Pictory: Constitutional Assembly that Changed Dynasties

Pictory: Constitutional Assembly that Changed Dynasties
by fozolie

Date: 12th December 1925

The caption to the above photo reads (removed from the image file to show more of the photograph):

How the Persian Constituent Assembly voted in the election which resulted in Riza Khan being chosen Shah of Persia by 257 votes to 3

A Group taken outside the government buildings at Teheran showing the ballot boxes in which the votes were placed.


Mr. Fozolie

PS: The 3 dissenting votes were Mossadegh, Taghizadeh and ?




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Based on the link

by Anonymouse on

Based on the link fozolie provided it appears this was another "Islamic Republic; yes or no" LOL

Looks like Mossadegh wanted a constitutional monarchy but Reza Shah wanted "Pahlavi Monarchy, yes or no".

I can imagine others cutting off Mossadegh and the other dissenters ala Dr. No in Austin Power movies :-)

Mossadegh:  I think Shah should not ...

Reza: zip

Mossadegh: Monar ...

Reza; it! zip it!  Yes?

Mossadegh: constitu ...

Reza: or no? Yeeees?  or  Noooo?

Everything is sacred.


Why would Mossadegh

by Anonymouse on

Why would Mossadegh and others vote to keep Qajar?   

Everything is sacred.


blame it on old age

by fozolie on

Admin: I will send the original file. Regarding the number, Ari is right it was the 3 socialists led by Amir Soleiman Eskandari who abstained.  The 4 (not 3) (Mossadegh, Taghizadeh, Moddaress and Ala) was against the bill calling for formation of the  Constitutional Assembly in the parliament. 


Mr. Fozolie

Ari Siletz

4 dissenting votes in October

by Ari Siletz on

Fozolie, according to Keddie (Modern Iran) a vote was held in October 1925 where Dolatabadi, Modarres (or Ala, if you believe Badiozamani), Mossadegh, and Taghizadeh voted "no" to depose the Ghajars. In December 1925 (your photo), the Majles met  to amend the constitution endorsing Reza Khan as the new shah. In that meeting, Keddie mentions, three "Socialist deputies" abstained. She does not give names. Who do you think she means? 


send me the original

by admin on


and I will put it on a wider layout format.

Ali P.

The 3rd one...

by Ali P. on

would be Seyyed Hassan Modarres.

Am I right?


Glad you liked it

by fozolie on

Was a rare find. You have shown us the way.

Mr. Fozolie

Darius Kadivar

Your Good ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Amazing photos you got together these days.

Congrats ;0)

I have to meet the Challenge now !

You will be hard to beat  ;0))