Rum People II

by fozolie

Seeing how much is being said and written about the tragedy of Shapur Bakhtiar (the latest was some YouTube compilation called 37 Days). I moaned to an old sage about how upside down Iranian values are. When they should have supported anyone willing to prevent Akhoond take over they didn't.  Nobody would listen a nation committed suicide by regressing. Those who should have known better either fooled themselves or ran away. 

But the simple reply from the old sage was that we cannot help but create martyrs and hold wakes. We love it.  There must be collectively something wrong that makes us hold prepetual wakes. And this site in a small way is representative of this idiotic trait. You only need to see the various posts hold in wake for Saint Mossadegh and all the other charlatans.  It seems the more discredited or the worse the charlatans were the stronger the need to keep these wakes to cover their failures in idea and action. 


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Well said Fozolie

by anglophile on

Couldn't agree more.