Bobby Fischer is dead

by fozolie

I know this is nostalgic crap but when I grew up he was one of the heroes of the time. It is like losing a bit of yourself or reminding you of a part of your life that you know will never come back.

Asked who was the greatest player in the world, he once replied:

”It’s nice to be modest, but it would be stupid if I did not tell the truth. It is Fischer.

He was U.S. junior champion at 13 and U.S. Open champion at 14, retaining the title whenever he chose to defend it. He became an international grandmaster at 15, gaining the rating at his first international tournament in Yugoslavia. He once defeated 21 grandmasters in succession -- no U.S. player had beaten more than seven in a row.

I'll leave you with Spassky's reaction. Asked by Reuters for his reaction, he replied: ”It’s bad luck for you. Bobby Fischer is dead,” then hung up without further comment.


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Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Bobby Fischer may end up being known as much or even more for his behavior than his chess-playing and his impact on the game itself.

Interestingly, there are many people who have been labeled or characterized as a "genius" in whatever field, and have also been known to have serious mental or emotional issues. Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys, and Theodore Kaczynski are two examples that come to mind.

As far as his death, I heard that Fischer had been ill with a variety of ailments for some time, and wouldn't see a physician, any physician, out of an overall distrust of the medical profession. If you saw the video of him returning to Iceland in 2005, he looked like crap. He was 62 then, and looked like 102.

Niki Tehranchi

Dear Fozoli

by Niki Tehranchi on

Your article is nostalgic but it was not crap.  Don't be afraid of emotions, better to have emotion, even over some media figure, than be apathetic.  Regarding the issue of politics and chess, it is interesting to hear another famous chess player, Kasparov rant against Putin.  He is an extremely intelligent and sophiosticated guy, wish we had more like him.  This is the link to his interview on Bill Maher's show.



by Farhad2008 (not verified) on

Im not surprised of his death, He was anti israel-us policy and we can clearly see what happend to him! He never would spend anytime on jail / be isolated if he had not that option. They couldnt do much againt him becaus he was populear around the world. anyhow this is an example to what is expecting you.. to those who use free spech againts israel, and ask about justice.


it is interesting

by MRX on

they have not said yet what he died from. He was only 64. so I am curious what took him? he was a mad genious though...

Jahanshah Javid

Bobby image

by Jahanshah Javid on

When I hear "Bobby Fischer", I think likable weirdo, Cold War, USA vs USSR, scary smart, misfit... I play chess at a basic level. Any one of you could beat me in ten moves or less. I do not know any Bobby Fischer moves. I only remember black and white photos in newspapers in the 1970s showing him and his opponent sitting facing each other with a large electronic chessboard in the background so the auditorium crowd could follow their moves. I was fascinated by the imagery, not the game.

Jahanshah Rashidian

I was shocked by the news.

by Jahanshah Rashidian on

I was shocked by the news. As a chess club player, I have always admired and played his aggressive styles.

Apart of his conflicting personality, he was a chess genius who left a great chess literature like "My 60 Unforgettable Games". He played these beautiful games in his first career before reaching the world champion in 1972 after enthroning Spsski. His death is a great loss for chess.   


Interestinly enough

by The Man Who Killed Liberty Wallance (not verified) on

both Fischer and Spassky ended up to be anti-government in their own country! The ones with brain know something....