Solidarity: Shame on British Iranians

by fozolie

There isn't reliable statistics, or not any that I have come across, on the number of Iranians living in Britain. But the 2001 census has about 20,000 Iranians living in London and a total of about 42K in Britain.  I am sure the real numbers are higher but accepting these numbers, for just 100 people to turn up when today by some reports 150 people were clubbed or beaten or shot to death in Iran in protests is ABISMAL. Those who truned up seemed more preoccupied with pushing their own agenda and as for those picking unnecessary fights with the police the less said the better. The apathy and the lack of solidarity is shameful.


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Consulate says 400K Iranians in UK

by fozolie on

A businessman friend whose livelihood depends on having a good handle on the numbers, informs me that the Iranian Consulate puts the number of Iranians in UK around 400K. 

For those of a statiscal bent, the 40K above refers to "British" born in Iran, i.e. those with a UK Passport or voting rights, I guess.

By they way, his excuse for not turning up was the risk to his business interests if he were to be photographed and identified by Embassy officials.


Sad afarin, 10K Iranians in Paris who turned out! Sad afarin Australia, and all other big turnouts.

Mr. Fozolie


The IRI Students outside Iran

by ts (not verified) on

We experienced a similar situation today in Northern California. The 20 or so Iranian graduate Stanford students (I guess if you add the term Stanford its makes them sound more important) parted from the crowd of 1000+ today and stood on the side by themselves (gahr kardand)because the crowd shouted "Marg bar jombhorieh Islami" and "marg bar Khamenie". It's understandable, they are the beneficiaries of the Islamic Republic here on government funds. Those of us who left 30 years ago migrated to the US and were there today because of our hatred for the brutal government of IRI and their inhumane actions the past 30 years.

Some said we should accomodate them. I say why? The reason the large crowd of exiles showed up was not to give their vote to the fundemental establishment of the IRI and Mousavi but to chant death to the Islamic Republic. They can't use our force to move their agenda.


because most of em are aghazadeh bourcieh basijii students

by SamSamIIII on


it,s a known fact & you didn,t know?....