It was TPajax STUPID

It was TPajax STUPID
by fozolie

What is truly laughable about the distortion of history by the supporters of Saint Mossadegh and their western apologists is they cannot even get the basics right. The operation was called TPajax. TP as in Toudeh Party and Ajax as in the cleaning liquid not some frigging Geek god. By the way, what is there to apologize about? Saving Iran from chaos orchestrated by a bunch of traitors directed by Berria? Are we Iranians that gullible to be taken in by these disingenuous  expressions of regret? ENOUGH!

Saint-Martyr Mossadegh was a failure becuase he stopped doing politics and stopped putting the interests of Iranian people ahead of his own idiotic idea of his lunatic legacy. For that he should be seen for what he was. Not to say anything of his ineptitude of sleeping with the Toudeh devil. 

Same is happening today under the guise of nuclear nonsense. Iran is made a target and Iranians are made to suffer in the name of ideology. No reason or logic has any effect. What a country, what a people, what mind boggling madness.....  


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@ Mr. Fozoli

by spatima on

In ancient greek, the term "idiot" refers to someone that is "politically uneducated and or/ignorant".
Just put that here so that you may expand your "ancient greek" vocab.



In hope of a Free, Democratic, Independent and Secular Iran


Oh for heavens sake

by fozolie on

Go read the official CIA history of the operation. You seem to be very good at using google. 

Mr. Fozolie


I cannot decide if this is a fantasy blog or a comic relief?

by MM on

By your logic, TP could also stand for anything between "Trita Parsi" to "Toilet Paper".  If your logic stands, HTTP also originated from the Tudeh Party members, so, be aware. 

I will let you know if I hear about an operation called Mr. VF Clean (cf., //;jsessionid=E8FD14713C86477545280EF72644940C.pa05).

PS, While TP in TPAJAX has been misrepresented as Tudeh Party in some web sites (//, in reality, news organizations and official site say "The TP prefix indicated that the operation was to be carried out in Iran." e.g., //


Helpful Clarification !

by Shemirani on

When you know there is people like Mr Michell Freddura, who out of blue linked T P Ajax to a Greek hero LOL its show how much ignorance can cause damages to our land ! We  are tired seeing our history being re-writen by non spoken Persian because they just understand 1/4 of what really happenned, et pour le reste ils brodent !


Tudeh Party (communist Party in Iran) Ajax Operation : everything is clear U.S.A didn't want Iran to become like exUSSR !!! (cold war period) and the big majority of iranian didn't want it either !!



Please make up your minds

by Mehrban on

Did he sleep with the Tudeh or did he sleep with Kashani or both.  Boy! Mosadegh had a very active sex life!