History of Violence: Murder of American Diplomat


History of Violence: Murder of American Diplomat
by fozolie

Dated: 18th July 1924


     Blindness of a Moslem and Poisoning of Sacred Well Ascribed to Baha'is.
     Vice Consul Beaten to Death in Hospital Operating Room, Had Forty Wounds.
TEHERAN, July 23, 1924. - The following are the events which led up to the murder of Major Imbrie, American Vice Consul here. About a month ago a native was rumored to have lost his sight at a well immediately after having uttered the name of Abbas Effendi, the late spiritual leader of the Bahais. The well thereupon became a shrine and was visited by crowds of Moslems, who started anti-Bahai demonstrations without any attempt by the authorities to stop them.

A few days ago the well was said to have been poisoned and Bahais were reported to have done it. Attempts were made to find the alleged culprits and the place became still more crowded. On Friday morning Major Imbrie and Seymour, his companion, visited the place to take photographs. They were warned not to approach the well, as women were present.

     Accordingly, they desisted and entered their carriage. Then shouts were raised that they were the Bahais who had poisoned the well. Stones were thrown, and the carriage was followed by a crowd. Finally it was stopped and the two Americans were dragged out and attacked by the mob with sticks and stones. Soldiers were seen in the crowd and the police made only feeble efforts to rescue the Americans.

Major Imbrie, who was unarmed, did his best to defend himself until he became unconscious from a blow on the skull, evidently delivered with a sabre. While he was lying on the ground a stone broke his jaw. He was finally carried to the police hospital, but the mob forced its way into the operating room and continued to attack him. He received more than forty wounds.


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