I love Persian expressions

by fozolie

"Salmanihaa keh beekaar mishavand sar hamdigar raa mitaraashand"

I love their richness and economy of expression. What reminded me of above is that I saw it actually happen today!

Having a day off today I thought I should pop in the local barbers and avoid the usual weekend queues. Lo and behold, one of the barbers was giving the head barber a haircut on this lazy autumnal afternoon. It was fascinating to watch the extra care the young man was taking in cutting the boss's hair.

On another level it very aptly describes the blogs on Iranian.com.


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I have a few which I love!

by Q on

"dar be to migam, divar to beshno" (door, I'm telling you but wall, you listen),



"khodam kardam ke la-nat bar khodam bad" (I did it, so curse me),


"zabunam moo dar-avard" (my tongue is growing hair) means talking too much.


and my all time favorite: "in digeh che sigheiye?" (what's the deal?), it relies on the word "sighe" meaning contract, but also used for that of a "temporary wife" in shite Islam. The pun works well.



"shotor ba baresh gom shod!"

"roo midi, astar mikhad."

"ab az asiab gozashteh."

"andar kham-e yek kooche mandeim"



by Mehdi on



RE: This is you and your perception.

by ramin nazari (not verified) on

dear "name matters", iranian.com is indeed huge, unlike your brain which is as small and close as a gerdoo.
Your vision is too limited, by your nok-e-damagh.


This is you and your perception.

by name matters? (not verified) on

"On another level it very aptly describes the blogs on Iranian.com" Let me just say kindly: you need to expand your vision. This Iranian.com is as huge as Iran Zamin.


This is refreshing...

by Nassery.. (not verified) on

It's nice to see someone happy. I love Iranian expressions too despite my non Iranian status on some of these blogs. lol..

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