A letter from a Baseeji to Imam Husayn

A letter from a Baseeji to Imam Husayn
by Fesenjoon2

In the name of Hosayn, our Lord!

All the land is Karbala, All the time is Ashoora.

Ya Husayn!

Please hear my plea to you!

Please grant us this war with Kuffar (America and her allies) so that we will have a chance to become Shahid like you!

Please give us this war so that our women and children can be pillaged and bombed, so that we can become Mazloom like your women and children!

Oh Husayn!

Please grant us this moral war of Haq (our side) against Baatil (their side) so that we can show the world how bravely we stood up to the Great Satan, so that they will all become sheefteh Husayn.

Please make this war happen so that the world will rally on our side, and all nations will embrace Islam!

Please give us this war so that we can capture Quds and then plant the flag of Islam all over the world!

Ya Husayn!

Give us this war so that we can do Jihad as the Quran commands us, and send America to hell!

Ya Husayn-e Mazloom, maa raa daryaab!

Your faithful slave


PS: Please make the Canadians approve my visa, so I can go and live there, and spread your word and faith in Toronto. 



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Bahram G

Please explain

by Bahram G on

Is this guy pleading with the imam for the victory of Islam, or the specific brand of Islam --- the Shia Islam? Just curious?