Dear Gordon

Dear Gordon
by fozolie

Mr. Gordon Brown
10 Downing Street,

11th August 2009

Dear Gordon 

I congratulate you on your prompt response to events in Burma and call for the UN to act, on the other hand I must express my outrage that you rightly call for UN action in this case, yet neither your government or the EU has made similar calls for action by the UN against the regime in Iran in response to the torture and rape of non violent protesters.

You are well aware of the show trials underway, yet apart from sympathetic noises by the British government and EU representatives, all we have observed is "a low profile".

I would like to see your administration make similar calls for the UN to act and argue for indictment of Iranian regime leaders for crimes against humanity in the International Court.

Come on Gordon, I realise it is difficult for you as but it is time to show some courage, and moral fortitude which as a Scotsman you should at least understand the meaning.

Yours etc.

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no such delusion oosta jooon

by fozolie on

Just letting off steam. You should try it dude, should help you become less yobss  ;-)

Mr. Fozolie



by Ostaad on

Seems you've got an acute case of gogeejeh by mixing up Iran and Myanmar (Burma for those who are not up to date). Look here dude, the Miramar rulers probably don't have a penny in the UK banks, but the akhonds...well, you know what I'm talking about, don't you.