History of Violence: Mrs. Razmara

History of Violence: Mrs. Razmara
by fozolie

The impact of violence isn't purely physical.

The photo caption reads:

The police comforting Mrs. Anvar Razmara while hearing the news of her husband's death


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Here is one more

by fozolie on


Last week Tahmassebi was a free man, pardoned by Mossadegh's
subservient Majlis and captive Shah. The young assassin promptly rushed
to the Hazrat Abdolazim shrine, wept joyously and said: "When I killed
Razmara, I was sure that his people would kill me."

Then he set out on a round of social calls. He dropped in for a cup of
tea with evil old Mullah Kashani, spiritual chief of the fanatic
nationalists, co-conspirator with Communists and the man Premier
Mossadegh most fears.
Read more: //www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,817453,00.html#ixzz0YxNqUyLN

Even Premier Mohammed Mossadegh asked the assassin to call. However, the
wily old Premier refused to pose with Tahmassebi and barred
photographers from the meeting.

Read more: //www.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,817453,00.html#ixzz0YxNxgLS2

Jebhe Gheir e Melli has tried to sweep this shameful act under the rug for years. No matter what you think of Razmara or reasons for killing him, the end does not justify the means. 

Mr. Fozolie

Farah Rusta

Evidence?! You need Education first Mr Kazemzadeh

by Farah Rusta on

I gave you the evidence (Transcripts of the Discussions of the Parliament - Mozakerat-e Majles Shuraye Meli) but the trouble with you and the entire deaf and blind followers of JM is that you look but you can not see; you listen but you can not hear. Is your diatribe (no. 2) in your first comment a sample of your scholarly arguments? This is why you need some education first to open your mind, if possible at all, before you can examine any evidence. 

The two links that I gave in my previous comments were not for evidence - they were for education. But because you like your hero Mossadegh are intensely fanatic, you cannot even read or see what the purpose of those links were.

The evidence is rife but as I wrote above you are not evidently equipped with the right  skills to understand or examine the evidence. No amount of ranting and raving by you and the JM fraternity, even from within the digital lines of this site, can whitewash the fact that Mossadegh and Ayatollah Kashani (the spritual leader of the Fadaeiyan Islam) were intimate allies and political partners (until when Mossadegh was blatant in his drive to depose the Shah and unconstitutionally held a referundum).

  • This was the same Kashani who has openly hailed and called for the murder of such figures as Ahmad Kasravi, Abdolhossein Hajhir and Haji Ali Razm Ara.
  • This was the same Kashani who had already and publicly supported and called for the release of Khalil Tahmasebi, the man who had assassinated Razm Ara.
  • This was the same Kashani who personally welcomed Khalil Tahmasebi after his release, thanks to the vot by Mossadegh and his JM deputies in Majles.  


sample pictures of Mossadegh and Kashani's fraternity: 





Kashani welcoming Razm Ara's assassin:



Mossadegh declaring the he would (personally) kill Razm Ara if he set foot in Majles (Mozekerate Majles Shuraye Melli - referred to in the link):


Now is your turn Kazemzadeh: Provide an iota of evidence that Mossadegh condemned the murder of Razm Ara, voted against the release of Razm Ara's murderer, spoke against it or opposed it.



Masoud Kazemzadeh

Ms. Rusta

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ms. Rusta,


Do YOU realize that the evidence you present, does NOT substantiate your allegations?????? So far, you have included 2 links (neither one to a scholarly source), neither of which presents an iota of evidence to prove your (false) allegations.


The link you provide (regardless of its credibility), includes NOTHING whatsoever to substantiate your false allegations.


YOU can use insults for Dr. Mossadegh, but throwing garbage on a diamond, does not change the nature of the diamond. Diamond remains true to its quality and the garbage remain true to ITS quality.

Insults and vulgarities are not substitutes for evidence, logic, and argument.



Farah Rusta

Mossadegh's duplicity and deceit

by Farah Rusta on



Mr Kazemzadeh


If you want to deceive yourself, you are free to do so but you cannot change the documented facts of modern history. The transcripts of the Majles Shoraye Meli's discussion is the undeniable source. Mossadegh is on the records to have said in the Majles: If he (Razm Ara) enters this place (Majles) I will personally kill him. During the premiership of Hossein Ala the bill to free Razm Ara's murderer was introduced to the JM-populated Majles under the influence of Mossadegh and the Speakership of Kashani . Mossadegh not only did not oppose this bill but  himself and all his chief allies and colleagues in JM voted in favor of the release of this assassin.


Mossadegh and Kashani (the spritual leader of the Fedaaeeyan Islam) were hand in hand in celebrating Razm Ara's murder. 


You clearly have only a superficial knowledge of the moden history of Iran. 









Masoud Kazemzadeh

For Jamshid

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Jamshid jaan,


You and I have gone through this exact same debate several times.  I have not succeeded in convincing you to change your mind by my arguments.  There is not much I can do. 





Re: Masoud Kazemzadeh

by jamshid on

With all due respect, I think you have gone too for in your comment:

You worte, "It is our opinion that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a khaen, a brutal torturer, and murderer."

You are entitled to your opinion. But it is is many other people's opinion that the Shah was a patriotic king who provided security, peace and prosperity for Iran.

Shall we believe you or these other people? Your opinion is just your views, it is not necessarily the truth. You should remember this.

You wrote, "There is no doubt whatsoever that the Shah created SAVAK, which tortured, raped, and murdered Iranian people."

In here, you are very much in line with the mollahs. You are basically repeating their exaggerated BS and lies that were fed to people like me 30 years ago in order to deceive us, which worked and we were deceived grandly. That is why we have the IRI today.

You wrote, "As democrats (i.e., one who opposes dictatorship) and nationalist (i.e., one who opposes puppets), JM had no choise but to oppose the Shah's regime that gave away our oil and established a brutal savage dictatorship."

Dr. Kazemzadeh! Aren't you being a bit arrogant and hyprocrite? Sorry for the language, but In fact, I am grateful that you are pouring your thoughts out in here. At least I am getting to know your true side. Here is my answer to the above:

You are attempting to display the JM as an entity that opposes dictatorship and supports nationalism. But wasn't it the JM that SUPPORTED the worst dictator and anti-nationalist of all times, Khomeini? YES OR NO? Wan't it JM that betrayed Bakhtiar?

Wan't it Jebehey Melli that asked me and many others, demanded us, to support Khomeini? I still have clear memories of Dr. Sanjabi, loudspeaker in hand, encouraging us to support Khomeini.

But we all make mistakes. It is only human. However, did Dr. Karim Sanjabi, JM leader, EVER apologized to the people of Iran, to people like me whom he deceived, for selling out his country to khomeini and his gang of thugs?


You have written to me in the past that Sanjabi committed this unforgivable act because he and JM too were decieved by Khomeini. What does that tell me about JM? It tells me that they were not fit to lead at all, that they should have let Bakhtiar, a true patritot, to lead them.

But then again, we all make mistakes. However, we learn from them and become more fit for the future. The question then is, have JM learnt its lessons? Have JM evolved into something that is better and more fit than its predecessor?

The answer depends on what or who JM is. If JM represents YOU and people who think like you, then the answer is NO! JM has learnt NOTHING! It is the same unfit fossil than it was 30 years ago. Still repeating the same BS, the same lies, the same exaggerations, the same araajif, and still with the same views, the same blind hatred, the same ignorance.

"JM had no choise but to oppose the Shah's regime"

Really? Didn't JM had the choice to join Bakhtiar? YES OR NO, Dr. Kazemzadeh? Didn't it have the choice not to encourage the naive youth, people like me, not to follow khomeini? YES OR NO?

In fact, JM had MANY choices, but it chose the worst of them all, the one that was due to the same blind hatred you are displaying today.

"the Shah's regime that gave away our oil..."

Gave our oil away? What kind of a non-sense ignorant statement is this? In 1973, 20 years after Mossadegh, Iran had achived more than all of Mossadegh's goals. The only difference being that it was achieved in an incremental manner without endangering Iran's long-term security and integrity.

And what would have Mossadegh done with all that oil sitting in the wells? Did he in 1953 have the technicians and experts to extract it? Did he have the personnel to refine it? Did he have the ports or tankers to ship it?

What the HELL would he have done with that oil? Answer this question, Dr. Kazemzadeh. 

Let me answer it it for you: He could do NOTHING with the oil without foreign assistance, expertise, training and investment.

And I think this is something that the Shah did realize. The contracts he signed may not have been fair early on, but in return, much needed foreign expertise was invested in Iran, the oil industy layed, factories built and our own Iranian personnel trained. And as time passed and Iran became more knowleagable and expert in the field, the deals became more favorable to Iran, until 1973 when for all practical purposes, Iran had acheived all of Mossadegh's dreams. And did so without endangering Iran's security.

Sometimes, patriotism is not enough and it takes "smarts" to be a good politician, Dr. Kazemzadeh. And the ignorant JM has been calling this "giving away our oil". It is pathetic.

Your quotes from Kinzer's books only displays your own biased prejudice. There are many other books and references that tells us a different story. You conveniently do not quote them.

You wrote, "JM is Iran’s main pro-democracy organization."

Is that so? Since when? I don't recall the youth that recently protested and demonstrated in Iran were JM supporters. Nor do I recall that they were anti-democracy.

HOW DARE YOU claim that JM is the main pro-democracy organization in Iran? 

JM died when it committed suicide 30 years ago by supporting Khomeini. It lost its popularity and integrity. BUT, it had 30 years to make up and to recover. By reading your views, I can clearly see that not only it has not made up for its mistakes, but it is EXACTLY the same fossil than it was 30 years ago.

In these times and days, you either evolve or you become extinct. JM has chosen the latter.

P.S. This was not written to you by a monarchist, as I am not a monarchist, not even close. I support a democratic parliamentary republic. However, this doesn't mean that I have to blindly hate the shah. I do hold JM responsible as the primary party that decieved me and many others 30 years ago, and enticed us to support khomeini and destroy our country. I am still living with the guilt, everyday of my life, but it doesn't look like the arrogant JM can have the conscience to do the same.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Dictatorship vs. Democracy

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Ms. Rusta,

You wrote: "One of the least talked about and most shameful political appeasements performed by the so-called law-abiding and democracy loving prime minister, meaning Mossadegh, was passing a bill through the Majles (mordad 1331) which freed Razma Ara's murderer, Khalil Tahmasebi."





I read every word of the article in Etemaad. There is NOT a single word that Dr. Mossadegh passed a bill in the Majles which freed Tahmasebi.



1. It is our opinion that Mohammad Reza Pahlavi was a khaen, a brutal torturer, and murderer. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi himself also regarded himself to be a puppet of the British. There is no doubt whatsoever that the Shah created SAVAK, which tortured, raped, and murdered Iranian people.  As democrats (i.e., one who opposes dictatorship) and nationalist (i.e., one who opposes puppets), JM had no choise but to oppose the Shah's regime that gave away our oil and established a brutal savage dictatorship.




"The State Department informed us [the British] today on a number of occasions associates of the shah have told Henderson that His Majesty is uncertain about the British attitude towards himself. He is reported to be harping on the theme that the British had thrown out the Qajar Dynasty, had brought in his father and had thrown his father out. Now they could keep him in power or remove him in turn as they saw fit. If they desired that he should stay and that the Crown should retain the powers given to it by the Constitution, he should be informed. If on the other hand they wished him to go, he should be told immediately so that he could leave quietly."



2. JM did oppose Gen. Razmara. JM did oppose Fadaian Islam.



3. JM is Iran’s main pro-democracy organization. That is precisely why dictatorial groups and individuals (e.g., monarchists, fundamentalists, Stalinists) have opposed us. It is natural for those who have practiced torture, rape, assassination, execution, dictatorship, to oppose democratic groups such as the Jebhe Melli and democratic leaders such as Dr. Mossadegh.





Farah Rusta

Insightful analysis Jamshid jaan

by Farah Rusta on

As you say, we are a nation in need of role models and heros. Sadly we often choose the wrong model. The tragedy is the we do not accept any flaws in our role models even if we are confronted with the undeniable evidence.


Thanks for your comment.



Dear Farah

by jamshid on

The "myth making machine" you wrote about has been firmly in place since the Safavids installed a "dead/hero worship" in our culture. Jebhey Melli and many other political factions in Iran were and still are under its spell.

To illulstrate this, take 10 Iranians by random. You will find that the majority of them are in "need" of a hero. Like an addict, they feel empty without a hero; if the hero can be packaged as a victim, the better; if the hero is dead, even better.

Many of our ills and the lies we believe in trace back to our culture. These lies then feed the ills, and the cycle continues. I always have believed that we need a cultural revolution more than a political one.

As an example, Bakhtiar always had the picture of Mossadegh on his desk facing the cameras in his interviews. Why? Because he also "needed" a hero and a symbol. He failed to realize that he himself was a hero, a much larger hero than even Mossadegh was.

We need to abandon this culture of hero and dead worship, and instead learn to be our own heroes. This is one more important reason among many others why we Iranians are drawn to dictators and don't have a democratic mind set.

Darius Kadivar

Thank You Farah Jaan

by Darius Kadivar on

Yes That is him.

Merci for the knowledgable feedback as uual.


Farah Rusta

Hidden Histroy: Mossadegh freed Razm Ara's assassin

by Farah Rusta on

One of the least talked about and most shameful political appeasements performed by the so-called law-abiding and democracy loving prime minister, meaning Mossadegh, was passing a bill through the Majles (mordad 1331) which freed Razma Ara's murderer, Khalil Tahmasebi. Mossadegh who needed Ayatollah Kashani's support called Razm Ara mofsede fil araz and mahdour ol dam (one whose blood is halal to be shed).

This must be the darkest indictment against a prime minister who freed his predecessor's murderer (without any due process) because in his judgment and that of the Islamic Fadaeeyan, Razm Ara was a traitor!

Now are we still in any doubt about Mossadegh's real colors and intensions or should we continue beleiving the myth making machine of Jebhe Melli and its blind and misguided followers?



Farah Rusta

Manouchehr Razm Ara is General's step brother

by Farah Rusta on

Dear Ali, and Darius 

Dr Manouchehr Razm Ara is General Razam Ara's half brother. see this video:


 And correct: His wife, Anvar was Sadegh Hedayat's sister.

Mr Fozolie thanks for the post 


Darius Kadivar

Ali P. Jaan are you sure ? ( You are correct for Hedayat though)

by Darius Kadivar on

I saw Dr. Manouchehr Razmara only once but my mother and older brother should know him better.

He looked too young to be his brother given that Haj Ali Razmara was born in 1901.

As for the Lady she is indeed Sadegh Hedayat's sister:


She was married to Razmara.

Ali P.

Mrs Razmara

by Ali P. on

Wasn't she Sadegh Hedayat's sister?

I believe she was.

DK: Dr. Manouchehr Razmara, Bakhtiar's cabinet member, is General Razmara's brother, not son. I am 90% sure.

Most of today's IRI thugs are related to those Fadaeeyan eh Eslaam animals back then. Abd-Khodaaee, who at the age of 14 shot Dr. Fatemi -he survived the assassination- today is a  member of the Majlis.

Darius Kadivar

Interesting document

by Darius Kadivar on

"The impact of violence isn't purely physical. "

Very True !

Thanks for Sharing.

Razmara's Son ( who became minister in Bakhtiar's government and was a fellow university class mate of my father) did a Eulogy for my father when he passed away 4 years ago, so this photo is all the more touching to look at.

I can imagine the pain in their family at the time better now.