Melli Mazhabi An Iranian Oxymoron

by fozolie


Since I cannot find you a video clip of Cate Blanchett as Elizabeth giving the speech asking the parliament to approve the Act of Uniformity (albeit with a pinch of dramatic licence), you'll have to do with the script below. The Act of Unifromity was for the English to establish their own Church finally breaking away from (the Akhoonds in) Rome.   If only if our Melli Mazhabis had the guts or the common sense to realise you cannot serve two masters. I have heard much talk of the need to reform Islam. There has been much talk of reforming Islam, a good first step would be to refuse to read the Arabic Koran and refuse to pray in Arabic (if you must!). 

I ask you to pass

this Act of Uniformity

not... not for myself

but for my people

who are my only care.

Madam, by this Act,

you force us to relinquish

our allegiance to the Holy Father.

Hear, hear!

How can I force you, Your Grace?

I am a woman.

I have no desire

to make windows into men's souls.

I simply ask

can any man, in truth,

serve two masters

and be faithful to both?

Madam, this is heresy!

No, Your Grace, this is

common sense.

Which is a most English virtue.


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