Rum People

by fozolie


Every year on this site we go through the Islamic equivalent of Mossadegh's Ashura. There are copious posts on Mossadegh.  It is clear that has now become a matter of faith. So in the best Iranian fashion we could try the folllowing:

1. Create a branch of Islam, and give it an oxymoron name in his honour. We have been responsible for either creation or propagation of a lot of these branches.  I am the last messenger obviously does not translate at all into Persian.

2. We could and should find a way of beatifying the man.  Although we have outdone everyone with our religious heriarchy we do not have a method like Catholics to petition the Shite equivalent of the Pope to beatify Mossadegh.

3. Alternatively we could look back in our best superstitious backward traditions and simply make Ahmadabad an Emamzadeh. But then again in the best traditions it would need a khar to be buried there. A man too proud of his ego is. That would do. 

We can try to see whether we can hold a longer wake with all the trimmings of self-flaggelations all year round. Why wear black only during Ashura? When we have 11,000 Emamzadeh, sorry 110001 including Ahamadabad, we can wear black continually. 

Our ethics and values are mind numbingly upside down to say the least when not one word is said about the occupation of Iran in the second world war and its disasterous effects. Or when we see mind numbing arguments about monarchy when the real failure was of modernism in Iran.

We are rum people with rum values and we pay the price for it.


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by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Lets think of a name for the sect first.


The Democratically Elected Dictators Branch of Islam

The Divert Your mind from Being Occupied during ww2 Branch of Islam

The Fainting Mojahedines branch of Islam.