In defence of the Lion and the (LADY) Sun

In defence of the Lion and the (LADY) Sun
by fozolie

The agruments that have broken out in a couple of the pages on this site (here // and // reflect the ignorance of our history. The Lion and the Sun is our national and civil symbol. Having referred to old documents and government papers in support of the above, I scanned the above image from a school certificate issued during the Mashroteh period.

The supporters of Mousavi organising the protests were very insistant on excluding any symbols that could be used by the regime as evidence to accuse them of wanting regime change. But we moved beyond that when the 'Leader' gave the Iranian people the finger in his Friday sermon.

Shutting up in favour of unity is committing the same mistake as 1979. The unity should be against killings in Iran and I for one will not protest to claim Mr. Mousavi's declared aim of preserving the Islamic Republic. I don't see how Mousavi supporters can claim to be democratic when they intolerant at the same time.

On a lighter note, note the sun is depicted as a lady (Khorshid Khanoum!). 


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by Golbaang on

I saw the Sohrab's photo.. i can't find the link to the representatives on your other post?



by fozolie on

Llol! Should not have written while I was in a "tired and emotional" state and you are right I am keeping day job! Having admitted that, can we get back on topic please?

Mr. Fozolie


Keep day job

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Dude, you better stick to your day job.  Writing is not your forte'.