Pictory: First Iranian Military Aeroplane

Pictory: First Iranian Military Aeroplane
by fozolie


It was delivered in mid 1920's a. Reza Shah is centre left. Anyone out there who could identify the type? 


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I thought you want to check this out.

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welcome guys

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It does look like a DH, here is something I found since posting the above:


Ali P note the request to people to raise money and how Gilan and Mazandaran came through. Long live TABARESTAN!

Scroll down and read about Col Nakhjavan! 

Mr. Fozolie

ex programmer craig


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That is this one:


I'm not an expert on old planes (or even new ones!) but they do look similar and according to this wiki:


Iran did have some of those, beginning in 1924. 

Interesting post, and photo... thanks! I had no idea Iran had an air force that long ago. The west was barely investing in air power, in those early days.




Ali P.

His hand everywhere...

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Is there anything in modern Iran that was NOT initiated by Reza Shah??


Thanks for the pic.