History of Violence: More Mob Violence

History of Violence: More Mob Violence
by fozolie

The Islamic fire did not do the cleaning job as prostitution returned with vengence as a major social problem in our glorious Islamic Republic. 


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Islam goes to Hell .

Hi there ..

by Islam goes to Hell . on

Is that a women whose been burnt to death ?   When did they do this ? Islam is so great , Iranian in Iran and all over the world who are seeing all these murders been done are still telling the world ISLAM is not this or that ,so what is it  ?!!   The very foundation of Islam which was founded by it's Psychopath murderer in Madineh was based on Murder , Rape , and imposing Islam by Sword and killing those who do not want to believe in Islam(non believers should die !!) , Islam is just that a CULT of a bunch of BANDITS of Madineh ; 1400. ago Iran was at the height of Civilisation ,do you really think we needed a bunch of barbars , murderers to enter Iran by force and teach us civility to US Persian 1400. ago ? We were just conquered by Arabs and been imposed this shit .     What a nation is that who still continues to cherish Islam after their sons and daughters have been slaughtered like animals , and raped and hanged ,tortured ..... what can be said more ?   Death to Islamic Bastard Republic of Butchers AND their supporters . hope to see them punished one by one soon .   National Democracy for Iran .  


How Many?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Indeed institutionalized prostitution is now rampant in Iran sanctioned by the government through "khane Effat"!!

How many of these people in the mob - those visible in the picture - do you think frequented "shaher-Nu" when it was operating?