JJ Do Something Amazing This Year

by fozolie

JJ Do Something Amazing This Year

Dear Editor

Do something amazing this year and do no allow any nostalgic, death worshipping, failure worshipping words on anniversary of 28th Mordad this time round.

In the year that Iranian people have made so many sacrifices, do not allow any articles unless they are progressive by drawing lessons from the past as to how the rift between the nationalists (for want of a better term).

This division between people, who should know better, is only benefiting foreigners and the corrupt superstitious fascist religious dictators.  What is wrong with us?  What is with the Iranian mentality that has to glorify failure?  

One’s mind boggles as to why a nation is determined on celebrating madness by mourning this event like it’s another Ashura?   

Can’t you all see this long running saga is most destructive? By arguing over the bones people who have long turned into dust, we achieve absolutely nothing other than fuelling past divisions. If we thought calmly and unemotionally about 28th Mordad surely we must see that it provided the Akhoonds with their best opportunity to exploit these differences and establish dark superstitious dictatorship.  They resented the Constitutional Revolution but never had the chance until the aftermath of 28th Mordad.

I am not a supporter of Mousavi at all but I am glad there is a potential albeit limited-democratic leader in Iran.

Can we this year get away from this madness? I urge JJ to do something different this year and on the occasion of its anniversary.  Challenge them into writing something different this year, something that draws whatever lessons they want to draw from the history to help with the struggle now, instead of just regurgitating the usual brain washed emotional claptrap from both sides.  


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