History of Violence: Mohammad Massoud

History of Violence: Mohammad Massoud
by fozolie

Date: 13/2/1948

He was shot as he left the newspaper office ("Mard e Emrooz"). He was a firey outspoken newspaperman who sharply criticized the colonial policies of Russia and Britain. He exposed Toudeh and its ties to the Soviet Union.  He was also highly critical of the Court. At one stage he had to go into hiding as he was endicted for offering a reward for anyone who murdered Ahmad Ghavam!

Khosro Roozbeh of the military wing of Toudeh later confessed to his murder. The reason: Rozbeh was hoping that eliminating such a firey critic of the satus quo would galvanize the political situation and radicalize the Toudeh.




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Ali P.

Khosro Roozbeh

by Ali P. on

What a brilliant person...wasted on such a miserable cause...

How many great sons and daughters of Iran was devoured by the Left?!