Where to Bomb Iran, if needed


Where to Bomb Iran, if needed
by Fesenjoon2

It is utterly foolish to believe, now after 32 years, practically a lifetime, that the Islamic Republic of Iran has the capacity to be reformed. Not only is it not reformable by any serious standards, but it has been going in the opposite direction, becoming more ominous and threatening by the minute. Now they are even talking about invading Europe and North Africa. This is the consequence of marrying religious ideology to affairs of state and politics: By definition: it's either Allah's way, or Jihad and hell. There is no in between.

It's only a metter of time before the messianic mullahs dare and start testing the west's patience by playing with the lion's tail. Yes, they are that stupid, and would care less if a war starts. It will bring people on their side, their thinking goes.

Unlike Iraq where Saddam had hidden military infrastructure amidst civilian populations, I think surgical missile strikes would effectively de-fang the Islamic military nezaam of the Mullahs for a decade or two. So, here is a list of possible targets I think would be good places for a UN strike force to take out, should it come down to war of the infidel west against Sepaah-i Islam. Most if not all of these are places low in population, and high in military/financial value:

Nuclear facilities:

Aside from Bushehr and a few other sites, the rest of Iran's nuclear infrastructure is fair game. These are:

  • Ardakan Nuclear fuel facility
  • Arak Heavy water reactor IR-40
  • Chalus weapons facility
  • Isfahan UCF facility
  • Parchin Military complex
  • Natanz enrichment facility
  • Qom enrichment facility

Tactical Airforce bases:

  • Shahrokhi Air Base, Hamedan
  • Vahdati Air Base, Dezful
  • Omidiyeh Air Base
  • Khatami Air Base
  • Chahbahar Air Base
  • Ghale Morghi Air Base
  • Doshan Tappeh Air Base

These other air military bases should also be decapitated:

  • Ahmadi Military Air Field
  • Badr Air Base, (Sepah)
  • Bishe Kola Air Base
  • Darrahi Military Air Field
  • Gorreh Military Air Field
  • Hesa Air Base
  • Jask Air Field
  • Kashan Air Base
  • Kushke Nosrat Airport, Manzariyeh
  • Masjed Soleyman Air Base (Shahid Asyaee)
  • Nain Air Base
  • Naja Air Base
  • Qezel Qeshl Air Base
  • Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport, Kermanshah
  • Shahid Vatan Pour Air Base
  • Soga Air Base

Missile production complexes:

  • Semnan Missile Complex
  • Sirjan Missile Plant
  • Shiraz Missile Plant
  • Shahid Hemmat Industrial Group
  • Shahid Baqeri Industrial Group
  • Fajr Industrial Group
  • Isfahan Missile Complex
  • Karaj Missile Development Complex
  • Farhin Missile Facility
  • Gostaresh Research Complex
  • Qods Aeronautics Industries
  • Ya Mahdi Industries Group
  • Lavizan Technical and Eng. Complex
  • Dorud, Manzarieyh, and other missile facilities

Missile Bases and test sites:

  • Imam Ali Missile Base
  • Kuhestak Missile Batteries
  • Garmsar Missile Test Range
  • Shahroud Missile Test Site

Here are a few industrial complexes that are sufficiently large and essential to the Islamic Iran's economy, and nestled outside large population centers:

  • Asalouyeh Port and Industrial Complex
  • Chabahar Free Trade and Industrial Zone
  • Sirjan Free Economic Zone
  • Any industrial facility operated or owned by the Sepah

It's time that the world community took action and send back these hand-chopping, whip-lashing mullahs to where they belong: the stone age. A surgical strike will cut off the heads of the monster, and set Iran's people free from their 30 year shackles. Now it's Israel they set their sights on, and tomorrow it will be Europe and the rest of the free world. Exporting their revolution never disappeared from the primary objectives. You can hear their "Hokoomat-e Jahani" drivel each time they broadcast their anti-western and "marg bar ..." hate speech. The world cant trust these fanatics with sophisticated weaponry.

Bomb the Islamic Republic, and Free Iran!


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And then what?

by Cost-of-Progress on

Give rise to another dooms day regime?

People must understand why this regime is their cancer, otherwise, nothing will change. People must understand that a bunch of asswipes are robbing them blind, raping their heritage (and them) and changing their identity.

Wake up and demand your rights people, or someone else will make the decision for you - Will you like it? (remember 1979?)




Anonymous Observer

It won't even come to this dude

by Anonymous Observer on

They will all flee to South Lebanon and Gaza as soon as the first aircraft carrier arrives and they realize that the U.S. means business.  They have seen what happened to Qaddafi and Saddam.  


All you needed to do was to

by alimostofi on

All you needed to do was to write in a format that connects The Hezbollah Party in Iran as a political entity isolated from Iran and connected to The Hezbollah Party in Lebanon and elsewhere. That would then expose the alien nature of their operations.

Ali Mostofi




Did we take

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

our medication this morning? Very fresh writing, indeedly.