44 Irans

by Fred

As expected, last night’s third and final presidential debate was dominated by Iran; in fact Iran was mentioned about 44 times.

As far as the Messianic Islamists' weaponized nuke program is concerned, a disastrous strategic game-changing event, both candidates have a zero tolerance policy, meaning they would do what it takes for it not to happen.

President Obama and Mitt Romney, more or less, agree the way forward is continuation of the current path; increasingly tighter sanctions hoping the Messianic Islamists will suddenly buckle and scrap their nuke program.

Keeping in mind the vast clandestine nuke program had escaped everyone’s attention for a long, long time and was only revealed by an Iranian opposition group, the big elephant in the room is the Messianic Islamists’ option to play dead for a while and continue to advance toward the bomb at some undetected secret facilities. 

In other words, they’ve bought the recipe; they’ve bought the ingredients and the cookers, it is only the matter of when the morbid pie is baked.

Regime change by Iranians for Iranians with logistical help from DC, Democracy Central, is the only way to give peace in the entire Middle East a fighting chance and avoid the war which the current path taken by the sane world is leading to.

BTW, Messianic Islamists already have whole lot of missiles including ICBMs.


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Fixing this problem is not within the interest of the USA

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

the sanctions and presures they have put on their love smitten creation the IRI have not been 1/10th as strong as what the west did to Mossadegh.  Even the most stupid mullahs know the USA will not go the war route, or the sanctions/negotiations route or the democracy route.  The mek was delisted for a reason as is the help being provided to the kurd sepratists. At the end of the day if the wests approach for breaking iran up from within fails, which its likely to fail due to help from russia and china, then the IRI will be around with nukes in the end tragedy will have not been averted due to greed.  So there's nothing new to report on world affairs.

I have no clue how to change the disasterous status quo and get the USA to do a long over due U-turn on its mistake of 1979.


The Way Forward

by Faramarz on



I don't believe that the Regime will be able to play hide and seek for much longer. One of the options on the table is to offer the Regime a civilian nuclear program with all the required "bells and whistles" and see if they would take it, which I believe they won't. At that point, we are at the end of the negotiation path.