctions will hurt the government and not the people.  I am sure that you do not want to hurt the people of Iran.  Fortunately, the Obama administration, despite pressures from the neocons and the you-know-who is just doing what I prescribed above.

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

It maybe the case.

As far as confronting the Zionists on Iranian dotcom is concerned, I have to confess, it's been a long strange trip. Zion was very militant and in your face and abusive. Fred INC team started with a different tactic and approach, posing as Iranians and faking sympthay for Iranians. But the sun never stays under the cloud forever as the saying goes and the Truth always Reveals itself.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Keep on hoping. This

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Keep on hoping. This regime is here to stay.

I said they hope not I hope. Read what I write before you put your foot in your mouth. In fact it was you who suggested US is going to attack. Here is your quote:

first its the sanctions... then comes the war.  

Regarding anti-Iranian: The IRR is the most anti-Iranian regime in recent history. So opposing it is not anti-Iranian. You go on screaming that Islam is somehow the same as Iran. When in fact it is not. In addition IRR is as anti-Islamic as it is anti-Iranian. Do you really think it serves the good of Islam to rape men


Mola Naserdeen:

by Bavafa on

Didn't Zion graduate and got a job in IOF (Israel offensive force)

That create a room for Fred to move up and now he is aspiring to follow his buddy Zion.


Mola Nasredeen

More Power to You Fred, INC.

by Mola Nasredeen on

You and your team have united Iranians again on this website. We used to have another blogger called "Zion" and she did succeed to do the same.  

1. I don't believe for one minute that you are an Iranian. Your allegiance is to the Zionist cause and Israel.

2. I believe you function as a member of a team that I call Fred INC. This team has some Persian speaking members too who translate and at times write some of the blogs. 

3. And I believe your team's gig is up now. You have revealed your hand through your daily attacks against Iranian people. 

4. As the saying goes "you can fool some of the people some of the time but you can't fool all of the people all of the time". It's over. 


IRI is not going anywhere

by vildemose on

IRI is not going anywhere soon.  Secretary Clinton’s recent trip to the Middle East and the United States’ growing arms sales to its allies in the region.

Read the report by  “Strategic Comment” published by The Institute for International and Strategic Studies


The bases and weapons purchases illustrate the dichotomy of Gulf thinking regarding Iran. Some Gulf states fear that Iran, with its size and wealth, aspires to the status of regional superpower. Were Iran to have nuclear weapons – or a ‘break-out’ capacity that could quickly furnish it with weapons – rulers fear Tehran could dictate to them in military and economic matters. They do not want a nuclear Iran. At the same time, however, they are concerned about the possible consequences of a hard Western line against Iran, and especially of military action aimed at disabling its nuclear programme. They fear that Tehran’s response would be to lash out not at the West, but at the West’s friends in its neighbourhood. Hence their increased expenditure on defence, missile shields and foreign bases. """

If the IRI is toppled and Iran becomes a peaceful democracy, there will be no more such lucrative deals. Why would the US want to deprive itself from making loads of money...The IRI is not going anywhere soon if we are hoping for the US to do somehting about it.... 


Darius Kadivar

I agree with MOOSIR ... Hitler was a Great Artist ! ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

Fred You Naughty Boy ! ;0) 

A non political look at the artwork of National Socialist leader Adolf Hitler.


Hitler finds out his art sucks:


Hitler reacts to Mahmoud's re election for  ruining his reputation :






by Bavafa on

Just remember that your birth right does not give you the right to side with the enemy and be the mouthpiece of foreign power to start a war with Iran.

MKO did that and you well know how they have been cast out by all Iranian groups. You will have the same faith as you are no different.



By that logic we should all be tolerating hitlers' Mein Kampf


genocidal opinions packaged in seemingly pro-iranian posts are not to be tolerated.


Mien Führer

by Fred on

Mien Führer in part says: “What I wont tolerate is Fred's propaganda work on “

The Islamist Rapists occupying Iran do not “tolerate” opposing opinions either.

Mien Führer while in the sane world, learn to tolerate!


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan,


"They hope the regime will be overthrown"

Keep on hoping. This regime is here to stay. IRGC is making sure of it and thanks to the coming sanctions the idiot western policy makers will be guaranteeing a couple of more years of IRI for iranians to suffer under. 


It's amazing that I'm hearing such anti-iranian nonsense on of all places. Good thing the majority of farsi speakers who live in iran dont visit this site. It would certainly further tarnish the image of exile iranians who live  outside honorably. 


"Keep it up you are doing a


"Keep it up you are doing a fantastict job."

Well, it got your attention. you certainly respond in kind to your kind of language. 


by profile.">thexmaster on or Ahmadinejads disastrous management
of the economy?  Perhaps both.  Of course, like a typical brainwashed
goon, MOOSI will never put a single blame on the IRI.  It's everyone
else's fault. 


Stop getting your panties in a bunch. I do  blame both. What I wont tolerate is Fred's propaganda work on Go look at his record. Almost every single day he pushes the same line over and over again. Airtight sanctions.  Airtight sanctions.  Airtight sanctions.