Who remembers this?

by fozolie

من که دارم میرم

چرا هلم ميدی؟

من که تو غربیام

چرا قلم میدی؟

دختر اون پیرزنه

چرا گرامافون میزنه؟


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Boy has this blog shown up

by fozolie on

Boy has this blog shown up you American-Iranians to be such emopty headed pompous gits, firstly don't assume I am from your American-Iranian community, secondly if you call yourself Iranian and have any awareness of what it means then you must be aware of how diverse Iran is and Iranians are; thirdly we are not all Mr Naderi (and thank god for that).

Your comments are proof that a little bit of education is indeed a dangerous thing.

Finally since you only seem to be impressed by name dropping, let me leave you with this thought, if the culture of the street was not worthwhile then someone like A. Shamlou would not have wasted his time compiling his multivolume Farhang e Koucheh.

Mr. Fozolie


Is this Molana? :)

by Mehdi (not verified) on

Very deep! I am perplexed :)



by Diversity (not verified) on

Truely, Iranian community in USA is a diverse one. We have the likes of Dr. Firooz Naderi, in charge of NASA mars exploration program, and we have this ... :)


  Mr. Fozolie

by fozolie on


Mr. Fozolie


Many thanks  sz, I did not

by fozolie on

Many thanks  sz, I did not think of Rohoozie, as the rest of you, you are too pompous, who do you think you are to judge what is important or of interest? "Kocheh Bazaar" is also part of our culture whether you gits like it or not.

Mr. Fozolie


roo-hozee monologue

by sz (not verified) on

These are few lines of a long and disjointed roo-hozee monologue that was later put into a briefly popular song back in the 1950’s. It starts with a down right misogynist line:
الهی زن فدای مرد گردد

بلا گردان جان مرد گردد

And then goes through the daily home making routine of a woman who is not appreciated by her ever demanding Hadji of a husband who wants everything just so. The upshot of the piece is depiction of daily routine at a traditional Tehrani household struggling to make sense of newfound modernity.


The question is:

by Not so Anonymous (not verified) on

Who cares?! If you have nothing important to say let other people do the talking! Now, I hope you "remember this"!



by mani (not verified) on

Is this poetry? I hope not. Because if it is, we've hit a new low in Persian litrature.

Anyone now a days can put down any drible and then call it "new" poetry.