Congratulations to All Iranians


Congratulations to All Iranians
by fozolie

I read earlier this month that flow of Iranian oil is being restored back to full volume to China after resolving a dispute over payment terms??! I was alarmed as payment terms are 30 days as standard. I missed the report below from Reuters back in December. See the highlighted paragraph in red below.

It turns out that Iranian Government is also giving open credit as well as extended payment terms for free. Moreover they are doing the same for uncreditworthy customers like Hellenic Petroleum of Greece. As everyone knows the Greeks are in dire trouble. This is in direct contravention of laws and regulations designed to prevent not only corruption but abuse of authority, preventing them from selling oil without security. So not only is Iran reduced to bartering our oil for JUNK in their own words (see Bloomberg’s report ) but the country runs the risk of never getting paid.

This is a nightmare replaying itself as the similarities with Mossadegh’s mismanagement and incompetence are uncanny. The sheer lunacy, incompetence and mismanagement is shocking.

I hope no foreign power attacks or interefers with Iran so that later generations can see these people for what they are and the intervention does not hide their sheer incompetence 50 years later and they can hide the truth by Demagoguery and Necromongery as Jebhe Gheir Mellit and Saint Mossadegh martyrists have done.

Open Credit to China (see Reuters Article by clicking here)

BEIJING, Dec 19 (Reuters) - China's top refiner Sinopec Corp will in January buy less than half the crude it typically imports from Iran, trade sources said on Monday, as the two haggle over terms against a backdrop of rising international pressure on Tehran.Iran's largest crude buyer has cut its January purchases by about 285,000 barrels per day (bpd), sources said. That is over half of the close to 550,000 bpd that China has been buying on.Chinese state trader Zhuhai Zhenrong Corp has cut 120,000 barrels per day from its Iranian crude imports for January, a senior Chinese oil trader familiar with the talks between the Chinese buyers and the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said.Sinopec instructed Zhenrong to make the cut, the source said. Zhenrong has a deal to buy from Iran and deliver the crude to Sinopec refineries in China.Sinopec last week also cut the volumes it imports under a second, direct deal with NIOC. It has reduced imports for January by around 165,000 bpd, industry sources told Reuters last week.

The two sides disagree over the period given to Sinopec to pay for the oil, sources said. Sinopec requested a 90 day credit period, while Iran wants the refiner to pay in 60 days. For 2011 term contracts payment terms were on a mix of 60 and 90 days, depending on which refinery was taking the crude.

A Beijing-based Iranian oil official said he could not immediately confirm the cut from Zhenrong, but said the companies disagreed over credit terms."The main problem is about payment," said the Iranian oil official. "About prices, there were no big gaps."

Open Credit to Greece extract from FT article today:

Iran had been offering generous credit terms to sell its oil amid tightening sanctions, and was willing to overlook Greece’s debt problems and sell oil via “open credit” – an industry term meaning payments for oil can be delayed for 60-180 days.

The open credit system is risky as neither party has the support of a bank’s letter of credit in case of non-payment…

Congratulations to all Iranains as we passively watch this nightmare!!!

What a country.... what a people....

PS: Please don't post any Jebhe Gheir e Melli and Tudeh excuses like Iran is right and this is all the Imperalists doing. Your trash propaganda litters our country's history. It does not fool the post 53 generation, ANYMORE. Keep it to yourself. It will be ignored.


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AMP: I don't read most of

by vildemose on

AMP: I don't read most of your posts. Please don't write any posts on my account.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


Mehrdad, read my post,

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

It is for the benefit of others as I have explained it to vildemose 1001 times and it still hasn't made it into vildemoses consciousness... and may never make even a dent it vildemoses thought which puts total trust in what the USA is saying it is for "democracy and human rights", versus what they are doing.


vildemose yes and absolutely yes

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

foreign nations love islamic extremism for Iran, because they know it brings corruption, brutality, poverty, regression, backwardness, war and bankruptcy to iran. 

If it doesn't make any sense why they are doing this and concealing it read on?????

Old style colonialism was expensive, it required an army to invade, pay for a base and occupy the land, murder locals etc in order to physically steal resources they needed for free and not pay for it at all or for a ridiculously low price they were getting it.

The Modern USA Rapist style of colonialism, still relies on military bases and high end military technology and proxy countries like Israel, however it is far far more efficient than old colonialism.  It pays the countries every penny for their resources, but has a prime goal of not allowing the countries to spend the money on their own needs.

It makes sure they bring to power forces like extremism that bring the following... corruption, brutality, poverty, regression, backwardness, war and bankruptcy... they are absolutely responsible for bringing these to power and keeping IRI in power to achieve the aims of greedily taking back the money and stiffling their compettion. 

This is done so that while paying the countries every penny for their resources, for example when they start wars, they get to suck all the money they paid them for oil back to themselves in weapons sales, its why they disingenuosly wish to have sunni extremists in syria today and use idiots/antellectuals as their "deceived tools/patsys" to condemn Assad... not because they care for the human rights and democracy for syrians, not because they wish to weaken IRI's reach, but because they need to rob iraq of all the money they are paying it and they neeed to have some plan for repatriating all the money they are paying iraq today.  Like have sunni extremists in power in syria to fight with Iraq.

So the people don't get schools or a middle class or development or education or anything, not because they don't have good people that would bring this about, but because the west supports the forces for EVIL so hilary can spend $1 million a year on clothes, bill can get a blow job every now and then, and Americas can blow sunshine up everyones rear giving out medals for freedom as they are stealing peoples freedom.

One of the most DEMOCRATIC iranian leaders, who's actions helped create the largest progress for most iranians with the greatest growth in middle class on the planet and highest percentage of education progress levels in the world was the Late Shah, the USA/UK/FRANCE 24/7 worked to get rid of the shah, starting in 1950 the UK with supporting JM Mossadegh against the constitution (shah used the USA to foil that plan to remove the shah, mossadegh came forward under the guise of seeking democracy, but serving UK not Iran and the damage he did legally could never be fixed and Iran lost its share of Iraqi oil & bahraini oil and kuwaiti oil as a result of mossadeghs approach of seeking nationalization in opposition to the shahs approach, which would have been better for iran), one plan after another failed because the shah used the west to compete with each other and he won each time, until finally the west succeeded by all being united and not doing it independently and through killing him with cancer. 

They portrayed the shah and sold all their own people and many of ours, using their own media as a source of total propaganda to deploy deadly deceit on iranians and the world, he was literally presented as a dictator (though he never used absolute power, like US presidents do), corrupt (though he created 5 agencies against corruption and iran had comparable or lower levels of corruption than the west) and also excessively repressive (for a king that used riot police/military force less than the UK/USA and used or had access to a far far smaller secret service than any of his critics).

YES It is the fault of foreign nations that extremism is in power in iran and the shah was removed by them. 

Can you get this concept into that mind of yours???? If not why????

Its not their fault that crooks and rapists are crooks and rapists, it is their fault that crooks and rapist are in power in the first place and those that supported peace, progress and human rights are dead and buried in the ground as a result of helping create the planning and organization for the crooks and rapists. 

You can't be promting propaganda against good lawful leadership and betraying good leaders, imposing corrupt ones and then somehow not get a YES to your question under the circumstances. capiche vildemose?


Vildemose: Certainly not, ….

by Bavafa on

But they could share some of the blame if bribes have been involved either thru $$$ or other means.


Hence, I put the responsibility squarely on the IRI and Iranians people’s shoulder.  IRI for carrying out with such criminal mismanagement and theft, Iranian people for allowing this to continue.


Needless to say, similar type crime (i.e. some become obscenely wealthy at the expense of millions going hungry) does take place in the Western world and it is getting worse as time passes.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Bavafa: Is it the fault

by vildemose on

Bavafa: Is it the fault of foreign nations that the Islamic republic officials line their own pockets to become obscenly wealthy at the expense of millions who go to bed hungry?? 


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


As always, there are two side to every story….

by Bavafa on


And this is no exception.


There is hardly any argument for support to the vast mismanagement and looting of Iranian resources by IRI officials.   The lack of competent management, proper planning or accountability has been going on for 33 years now.  But we ought not to forget or forgive the West/East aim to loot Iranian resources by hook or crook either.


While the main responsibility falls squarely on the shoulder of IRI officials as well as Iranian people to allow this to take place, the aim of foreign nations should not be forgotten either.


As the comparison to the Mossadegh era, IMO, is far from reality and objectivity.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



The Iranian people will

by vildemose on

The Iranian people will never see this money paid back. That is for certain.

Talk about phoney "independence"???

All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


SHAME & More SHAME on IRR/IRI & Thugs

by Azarbanoo on

Who have been plundering IRANIANS' resources to stay in Power and continue doing their crimes against IRAN & IRANIANS.

Dawn with Akhoonds & their Thugs Basigees & Sapahs.



by fozolie on

Please note the Reuters journalist reported in the FT blog is confusing open credit with extended credit (payment) terms. They are/were giving the Greeks both!! There is no justification for giving either customer in Greece or China open or extended terms.  

Mr. Fozolie