Contempt for Our lies

by fozolie

Some of the at best politically correct mob, and at worst the Islamic Trolls, who keep rising to the defence of vile Akhoonds like Khatami (vile because he is the worst from of charlatan, by conning you into believing the possibility of a humane side to IRI. And judging by the emotional nonsense in his defence we read on this site he has succeeded) are employing tactics to dismiss exposing the lies as nationalistic or racist.

I understand the point made by some who fear the anti-Islamic rhetoric being used by the right wing in your promiseland, namely the US of A whose right wing racist numbnuts bereft of ideas have taken to extremism because a black president is trying to raise social justice - a little bit. While that danger may exist, I will continue to expose religion charlatanism and warn of the dangers of Islam in particular.  

A consequence of the trauma of what has happened to Iranians seems to have regressed Iranians into other lies. Below is an example which makes the mind boggle as how they can propagate this nonsense when factually we know so little about Zoroaster. The rational explanation of celebration of the sixth day as Nourouz e Bozorg lies in the origin of religions or worship of the Sun (and the Genesis fable).

با درود

ششم فروردین ماه زاد روز رزتشت بزرگ، پیامبر خرد است. از این روی مشتاقانه مایل هستم این روز بزرگ را به همه ی دوستان و هموطنانم در سراسر جهان خجسته باد بگویم

در این باره جُستاری تحت عنوان " زایش زرتشت بزرگ خجسته باد "  را در لینک های زیر ملاحظه فرمایید


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Farah Rusta

Good intentions Fozolie but ...

by Farah Rusta on

there are much better candidates to have a go at than the fake Zoroastrian ministers! As you say, we have been suffering the worst of the Islamic charlatanism for more than three decades. There are faith fraudsters in every religion and spiritual movement. Be it Jewish, Christians, Muhammadans, Bahaiis and so on, there are no exceptions. And yes there are Zoroastrian fraudsters too.

The point, however, is how to tell the difference between the fakes and the real McCoy!

I look forward to reading your next expose'. Good luck my  sometimes-too-critical new friend :)